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Mushroom Farming in Odisha(mushroom cultivation in odia) । ଛତୁ ଚାଷ । ପାଳ ଛତୁ ଚାଷ ।

September 11, 2019

Hello Friends , I am Prashanta. Welcome to Odisha’s No1 farming chennal ” E-farming Odisha ” Friends you watched before Mrs Gettanjali Mohanty’s success story in mushroom cultivation. Today we will know how to cultivate mushroom in odisha from her. May be the video is little bit long for you , but if you see the full video, you will get know all the steps of mushroom farming. Lets start. I am gitanjali mohanty . Today we will discuss, how to cultivate mushroom. We can start mushroom cultivation in very low cost . Some people think that mushroom farming cost a lot of money. But it does not require a lot of money. We can start it with 5000 rupees only. Mushroom cultivation is a type of farming which we can do inside as well as outside the house. We can also do it under the tree. For mushroom cultivation we need a house and a water tank and bunch of paddy straw. Who does not have own land, they can easily cultivate mushroom in a house. Though we don’t need soil for this farming, we can do it in a house. We can make shelves through bamboo trees and cultivate mushrooms on each shelf. For mushroom cultivation we need some basic thing like a water tank, bunch of paddy straw, plastic covers, some bamboos, a water sprayer machine, etc. First we need a bunch of paddy straw which has strong stem. Then we should hold the hay at the top After that we should jerk the hay back and forth to get rid of the loose straw. Follow the steps as shown in the video. After separating bottom and top part of the paddy straw, each bunch of the paddy straw length should be 1.5ft or 2ft. Follow the steps as shown in the video. Now we are cutting the bunch of paddy straw with 1.5ft length. For one bed of mushroom cultivation process we need 10 kg of paddy straw, which means 20 bunch of paddy straw. So first we should separate 2 inch from the bottom part of the paddy straw, after that we need 2ft paddy straw from the top part. Rest of the top part of the paddy straw, we can use as fodder for cattle or compost or fuel for clay oven. Then we have to tie up all the bunches of paddy straw and shock them inside the water tank for 6 to 8 hour in monsoon session and 10 to 12 hour in summer session. We have to put some limestone and bleaching powder in water to kill the insects or germ from the paddy straw. For shock the bunch of paddy straw people can use small water tank, big water tank ,small well or pond. Now we are shocking the bunch of paddy straw with putting some limestone and bleaching. After that we have to keep this bunch of paddy straw horizontally in a plastic, so that excessive water can out from paddy straw. We have to keep this bunch of paddy straw in outside for 2 hours for monsoon session and 3o min to 1 hour in summer session. Actually we want 65% water in paddy straw. Now we will know how to prepare bed for mushroom cultivation. For one bed we need 20 to 22 bunches of paddy straw and one bottle of mushroom seeds which is 200gm and 200gm besan. Now you follow the video to open mushroom seeds from the bottle. Now we will separate mushroom seeds in to 3 big parts. Follow the video… Now we have to do it in small part and the size should be 1sqin. For monsoon session we separate one bottle mushroom seeds in 3 parts and for winter session we separate in 4 parts. Now we have to separate besan as 3 parts. You can cultivate mushroom in small house through rack system. We have done rack system in a poly house. For this you can get subsidy from govt. As per the rule you should maintain minimum 6 inch gap between first rack and floor/soil. Gap between one rack to another rack should be 25 inch to 30 inch. So that you can cultivate mushroom in 4 to 5 rack like in the video. Bed height of mushroom cultivation is 20 inch. Though we cut the bunch of paddy straw is 1.5ft so we have to create a bed for mushroom cultivation is 1.5ft by 1.5ft. Height of 1st layer of paddy straw should be 6 to 9 inch. Mushroom seeds should be place on the side of the paddy straw leaving 2 inches. The gap between 2 mushroom seeds should be 3-4 inches. We should put besan over the mushroom seeds. After this layer we should put one more layer of paddy straw. This layer should be facing on the opposite side of the previous layer. Then we should follow the same procedure of placing the mushroom seeds as mentioned in the previous layer. After that we should again cover the seeds with besasn or any powdered grains. Now we have to place the last layer. This layer should be facing on the opposite side of the previous layer. Now we have to place the mushroom seeds all over the layer. We should place another layer of straw which we have to unfurl so that it becomes 2 inches. That is the height. So the total height of the bed is 20 inches. After that we should compress the entire bed of paddy straw. We should wrap the bed of paddy straw with 6 foot * 6 foot plastic cover. We should cover the entire paddy straw bed except the bottom , so that air passes. For one bed we require 20 bunches of paddy straw , 200gm besan, 200gm of seeds bottle and 6ft by 6ft a plastic cover. After 9 days you can see some small white spots. This is the initial stage of mushroom. After 9 days the white spot gradually become black in color. In monsoon session we don’t have to spray water in the mushroom bed. For one mushroom bed we need 25 to 38 degree Celsius of temperature. The straw requires 65% humidity. The weather should have 85% of humidity. For mushroom cultivation we need 1000 watt of lux light. if we are able to read a book on that light then it means that the light is 1000 lux. We should not expose the mushroom bed under direct sunlight. If proper light is not received by the mushroom bed , the mushroom production would be very less. After 14 to 15 days of bed preparation , mushroom production will start. This is the 8th day of mushroom bed. Now we will see the status of the mushroom. Now you can see how the Mycelium is growing. These small white patches are mushroom. This is the 9th and 10th day of the bed. After 9 days we should remove the plastic cover. After we remove the plastic cover the temperature, humidity and light is in normal stage. So that the mushroom can grow easily. Now you can see the 12th day of bed. The white spot slowly change in to a black color. In the monsoon session we don’t have to spray water but in the summer session we have to spray 2 ,3 times in the bed. This is the sprayer machine. Through this machine we have to spray the water in the mushroom bed. Production will be started after 13 to 14 days. 2 to 3 days we can produce mushroom. After that we have to wait one week and spray water in the bed. In the first phase 80% of mushroom is produce, and rest will be produce after the one week. Dear friends you can learn something from this video. If you like this video you can share with your friends and relative. If you have any question, you can ask with comment or message us in our facebook page. We gave the facebook link in our description. Thank you.

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