MSU IAT Livestock Industries Program

October 7, 2019

(soft guitar music) – The MSU IAT Livestock Industries program is an intense two-year
certificate that allows students to get hands-on learning
at all of our farms. It allows them to interact with Michigan State
professors in the classroom. They also complete a
semester long internship that allows the students to get real world professional development,
and while on campus, the students perform multiple clerkships where they work hands-on
with our farm managers and learn about real world
production agriculture. – So I’ve been in this
program just over a month now, and I already have been able
to land three job offers at the career fair here at MSU. This program has just
offered the confidence, and the opportunities are there. – Some students learn
better just by doing, and that’s really the
beauty of the program, is that you’re not just
sitting in a classroom all day or learning from a textbook
or listening to a lecture. You actually get to
apply what you learn out on these farms and out in these units, and hopefully that translates
into real life experiences after you graduate, whether
it’s still working on a farm or working in an office,
or whatever it may be. – So there are many student clubs that evolve around livestock industries, and one that I’ve been introduced
to is Block and Bridle. There’s rodeo club, dairy club, there’s lots of different clubs
you can get involved with. – My overall experience here at MSU in the Livestock Industries
program has been amazing. I would be the first advocate
for any incoming freshman or transfer student to
come to this program. – My experience with my
internship was absolutely amazing. – This program, a lot
of people like to think that it is separate to MSU’s
campus, but it really does, you are here, you are taking classes just like every other person on campus. You get to meet so many people. There’s so much stuff
that you can do hands-on. Working on a swine farm
or at the beef center, the sheep farm, there’s so
much hands-on that you can do. All of the farm managers are
basically mentors to you. They teach you how to do stuff. You’re not going out there
and just doing it on your own. They’re right next to you,
standing side-by-side, teaching you how to do it. – Being here at the MSU beef farm, I have learned quite a few things that I can take back to my
farm, as far as different mixes of rations that I can feed my steers to better their feed intake
and just overall health. – If you’re interested in the
Institute of Ag Technology, we would love to have you on campus. I truly believe that this
is the best opportunity for students to gain real
world professional development. (upbeat guitar)

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