Mayor Isko Moreno meets Agriculture Secretary William Dar with hog industry

October 3, 2019

confiscated rocks and illegal meat mallet Ibaka industry and you know but they you want me to see here in mind oh yeah Oh Joey because in a game ironically on import days I’m supposed to be legitimate business incorporating illegal oh yeah supposed to be affordable and Ichabod and markets yes I know and amended one see many comes those individual who will sell me the missing human pass through our system my money wasn’t in the books mmm [Music] he seems very openly we have anything the first mayor who did that for us for the local industry in an overdose in everyday and with us mentally redeeming that I don’t know about that warehouse the NASA residence such the same we are not only protecting you as an industry naturally we are protecting our interest that was something and be some of it private ceremony but I’m trading the silicate income working the sphere as you work in balance industry we have to balance human even the timing of the arrival yeah thank you again for the strong action taken against there and we would what we need equally pernicious copy of this person of interest it’s monopolizing we’re supposed to be very whereas doesn’t exist as Taylor Indonesian container surprise are you officially particle magnet at a paparazzo Kinabalu testing a global process will kill anatomic features and illegal people see Warren can be done securely in the past cost-efficient [Music] [Applause] without for speeding party partying among Gigi or restoring me one me I think oh hi re-inspection ready for those times in space unit of energy micro Vario illegitimate illegitimate being a panda make sense we have pero but I mean something to oh yeah Oh similar relationship from 7 p.m. to or Simula see that see the butcher Lucila very much yes and especially in the mantilla don’t use this Rasika me imagine perception in the actually you semana Metro subsidy my advice directly utilizing a bus station formation playing medieval target humorous and undress for time [Music] first of all they are confiscated not even or support okay very uninteresting [Applause] [Music] let me take this opportunity to thank you or do you know stating that have been we really our issue on the presence of 2030 country if we have global government leaders like million per annum then the problems affecting we have in the special in particular containing controlling the applicants white people will be a great great milestone because once you are faith then this up to be properly burned and planning so that there’s no spread of the disease fertility by rejection so [Music] we step in [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know Madeira the so you know is the gateway of this imported products because most of this are coming in in our older and we are most of the biggest port and you have so many ports the wasting and international ports operated by different corporations while it is so that [Applause] [Music] in our body the way for their goats to be allowed in the city of Manila as a point of semi and point Oh stories these products saaphyri check I mean the very least we will operate as we promised you when we are sure we will read the great city of Pawnee a big national and this is one of those proof will continue offering and you know making it making our in harmony with the network you know come industry agency [Music] [Applause] [Music] I am [Music] yu-gi-oh no support aha [Music] [Applause] all them big ass you see me now your biggest activity in them in your psyche nature beyond what is for you enough for you will confiscate your eyes Saguna gas [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] because National Agency local organization producers farmers at a minimum I hope Garza [Applause] versus what’s the dispatch boss thank you so again a boozer you

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