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N.C. Small Farmers of the Year 2019 – Long Family Farms and Gallery

September 30, 2019

(peaceful music) Right at about 40 acres, 31.8 of deeded, and then it does border tribal land on two sides, and there’s eight acres of tribal land that’ll be added as an addition. We grow a variety of different heirloom vegetables and we have heritage chickens. We do, we’re getting back into mushrooms. We try to go full circle with the vegetables where we save the seed, and then we have another source of income, we sell the seed. Hopefully, we can get more heirloom varieties out there. One of the reasons he fell in love with this place is he could tell that the soil was really good. The other thing was that it was bordered on two sides by tribal land, so that made him really happy. And when we went to the courthouse and we started digging through the records, and the deeds, and everything, we found that it was Cherokee land. There was one man who went, when it was taken away from the Cherokee, and he purchased a lot of land. Then he sold it to a Lovingood family, who held it their family for over a 100 years. But the tribal land is actually Cherokee land that they won back in court that was taken away from them, it’s the Henson Donation. So, he just really felt at home when he was here, and so that’s why he’s flying his Cherokee flag back there, ’cause he’s reclaimed it. It’s said the Cherokee were the original farmers in this area. The way they reintroduced the seed and bring the seed back to our people, it’s part of our culture. It’s part of who we are, and it’s important to give people how techniques were done with farming. They can learn the plants, the animals. This is a French Black Copper Maran rooster, and this is one of the breeds that lays the dark chocolate eggs, claim that they’re the very best tasting eggs. And the French have feathers on their feet. Working with Extension is like working with family. They’re always there to help answer questions on anything that we have. They let us know different programs that are available. The garden kit program is a perfect example. So, what the Longs have done, is they are preserving, promoting, farming, and showing that you can still make a living Connie!
doing these things. And so, we hope that younger generations will see farming as a way to make a living. Look what I got. I got an egg. You know, grow something you like to eat or raise something, you know, an animal that you like. Make sure you got a tractor. Oh, make sure you’ve got a tractor. It is a really freer lifestyle because you make your choices but then you reap what you sow. (peaceful music)

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