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Meet our students | UWA Science

November 4, 2019

I chose to study at UWA because it is really flexible it allows you to have that work/study balance. The campus is incredible, the lecturers are world-class, I just find them super- approachable and if you’ve got any questions at all they’re always there and are happy to help. I love plants, I love animals and studying botany and conservation biology allowed me to combine the two. What I enjoy most about studying at UWA is the camaraderie between students, my friends in classes and people that I meet around the place, friends of friends; everybody is very inclusive and this can help the learning experience. You do lots of different forms of learning so practicals and move-stuff in laboratories and do just some sit-down stuff as well and that variety makes it a lot more interesting. I’ve made some amazing friends from studying Sport Science at UWA and I think I’ll definitely carry them through for the rest of my life.

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