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January 2, 2020

Meet Gary. Gary has been growing small batch cannabis for 15 years and has perfected his craft. And now that Canada has legalized cannabis, Gary will have smooth sailing ahead of him, right? Well, not exactly! Gary’s overwhelmed with the licensing process, complicated paperwork, and new regulations. He’s starting to become discouraged on how to transition himself and his business into the new legal market. And once Gary’s licensed, who will he sell to? With so many buyers, how will Gary know that he’s getting the best price for his crop? But luckily for Gary, there’s Craft Depot! First, Craft Depot will connect Gary with one of their partnered professionals to get him licensed and legal. That’s only the beginning! Craft Depot believes in having options. By using Craft Depot’s online marketplace and multiple distribution channels, Gary’s crop will be instantly discovered by every buyer with the click of a button! Craft Depot will work non-stop for Gary to ensure that he always receives the best price for his crop! “How does that sound, Gary?” So now Gary can keep doing what he does best while Craft Depot handles the rest. Want to learn more, get licensed and start selling? Then visit today.

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