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MS Agriculture & Natural Resources, Professional Track

August 25, 2019

The Stephenville area is very
fortunate, in that we have a lot of local landowners who will cooperate with us on
research projects and educational projects and we’re out here now at one
of those ranches and one of our professional track students actually is
her project is to develop a biodiversity restoration plan for this site. My biggest goal with this pole project is learning the techniques learning how
to do things to the best of my abilities learning how to use the methods that
I’ve learned in my undergrad years and use that whenever I go and do land
restoration for other people in the future. The professional track has
actually been part of our master’s degree for a number of years. It’s aimed
at students who are not necessarily interested in a research-based career
not necessarily interested in going on for a PhD and the idea is that instead
of training them to do research we’re going to be putting them in more
professional management scenarios so they bring away some practical
experience that they’ll be able to use. So, to me, wildlife was the perfect, you
know, the perfect thing to do, because I like being outside and I like you know
fishing and hunting and things like that. It’s so much more fascinating than just
staring at a computer screen and I don’t know I just I love it. Our older more
advanced students are teaching our younger students that have just arrived
our first years. We’re doing some bird surveys some small mammal surveys a
plant walk and it’s it’s this opportunity to get out on the landscape
get out on the land have some hands-on experience which which really sets a
Natural Resources program like ours now set in this rural setting it sets it
apart. I just loves that no matter what career
path I choose I get to help conserve a species and that’s very rewarding to me.

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