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Minute of History: The Shopping Cart

September 11, 2019

Before 1930, urban Americans lived within walking distance of grocery stores. Home delivery was available for big orders, so in-store customers bought just a few items and carried their selections to
the checkout in hand baskets. The Great Depression inspired discount
supermarkets with large stock lists, no frills and no home delivery. Customers
with cars could bring lots of items home, but hand baskets limited what they could
carry to the checkout counter. In 1937, to help people buy more per visit, Oklahoma
grocer Sylvan Goldman designed a four wheeled folding frame with two hand
baskets. His folding basket carrier was the first shopping cart. It soon caught
on and the carts were used in stores all over the country including Commissaries.
Grocery cart, shopping basket, buggy, lorry, push cart, trolley, whatever you call them,
we’ve now had them for 80 years. With a minute of history I’m Tamara Eastman.

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  • Reply Daniel Norton August 31, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    I’ve had to work at walmart as a cart pusher for 4 years. When you do that, you need to adopt shopping carts as your religion.

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