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Modern Agriculture – Cognitive Agro Control

August 25, 2019

Grain loss in Russia exceeds 1 million tons annually 99% of losses during grain harvest is human error This September Cogntive Technologies in alliance with Soyuz-Agro implemented Cogntive Agro Control – a full-fledged automated system of grain control harvester storage hopper losses during unloading grain in the field truck losses during reshipping grain grain elevator losses during unloading grain we install grain level sensors: 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom of storage hoppers Harvester Easy to control that all the grain collected is unloaded equipment RFID tags Tag scanner GPS data-transmission terminal central server All grain harvesting processes are under control Who Where When and How much has unloaded Driving into a field, receiving and transmitting information about grain unloading at all stages straight to the Centre After collecting grain all loaded trucks head to the automated grain elevator Scanners identify who delivered the grain, and the elevator takes precise measurements Measuring process as viewed by the participants and the system when the traffic lights switch the driver can head to the field Saving your crops with Cognitive Agro Control


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