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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – World 1 Ancient Gardens! 2 Hours!

December 16, 2019

What is up guys, Zach Scott here playing: “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” for the Nintendo Switch I am bringing you a Deluxe two-hour episode to start things off I’m not actually sure if it’s Mario and rabbids or Mario plus rapids, but ubisoft sent me a free code for this game Which I already had on pre-order. I haven’t played much of the rabbets franchise, but I’m super excited to be playing this mashup Thanks, you guys Mario games Have done really well on my channel which features some of the most popular Mario videos on YouTube in Fact the first episode of Super Mario 3D world has over 50,000 likes and over 20 million views Making it my most popular video ever I will be thrilled to this video guy even a fraction of that So thanks in Advance for any likes favorites and comments. You can give me on this video series also. Thanks to your support We now have over 2.7 million Subscribers that is incredible and I cannot thank you guys enough Thank you so much for your support Let me know in the comments which games you want to see me play in the future and which games made you subscribe Now without further adieu, let’s play Mario and rabbits or maybe Mario + rabbits hmm here we go Alright beep. Oh that ought to fix the overheating problem. I did not know is he playing a Vr game Can you believe it’s been three months since tech magazine put me? on the cover The Super verge takes item a item B and combines them to create item C Oh, if only were that easy the article says nothing about Dark Matter space time Manipulation practical applications nothing I mean the super merge could solve the energy crisis beep oh watch Alright, let’s solve the energy crisis flowers and lights Make a sunflower Let’s take a break and come back at this overeating thing fresh, okay, alright This is a pretty cool room nintendo. Fan for sure absolutely What what happened? Oh my gosh? Oh? Oh, they’re gonna take the Vr glasses. Oh Gross This room is the ultimate Nintendo fan room look at a nintendo 64 controller And talk about the overheat problem Oh my goodness You’re gonna take the whole Super Mario world with you. Oh my gosh Well that was noisy certainly that would have been heard Okay, here. We go. We’re in mushroom Kingdom That’s a statue of peach uh-oh Luigi no Well, goodbye, Luigi. Goodbye tow. Goodbye princess. Goodbye Yoshi Mario is here to save the day, maybe Looks like we’re all going in the same place Well that was really interesting My goodness. This is gonna be quite the game once more I do appreciate you guys being here. Thanks for every like favorite comment This is going to be an epic series. I can tell you that already Why do I have ears? Man, they still have the the headset the the glasses the goggles. Well. I hope you’re happy Oh, they got like merged onto his face. Is that what happens today? Just no, maybe not I don’t know. I’m just guessing here Oh, is that a makeup brush a paint brush? This game is Gonna be absolutely zany. I can tell you that wow Stop that to the popsicle whoa Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle This is gonna be I mean I cannot wait to play this I kept myself in the dark a bit about what this game was All about so this is gonna be new to me as it is new to you, but I’m gonna do my best There we go Mario saved you It’s peach its peach I Bet Mario’s Gonna be wondering like why do they look like this? Oh? This is very tragic is this what happened to my brother? Oh goombas? What are they gonna do? Was that muster they trying to feed him mustard? There’s painting them now. They’re sticking him together what? Mario is saying things. He’s never seen before in his life Ziggy alright those rabbits they seem driven to cause Chaos and mayhem more so than usual even Agreed unlike our two friends here they seem to have been corrupted by that rabid wearing this super Super merge headset Could it be the super merge headset was corrupted on its way to this world if so, we’re all in terrible danger Mario we must find that poor rabbit fuse to the headset. He is the key save him we might just save the world Alright. This is world. 1-1 unlikely heroes, so Goodness, I really don’t even so I’m okay, so I’m controlling uh this guy here. I can go get some coins. I Look like a Roomba almost Let’s see what we got. What are my moves. What are my capabilities? I can I can go around here the goombas hi, eh He is stuck is shocking though a mitylene hilarious example of the Chaos wrought by the intrusion of our world into this one and D hilarious What yeah what is what am I looking at? What was I looking at A Seeking all right. Let’s go into the next one I Guess I can’t look at everything don’t got time to look at everything There are more coins though. That’s good move birds Okay This is world one next one I don’t even know how the gameplay mechanics of this game works like I said I haven’t played into rapids games before So this crossover just gonna be something totally different than me Whoa, there’s my hat. I’m gonna need that prada see whoa Help me. They’re laughing can’t get clear They’re laughing at him. It’s beep. Oh. Thank you so much. Oh He’s got a new new male new email. Oh Was it now huh? I just received a message dearest Eva Whose Bravery Intelligence and compassion stand as a beacon of hope for us all if my timing is correct you are in dire Need of help, please open the attachment to this message the receipt is most auspicious. I assure you sign your biggest fans It’s a virus don’t open it Here we go. Oh, I got a yo-yo. Oh a hand cannon She’s got a hand cannon If I were mario right now, I’d be very concerned my brother turned into one of those rabbits all right? nice Wow, when the email said attachments. I thought it was talking about cat videos or something so are you guys ready to fight back Learn the basics. I’m ready to learn the basics. I don’t know about fighting back Careful now my sensors detect two enemies on the Battlefield One is hiding behind partial cover So your chance to hit it is 50% the other is out in the open giving you a 100% chance to hit it you Can cycle through targets with the left stick press a to shoot the selected Target? So I don’t know 100% let’s do it boom I like the 100% chances. I like my odds So this way I have a yo-yo so I can movement or dwarf so dwarf star though is a yo-yo Nevermind. I look like a yo-yo Gah, that actually worked. Let’s just hit him again sure why why do anything but fight? Got him again hundred percent twice now Right those perfect team status everyone’s okay? Alright that was kind of cool. Let’s see. What’s over here Again, I’m not I’m not super sure You know what this is all about It looks like I’m supposed to go this way though to get more coins Alright learn the basics. This is around – I guess that guy’s like under full protection. I probably got a move or something Just purely guessing yeah 0% cowards now. They’re all behind full cover. We have zero percent chance of hitting them from here We’ll only hit their cover We’ll need to flank them move around with the left stick to position yourself for a shot with a 100 percent chance of hitting Okay, so movements Okay, so this is like the as much movement as I can get so this one looks good. I can move mario over there and Then I can attack Got him okay, I like it, and then I can move this guy over here same same story and Then I can use a dwArf star Got him – he’s gone now. I’m gonna need to move There’s only so much I can do I can’t really get in range of him. I don’t think I Wonder if I can go if I go over the all the way over here will anything happen to me well anything bad happen and still a 0% chance of hitting so I Just say I guess I could do it anyway I’m Spooking him enemies turn yikes to get a turn. He’s moving to more cover. Oh, that’s all oh no He has wondrous inches in hitting him oh Okay, that’s fine heroes turn again. So I don’t know why she gets to go first and she’s like a movement boost. I don’t know Now if I get right here can I can I use it as cover and then attack I have a hundred percent chance of attacking everything Okay excellent It looks sad about it For Mario I do wonder if I can hit him from here. Let’s see uh Yeah, 100% chance of hitting a match. That’s the final blow Adios battle cleared again another perfect score In two of four turns. I guess is four turns of maximum. I don’t know that would to be level up Dead and in the net perfect on both All right completed Fantastic I like that a lot that was world 1-1 or maybe we’re still more woman twirled. I don’t know let’s let’s find out Well, I have like 400 something coins. Oh Wow, I recognize those blocks from the basement. I hope there’s more structurally sound after the super merge, but I doubt it Okay, well let’s just keep going. I don’t know what the camera. Oh, I can’t use my camera, okay? Oop coins look there are multiple. Paths What is this? What is this leafy world you found a new item if only there were somewhere, you could check it out yeah, if only You’re gonna have to explain that to me that this game is Gonna. Have to do some explaining. I Have more coins All right, what is this is this? Let’s see it. What’s happening? Oh wow? Selfie there in the sky see that it began the movement the rabbits teleport the moment the rabbits teleported into the mushroom kingdom The energy we’ve seen floating upwards after we defeat an enemy I wonder all the more reason to catch that rabbit with the super merge headset. He’s the key to stopping this I’m sure of it All right So what is this progress saved and there’s so much stuff going on. Okay? Let’s explore a little bit Let’s I do want to go through there, but I also want to see what this is all about Can’t seem to get through yet The Obvious choice is to go through the red ah the red coins perfect is this time? At the same time there eight love it. That was that was easy one This is a big treasure. I can tell you that right now Wow, what is it? Rumble B. You found a new item if only there were somewhere, you could check it out Yeah, I don’t know is it in the pause menu are you telling me like? Nope, okay. This is world one ancient Gardens, so There’s a this is pretty open You know I do wonder you know what this is all about I? Don’t mind exploring for a little bit if you guys don’t mind I Can’t jump Mario needs to jump. It’s one of his classic moves. Oh, hey. There’s another treasure Grand opening Yeah, I don’t know how to check out my items yet. Oh, I hope to figure that out soon. I don’t know What’s with these blue blocks? But I can’t get in here either. Can I I can’t seem to This place is very well closed off, okay. Well, let’s just What is this? That’s weird – okay Well, let’s get a move on I I don’t I’m not gonna have all the answers yet. So we’ll find out We’ll learn as we move along oh There we go There we go look at that okay, now there’s reason to backtrack and Check out what these paths can do Nice. Look, I’m here. Okay. I’m low is that I lower all of them were just that one more coins. I’ll take him Let’s go back excuse me. These are like white warp pipes Did it move all of them it did nice? And get more coins don’t leave any coins behind Another item that I garden Ziggy again. Yeah, I too wish there was some way I could check this out But you know we’ll get to that end with time. I’m sure of it the other pipe Where was it oh yeah here, I’ll check that out in a bit. – there’s one warp on another pipe my goodness Definitely has a lot of exploration involved with this game another Treasure Prologue that looks like a soundtrack now. I can’t guarantee that I’ll 100% find every single item in this game But you know I’m Gonna give it my best shot and that’s That’s what I’ve decided to do. So here we go over here Missed it again. That’s okay a whole other section Okay, I just had to see Okay, this is a red switch. Oh my goodness What is this? And we are rolling through that another treasure Mario a new I know what does that mean Mario are these like collectibles or I’m glad I found him though. Well the shadows the cloud the cloud shadows are so interesting All right, well let’s let’s head out here I don’t think I can leave the this island that I’m on other than through the louie the white warp pipe Very intriguing, and I don’t know if there any other red blocks at all. There’s the white warp pipe maybe there was over here I Mean how does someone get over here this one’s green? I Don’t know, but I can tell you I want to try this maybe this will shoot me over Nice, I guess correctly and again, I think this is a situation of I don’t know for sure if there are other green door places, but you know things are looking pretty good I Don’t want to you know I don’t want to Well, this is a looks like a green door though. Did not go down. I’m confused but okay. Let’s keep moving on I’m pretty sure I kind of got this covered. I hope that was a fun little exploration Numbered number two this is world. 1-2 right look that giant sunflower greeting sweet Golden perennial of the Prairie we are oh Gross it’s sick or something. Why did you do that? huh after that strange creature with the head set got here those guys have been nothing but bad news I Assure, you these rabbits are not like their colleagues. Oh Well if you can stop him, I’ll happily reward you. He’s zapping his brethren left and right turns them real Nasty I Don’t suppose you would come with us to help Sorry folks, but it’s time this flower took things underground So the sunflower went on the ground so next up flower bud he’s my bud. He’s my friend So this is world 1-2 okay. I see how this is starting to shape up Let’s think there’s a fight coming up. Let’s see what this is all about over here is this locked Oh, no, I can shoot over here It’s broken for now though considering. How dangerous it is I have a hard time believing the rabbits won’t fix it Okay, so then we’re gonna go up this way another fight Get ready guys. Oh Would you slip oh? Okay Dear beep oh if one is to prevail one must practice please sharpen your movement skills So you can turn the tables on those rascally rabbids? I’ve just uploaded a few suggestions to help you to help you guide your team in the next battle quick All right, defeat. All of course. That’s that’s a great There’s an easy motor what that does, but I’m not gonna switch to it you can deal damage while on the move by performing a dash selects a cell with an enemy and press a also, you can cover more ground with a team jump select a cell with an ally and press a How about an epic combo after you – it into me perform a team jump with an ally what how did I do that? What? Okay, so what I’m super confused okay, so movements so is this Okay, I don’t get it. Let’s try this oh Wow, wow, that was cool, okay? And then the combo might be something along the lines of oh he’s still 0% darn They’re all 0% darn I I didn’t I I went in the wrong area on the timeout. I’m out in the open. I’m Okay, so let’s try this let’s try let’s go get him and then I go I’ll go to Mario and I’ll jump Unto him again or not on to him. I guess someone else oh I could jump over. Oh, you know what I could jump like right? Yeah, I’ll be out in the open, but I can jump right here. Let’s try this so I go hit him Nice are these guys in my view no 0% again? Oh, well? It’s okay. I forgive myself All right, yeah, I don’t know about this. I’m just gonna go right behind here That was cool now. I can’t yeah, I can’t do anything Now maybe the one over there can get me maybe yeah he was out in the open. I made a mistake Iii didn’t think oh geez so yeah, you got to worry they can come and get me that brings in a whole new element obviously Oh, no, is he okay heroes all right? So where are these guys? So I go get him then I can go do a jump and I can just be right next to him why not Then I can jump over here I guess that wasn’t necessary but And I’m gonna hit him sure Point oh only 26. He looks upset about it for sure Okay, so let me move him To be right next to him. I know I got that um is he done. I’m right next to him here we go point Blank excellent All right now this guy. I’m just gonna get him direct. You know and then show up right next to him he’s Gone – All right, battle cleared perfect. I like it when it says perfect And then what do we do here there was obviously this Button over here now. I don’t know how to get there. It was this thing. I’m a mach jet no it’s still This thing is still Closed right. Yeah, it’s broken, okay. Well, we’ll figure that out later all right again, not a hundred percent sure what to do here, but Clearly there’s a switch there, and I need to use this tunnel to get to it I don’t know where the tunnel is yet, but we’ll find it Whoa don’t leave a coin behind oh? There is a tunnel right there Okay, let’s go through the tunnel instead of going to the next battle. We’ll go through the tunnel and see if we end up Over here like we thought look at the bridge Yeah, we got here. Oh So that opens that up, okay perfect. Can I just can I just no I can’t just jump over that it looks so simple But it’s okay All right so What do you think we got here? We’re gonna go in here and we’re Gonna go to Treasure I Got rabid peach a new item again. If only there was somewhere somebody to figure those out. I don’t know It’s only one coin over here. Look at those bees I’m pressing like every button. I don’t know okay. Hold on let me know No Yeah, I don’t know oh more coins over here. Yeah, got him Don’t quite know what coins are used for yet, but we’re gonna. I’m gonna head over here Okay, let’s move on to the next part This is pretty fun. So far. I could see how this could get really complicated really fast though alright next stage Here we go defeat. All how many are there there are two three? four Time to pull together everything you’ve learned so far attack movement team jump – don’t forget about cover You can also switch heroes any time using the LnR and in between attack and move using okay? Yeah, got it sort of so So this guy is in range right am I crazy? I’m gonna start off with a very awesome movement. Oh So what’s the point of the jump do I just have a bigger range? I guess the range is a little bit better Okay, here. We go. I gotcha boost me over here, and I’m gonna shoot the guy Only 50% but I got a 100% chance With this guy over here Yeah, I know. I don’t know if that was the best placement, but still Let me go over here Nice now. Can I reach that guy? Yeah 100% great? Is he done for there we go? and this guy, I don’t even know I’m gonna probably attack him and then move over here and I’ll be partially covered as he partially covered And then I’ll attack this guy right there Got him, okay. I’m understanding how this works enemies turn though. Oh She’s a hunter recently in the way, okay. Yep, I figures wow Let’s guys to move wow so yeah, I mean the movement really throws me off All right, got me heroes turned So I’m gonna go over no. I can’t go over there. I’m gonna go right here, then I guess Let’s try it got him oh I got actually got him nice. So I’m glad I moved over here this guy’s a 50% shot. I think I missed So I can actually walk over here attack him and then just kind of end up Back here probably okay that makes sense the movements interesting And this is a 50% chance I missed him She can’t go attack him But I can I can do an attack or she can it Can I even shoot him is he not with him no he’s in within range all right so z Okay, so yeah, I want to start with an attack And then I can choose to do movement if I want but I’m pretty happy with where I am so I would just say I Would just say enemy turn then right? Yes Okay, okay, that makes sense he has one help left ridiculous. Okay? Yeah, he was on the open oh Come on He looks scared is he within range All right, I’m just gonna be here As I missed okay this guy’s coming up over here Man, this is a little scary I Got him finally okay great Now I don’t know I feel like I need to heal, but right now. We’re doing perfect Okay, there. I did heal great bunch of coins in the background. Is that the way I’m going or All right flower bud get another hundred coins another reward. Oh wow complete I got a gold trophy a bunch of coins as well Okay, things are things are looking up. There’s my sunflower bud Mario the creature with the headset got away But I suppose you did clean up his mess and being a plant of my word. It looks like I owe you a reward Thank you. Hey ahem our good friends rabid Luigi and rabid peach helped as well Yeah, yeah great Yeah, yeah great One point. Oh, we threw it back. Oh, we’re all oh my gosh. Hey. They’re mad. Oh my gosh. She threw even rabbit the Ouija at him That’s no way to treat a friend. Okay, okay here They know we need to better reward than that. What is this okay? It’s a chest a treasure chest All right, open it up. What do we get and the sunflower? I don’t know these items are if only there was somewhere, you could check it out. That’s exactly what I want Somewhere to check this out. I saw coins in the background before Was it just on my way. I guess I don’t know I Can’t like move the camera. You know up and down, and I can’t move there’s no vertical access for the camera How do I get that oh? There there are those coins? Okay, wait. How do I get over there hold on? There we go wait yeah, I can go this way perfect I Guess I didn’t see this before, but now that I have I’m happy. I have 900 coins. I Will learn how to do this yet me neither. Let’s just learn together. We can push it Okay, yes, we can we can’t learn how to do this yet I bet that’s gonna be part of the battle system, though is moving boxes around So let’s keep a move on this games pretty fun a couple paths let’s try this way first I Still have learn how to do this yet, so it’s like yeah, I can’t do anything this game. I’m gonna do this yet Okay, we’re fine We’ll move on maybe with the battle first Before knowing and fool how to do that, hey, it’s toad the real one Mario thank goodness you’re here. You hurt yours is the first friendly face. I’ve seen since the mushroom kingdom turned into this mess Your timing couldn’t be more perfect. I can’t find toadette All thanks to the changes caused by these odd pipes our rabbit friends brought with them into your world You guys need to know what you’re doing sort of could you help me find her please? Okay, but you’re gonna see first hand how big of a pain these pipes are Okay, let’s go. Maybe but they look so cool. I’ll be quiet Alright, so the pipes Here we go. We’re going in they don’t seem that much of a pain Where we going we’re going like really far. Oh boy? The graphics are pretty good in this game Okay, I could shoot over there. Let’s make sure there’s nothing over here that that interests me before moving on I mean, there’s a couple different choices Let’s go ahead and shoot over there this like looks like there be coins. Whoa that one’s blue Okay, let’s try it. Let’s give it a try Whoa, where did I go? Oh? Nice here we go I’m ready This is time Come on now All right, that was cool excellent another Treasure Still don’t quite know what that is, but a turbine, okay a new item again I’m collecting all these items, and I don’t even know how to use them yet, so I Hope there’s a tutorial that shows me how because I think it’s Gonna be quite important so what’s next I guess we’re gonna just shoot our way back and Now we go this way, and I’ll have to backtrack if I you know learn how to push Wow, here we go. Oh It connects perfect and it’s lit up anything else over here though No pretty straightforward Okay, well here we go These pipes aren’t that bad they made them seem like they’re gonna be a real chore, but they’re not oh It’s toadette we found her easy To– that I’m so glad you’re okay oh I’m fine through him really worried about his princess peach mario. Can you go back to Peach’s castle and make sure everything’s all right? No, certainly not we need to find that dude before oh, we got mail another message Congratulations on getting this far a wise man. Once said if I have three hours to chop a tree I will spin two of them sharpening my axe I urge you now to return to princess Peach’s castle and do just that prepare yourselves for the fight to come oh Well, that’s all well and good, but how you may be wondering how and the time I took you to read this email I’ve updated your operating system. It now includes a new GPS warp mechanism. I call sprawling The name is a work in progress Anyhow simply activate it and you and your friends will return to princess Peach’s castle immediately sign your biggest fan Sprawling well that’s amazing if true. I suppose. I should give it up So we are definitely going? So we’re returning to the castle and this is I guess where I would hope to find How to use my iTems wow look at this place all? Right she’s waving to me ha ha All right Mario thank heavens, you’re all right. It’s so good to see you You probably noticed this but the mushroom kingdom has been torn apart you have to do something mario. Oh, I will oh Um who are your new friends? Allow me your highness. I am beep oh an autonomously intelligent scientific research and operational assistant I see and We call this when rabid Luigi, and this is rabid peach She’s taking her cosplay a bit too seriously. I’m afraid wow, rude Luigi’s a mustache more rabbits Watch it Yes, their friends are also quite or spirited as you can see it appears as if the rabbits were freed from the Megabucks control It appears as if the rabbits we’ve freed from the mega bugs control have ended up here and no worse for wear either That’s right. They keep popping in just like you did Are they fixing stuff or breaking stuff? Maybe fixing oh ow? Oh? Yes, they’ve been quite busy. I suggest you take a look at what they built if you have a chance I do have a chance. Oh wow that’s I believe there’s something called a battle HQ? All right, and then there’s the museum. They’d love to collect Souvenirs from the mushroom kingdom Come let us see for ourselves what your rabid cousins have been up to All right, yes. Let’s see indeed Be sure to visit the battle Hq of the museum before you go. They’re quite nice actually Ok we’ve seen them there over there, but I will take a look over to the right Before you know this is where I will probably most likely hopefully definitely find out know what? There we go the rabbits here are so excited by our adventures they’ve taken to collecting souvenirs on our behalf yeah, I Go in I can’t go in. I can’t jump in this game All right, that’s okay. I’m walking with like my arms outstretched as if I’m flying oh What’s this? Whoa a fossilized spiny shell we must find a way to restore it and then spend the rest of our time trying to avoid it Sounds like a plan. What is this? It’s not I’m not so thrilled with the rabbits work thus far. Let’s hope this little project of theirs is more constructive Alright, we’ll get to it. We’ll get to it. We’ll figure out. What’s what’s the this is a gate This gate won’t budge. We’ll need to find another way to that part of the garden Okay Understood thus far. Oh hey. Let’s take this little warp are we going into the castle. That’d be so cool Or it may be to the other side of the castle. I’m not sure Wow Holy goodness Well this puts us on the other side for sure Wow, this place. There’s a lot to explore This is another fascinating my sisters detected near field communication. Let’s return later So many pipes so little time Or am I what in the world is this coins? I’m really venturing out I Don’t know if I should have done this oh Dear is Halloween over here What in the world what have I done? I’m in like a whole new place The Rapper’s are asleep poor thing. I don’t see myself, but if I did I probably dream about intelligent machines taking over the world. Oh My goodness. I haven’t learned how to do this yet. You know, so there’s stuff I haven’t learned how to do yet And I think this is uh if we could unlock these gates we could visit to haunt and slum of unimaginable horrors anytime we wanted So yeah, this this part is definitely off-limits for now, but that’s okay I just I you know why not explore learn a little bit about what this game can be about and Right now I’m having a great time This tree looks cool all right, so I’m kind of going all around here Now this is there’s a gate we’ve opened the gates More stuff is probably this way. Oh another Yeah, I’m fine. If we could smash these blocks. We would visit this deadly industrial health scape as much as we wanted Okay, well we’re not gonna. Go visit the hell scape anytime soon Definitely, we’re kind of seeing this being pieced together and finding out what our options could be I’m gonna head back over here and take another pipe and See if that takes me anywhere special looks like there are there are there is a circle of coins over there? So let’s try to go over and see what we got all right, I Was Gonna open something would pop up oh? There’s a treasure Fishy’s down there, we got a New 3D model check it out at the museum, okay? So yeah, we need to go visit that museum like we said we would we said we would and now we got to so Let’s do it We just gotta figure out where it is Wow, another desert, so this is probably another another place that might be off-limits. Yeah, it’s probably like if we could break these blocks What are we looking at? Oh they’re playing with a rubber ducky they’re going for the all-time record of oh So far they have seven okay, okay, I? was like did we just interrupt him and they just they just lost, but now they only had seven so Not such a big deal that we interrupt interrupted in there, so let’s uh Okay, we’re gonna. We’re gonna this is a wash it’ll that’s this is off-limits for now, too. Isn’t it? What’s this? What’s down here guys hello, another treasure? I’ll take it All right a new soundtrack to check out at the Museum The Museum mean like I’m not super Duper into all the collectibles so again I can’t promise that I’ll find every single soundtrack or every single 3D model or whatever The Mega bug damaged the rabbids combo washer and time machine else. I’d take a trip to the French Baroque period I’m too Baroque to travel to the Baroque period Well here. We go. This is the museum here Let’s see what this is all about okay, so museum. Yeah, we have artwork 3D models. We got Mario locked Right and you can I may have missed out on number two? I don’t know where number two. Is it seems like I have you know the first The first six except for number two so I very well could have missed out on on something and then there’s also artwork which is beautiful, and then there’s also soundtracks Which we could probably then listen to various soundtracks and again like I said I can’t make any promises. I’ll get everything for the museum That’s not Gonna be my goal Necessarily right off the bat, but my goal mostly is to have fun. This is back to world one ancient Gardens Let’s go before we go back to world one. Let’s check out This one here. This is the rebel a tory battle Hq? Now this might be have a little more function team selection weapon selection so team selection we got leader So we have rabbit Luigi rabbit peach and Mario of course It tells about like all of his weapons and stuff like that, and there’s two, but weapon selection So we have some new stuff so right now his lightning Shark is equipped But I can spend coins to get better hell in a shell Rumble B This has some honey damage, so so the damage is up a bit Bounce Chance bounce damage, no turtles were harmed in the making of this high-powered weapon So and I don’t know anything about secondary I can’t even switch over to the secondary stuff yet So this is interesting I can also look at my other characters like I can give you know her some more some more weapons I Think I’m you know pretty much full of these and for him Same same story This has pushed damaged burn damage again, and then also booster gets hoppers, so it’s really interesting It’s kind of like do I want to spend my coins on this or should I wait till I have more coins? I’m not really sure I’m gonna go ahead and go on without upgrading my weapons I hope this was an unwise move but aha look over there It’s the path to the world that we were just in These clever rabbits have outfitted a cannon so that it can launch us back to the ancient Guardians this comes in handy as our mysterious helper gave me the power to warp to princess Peach’s castle and The Cannons can send us back to the front The ability to return to princess Peach’s castle at will has been added to the pause menu okay, so we’re gonna go back to world 1 ancient Gardens, and I guess we’re going to Try to finish it up. Let’s see what’s going on over here Let’s see I don’t even know other coins over. Lo here. We go a switch. Oh you get go get some red coins really quick and again probably by next episode is when One oh My gosh hold on where where they all going? Oh, I thought there was one over here hold on. I’ll go get him They’re making me backtrack for these coins It doesn’t sound like there’s a time limit. There’s one more is it down here Like a nice L. Don’t learn how to push the blocks yet, but I got a new treasure for that So let’s see what’s inside Okay, a new weapon. I guess avoir blaster like van Gogh wrap it up and practice their craft, but tortured tributes of themselves Alright So yeah, I still haven’t learned how to how to move those boxes yet And I guess this is the way direct their but I’m gonna see one more thing over here I did hit that yellow that was just for the to open that up But can I know I haven’t learned how to do this yet? Maybe in and very soon. I’ll be able to figure it out and move blocks around We’re gonna take a look up here, and so we’re going back to World 1 I don’t know how long the worlds are like is it you know like I did 1 – 1 on 1 – 2 But I don’t know like how many how many there are at all so I’ve returned or have I returned to So I can go back to battle HQ like anytime? But I don’t know exactly I’m almost at a thousand coins So close so yeah, this is a world 1-3 again. I don’t know. I don’t know how big these things actually are danger from above So what have we got here? We’ve got a lot of danger from above is what it says? So let’s see if we can fight whoa this guy looks a little like meme Was he wearing on his head. Oh, they can bounce up each other’s heads like we can So this is this just get the hopper team jumping jerks So okay one of them fell Okay, heck and who breed of hopping enemies team jump will prove invaluable here use it to gain the upper hand so I sell them quite figured out the team jump mechanic Can I do a team jump first? What’s this our pSEudonyms sympathizer just sent me a system update? From now before comment begins you can choose whether dilip headlong into the heat of the battle Or take time to carefully plan your strategy first. Thanks to this new app called tactic am try it Alright prepare for battle it’s so I don’t exactly know what tactic cam is so So I can move all over here. I’m probably move one guy here one guy here one guy here I’ll have a hundred protection But they might be able to come and get me, but this shows how far they can go So these guys can’t really I mean there’s a lot these guys can’t get up to me even if I were here So this is actually kind of a good Good thing so this this is an interesting feature of the game. I’m ready to fight though. Let’s start the battle Some Mario. I’m just gonna put him here And then I’m just gonna attack him Got him and then kind of a same story, I don’t know if it says in range, but I’m gonna kind of get back behind here and He may not even be within range. Yeah Target said it right. That’s okay This is okay. Let me go ahead and switch to the next hero So if I if I use him, I can bounce and end up like right here. I can attack him, too So this is what the bounce is used for mobility There we go got him Okay, that wasn’t so bad targets out of range, so I’m just gonna go ahead and give it to the enemy team and We’ll see what they end up doing So they’re gonna bounce just the same they can actually reach me though. It’s a 50/50 chance. They hit me they hit me okay Same thing here. I guess he might be able even to reach me Another 50-50 chance or no he’s gonna move oh, miss looking good. Now can this actually reach me no. He’s just attacking okay, another Miss Alright good So I can I can even make it to darn. Oh can I go up no? There’s no way to go up here. Can I jump okay? Hold on I can jump off of Mario though And I can go up here. This is really cool, but what do I want to do that? Can I jump off her again? No? I can actually go up here this could be really interesting I Wonder if I’ll have the upper hand Like if there’s any advantage to bring up step behind though. It’s still a 50% chance of hitting him Missed okay? So the Mario I think I’m just going to attack No eyes out of range Let me uh you know what if I go over here? I should be able to attack him a hundred percent, right? This guy’s 100 percent Okay excellent So now I’m gonna start off with it is he he’s 100% too so I might actually move on to him and Then move back over here got him and Then I don’t know is he’s still he’s 50 percent. I’d darn I thought he’d be 100. That’s okay if I get lucky Nope, not lucky at all All right, there’s still three enemies left this guy’s injured. He’s gonna be jumping somewhere. Oh Man, they’re targeting the weak one. Where is he Gonna go? Missed okay cool Missed okay cool heroes turn So I can get let’s see if I can bounce somewhere Mm-hmm. I mean yeah, this is okay, but I Don’t want her to be out in the open, so let me think about it I can move over here I guess identity to bounce for this one, but Where’s the guy? Who’s almost yeah? This has 100 percent, okay? Great my moving was the right area he’s still alive though isn’t he Darn, I don’t think any of these guys are in range whatsoever I was Gonna move here a Hundred this guy’s 100 this guy’s almost gone. Let me go ahead and Target him Excellent that leaves two on the field for our three and I’m okay moving over here and attacking this guy. I’ll be able to attack for a hundred percent Actually now he’ll be within range to directly attack me though That could be something that I don’t I can fast forward that’s cool. What happens if I pass towards? Oh, wow. This is actually gonna help a lot so man. He doesn’t have a barrier All right, so I was fast forward he that was kind of cool. I get to get rid of this has under percent. No way Hold on actually I could do I Could hit him then I could move over here I Don’t know that this provides me any real cover No, he’s still 50% darn that’s okay. Let’s see if I get lucky Nope. I hit his thing This guy’s 50 bees out of range I could go right here, and probably be with well within range probably a hundred percent chance to hit him excellent this guy Let’s see if I can do this oh No, I can’t I can’t bounce off of him on to them. That’s too bad Well, I can put myself next to him though I Get his move next to him and attack him He’s within range. He’s 100% He’s gone There we go so this guy you Know I got to worry about this is Marios 1% in the way Around whatever the wolf phrase is anyway. So now I could do a couple things I can move attack him, then just move right back over here and Probably get a hundred percent shot on him There we go Now can know he’s out of range darn well, so what I’ll do is. I’ll move over here I’ll just move over here, and it’s a 50/50 chance Let’s see if I get lucky nope didn’t play off that that way that time So I’m going to go walk up attack him and get back into position actually Because I think this is this will be 100 percent, right? There we go, and he’s gone. So there we go that rounds complete battle cleared perfect So I guess I had 6 turns Possible to do that in and I happen to do it so that stage is complete. I don’t know if they’re like What’s around here to look at? If there is if I left any coins or secrets behind I don’t think I did this place look fairly Sparse in terms of coins and Treasure So let’s keep a move on oh Wait here. We go. I found a treasure so there are some paths off to the off the off beaten path, so to speak and We were able to oh, I can’t go through no. I can’t there we go. Oh big mush. What is this? Oh, we all get help okay good. I don’t know that. I needed that, but hey there’s a rabbit up there I don’t know that I needed to help oh wait There he is apparently rabbits love to play hide and seek as far as I’m concerned. They should stick to the former Let’s keep hiding Alright So I did find a little secret path a little treasure there again I don’t think it’s gonna be you know a this is not a hundred percent treasure playthrough I don’t think that would be very very entertaining As a goomba he’s having fun on the plus side his backside has got to be extremely clean by now All right, what am I looking at now? What is this is it still the goomba oh? Yeah So he’s happy that’s a bidet for him basically, so this is the next battle this is a reach area. What does that mean? What so I just have to reach the area beware this area seems quiet, but my sensors detect the presence of lots of hidden enemies it’ll be impossible to defeat them all let’s focus on reaching that safe zone at the end of the battlefield as long as one of Us reaches the Safe Zone we win Okay, that should be Let’s prepare for Battle really quick We’ll see you know we can go down there probably end up on the other side I’m assuming that we’re gonna take the warp pipes. That’s gonna be the best bet in my view So yeah, there are enemies here. It says like we can’t defeat them all shy even try There’s only three you kidding me I Almost wonder if we can beat them all I don’t know that. I don’t know how many I Don’t know what what the overall goal is like if there’s any sort of bonus for getting them So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try to try to play it like it wants us to and Just move onwards, so I’m gonna go and hide behind here for a bit Yeah, sure, shoot him why not? But you weren’t expecting that oh darn. I can’t bounce off of them. I thought I thought I was within range. It’s okay All right, shoot him again sure Nice. Oh, we actually got him So I can actually bounce off of him and end up I don’t know this I could have best the other side, but Okay, I didn’t realized that. I it was too late Targets out of range, okay great. Let’s just yeah enemies turn So we only have two enemies. This is a little weird because I feel like Anyway, well they can’t attack us right now At this current position. Oh, oh, I see they’re more enemies. Okay? Yeah, more we’re out and up Okay, so yeah, we’re Gonna go In here yeah, and we’re Gonna go right behind this Okay, this makes sense now. Oh But I’m probably way in the open aren’t I no I have a zero percent chance of hitting in them Okay, next into me or whatever next let’s bounce off of Alright, this is good, right Yeah, zero percent chance of doing that But I can go in here and I can kind of Well, let’s play it smart let’s get behind the wall here alright, so Again the I’m going to give the enemies their turn I don’t know if they’re within range more enemies are coming up, so yeah, this is definitely something. I don’t want to fight them for The Fu 50% now. They got me okay This guy can probably see peach again 50% missed Who knows what these guys are there are too many of them. Oh my gosh? Yeah, they can all see peach. Oh dear, okay? not my favorite part, but They unfortunately I did not give birth next time. I’ll make sure they’re hidden pretty well So he’s gonna go over. He’s gonna like wait for me to come out the other side All right, so let me move peach first which one’s picking my time to join Mario Where’s Mario Mars over there, okay? It’s a peach. I’m gonna try to bounce off of him and I’m gonna be right there. I probably could have moved there by myself But this gives me full coverage from their side of things and I can just attack in mist Let’s do Mario next because he’s closer. I’m gonna try to bounce and end up over here This is I’m getting good good range with this. I’m getting good coverage of the ground here as well. Give him a shot got him All right next up Looks like I can maybe use her and then bounce I’m gonna do kind of be in the open here Did I move her I guess I did I could have him out in the 50% range I suppose oh He’s actually gone. That’s good All right, so now it is the enemy’s turn. I can actually fan. I love the fast-forward feature Because we can see what they’re doing pretty quickly, and we can kind of move and they’re hitting him off wow Oh, he’s going through there. Wow oh 100% All right heroes turn. You know. I’m gonna move him from from back to front because I don’t know I’m gonna try to bounce and I Don’t even know I could probably get right here and attack him Let’s try that let’s see if I can just get right there and attack him. I mean, it’s point-blank. That’s 100% I like it Wow, this guy’s turn obviously I can bounce and end up basically in the same spot I don’t know if I’ll be able to attack him though, but No, he’s just 50% We got him though. He’s nice. He’s gone All right wonderful in the Mario. I’m gonna try to bounce off here. I can’t quite go anywhere else, so I’m you know what I’m just gonna end up right there behind full coverage my two teammates Rabid Luigi and rabbit peach you’re gonna okay. I actually hit him from here. Well, I got some range Oh, they don’t have cover over there, but they might be able to jump over here. I can’t tell Now they’re going for the cover over there. They can’t hit mario. They can hit peach darn oh Yeah, fast forward mode Okay, more coming up out of the woodwork heroes. Just one has to make it Here’s the question can peach make it right here by default no darn But she can make it over here That means next turn. She’ll be able to easily make it easily. Oh line aside is blocked. That’s fine Let’s see I can kind of go over here. I Can jump off of her ellen into here? This is the victory this is it. I think I’m just bouncing to the Victory Zones There we go. We did it perfect. I had seven turns to do it. I did it in five And we all healed that’s good because some of them were we’re not doing so good a house danger from Above Complete excellent another gold trophy So yeah, I do wonder if there’s one more like if it’s 1-4 would be the last one I don’t even know So now that I’ve done that like you know do I look around do I try to see if there’s if there are any treasures? that I missed There is a treasure over here – we’ll pick up the treasures. I do see even though. I’m not so sure that You know it’s gonna be my goal to get every single one of them And I don’t know if it should be I don’t think it should be But it makes me wonder if I should backtrack it at all. I’ll see if I missed that I don’t see anything else This is the whole field we were on the whole time. I don’t think any treasure is just gonna pop up so This looks interesting over here. I’m not sure how to get to it though. It almost seems like I’m I have to shoot into it via a cannon. I don’t know Hmm Let’s go. Let’s go back over here one more time I just want to see if I missed I hope I didn’t miss out on anything, so It doesn’t look like I look like it did okay, so we’re gonna go back and So far so good more coins Yeah number flow. I don’t know how long these are that’s the thing All right, it is vital that we stop that rabbit who integrated himself with the super merge before he creates any more atrocities New you got mail I’ve receded another message from our mysterious friend. Let me read it to you Congratulations beep. Oh, or beep zero probably beep. I would say people you have successfully led your party through trials and travails worthy of odysseys decius himself I was confused as I was thinking about Super Mario odyssey, but anyway Finally someone gives me the credit. I’m do this of course. It’s mainly due to Mario and your rabbit friends Who’s killing battle you vastly underestimated? Mario just nods yes, well uh, huh Though as with odysseus there are rougher waters ahead therefore. I feel the time has come to Bestow upon You some new tools for your arsenal Well here. We go. What are these? What are those? Henceforth in addition to being able to move and fire upon your adversaries You will each be able to perform one other action during the natural course of combat All right great – Mario I have given the gift of Hero’s sight when activated he will be able to strike at foes within range even outside the normal succession of events Perfect. I’ll take it heroes sight – rabid peach I give the gift of shield when used it will ward against most weapons damage All right, that’s fair. I’ll take a shield – rabbit Luigi, I grants super barrier it protects against enemies super effects and can also reduce damage all right, so two shields of Sorts as For how the most effect as for how to most effectively use your new gifts I leave that to you to discover for yourselves More gifts will come in the future. I hope with anticipation your biggest fan Who’s my biggest fan? Oh? But I guess it would be that person in the beginning I Haha are incognito allies ability to give us exactly what we need at exactly the right time is uncanny Remind me not to play them at go fish Alright, so world 1-4 welcome to the jungle let’s just see what this is all about let’s move ahead and We shall see if there are any side tasks that will be worth taking Oh, this is the first battle So before we do I would take a quick break. I’ll be right back Alright. I’m back. I’ve been recording for about an hour straight, and so I took a little break and Basically I don’t know how long this is but I want to give you guys at least a super impact episode for the first episode So let’s go ahead and just keep going on. This is another defeat. All I don’t know what easy mode is I don’t really want to trigger it, so Check out those suspicious covers. They have the same super effect simple most weapons have they look ready to explode or something let’s avoid using weapons within close proximity to them okay, so Let’s prepare for battle Superduper quick and so yeah Mario can move Okay, you can move over here. I can’t quite make it there yet. I? Could probably move him rapid luigi over. I can maybe use this and try to get to this side But at the same time it’s not a completion style one, but I wonder if I could shoot that well, then I don’t know anyway There’s there’s no 100% cover over here. So if I want to have any luck I probably to move move Rapid Luigi, let’s just fight. Let’s just fight here. We go. Yes Rabid Luigi, I’m Gonna move you right up to here and Then he’s within arranged actually so that’s good miss though And then the iMmunity is super fax no need for that quite yet Mario though, I’m Gonna try to bounce. Oh yeah. I can’t I can go find full coverage. That’s really cool Okay, here. We go so Mario’s Gonna have full coverage Is still 50% got him and then what was nice when triggered heroes sites? Should I blast him again? I think I should use it when I for sure have a hit He’s too far away, okay. I’m to go up here Let’s go up here right right here. I don’t know if it anything’s in range over here, but oh yeah this guy’s still in range 50% oh I took away his his uh his hidey-hole though, that’s cool No shield needed yet. I don’t think I don’t know we’ll see Alright. I think we’re done and immediately turn actually he is on a percent, but he’s now it’s not worth because he’s almost dead Okay, now he’s worth it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it Oh, no, that’s just a powerup. Okay? Well. I guess if it just the powerup unless user Sure, let’s see how long these last if these expired by next round I’m gonna be kind of upset I use them all but hey let’s let’s do it. Oh It was a sneaky down wow, so that was my move, okay, never mind cool He was alarmed. I’m sure were they going okay, he is So I have a barrier Okay, so I did get hit but not as bad as I would have I guess he’s got under percent cover where he is missed entirely oh he walked right up to me and he why even try All right here. We go. I’m gonna move him over on this other side here. This could be really cool Can I actually know I can’t directly attack him, but I can move right behind this block And I’ll have full coverage. I mean of course you can walk over and get me, but a full coverage and He’s wide open There we go Mario oh wow oh I collect coins by moving over them perfect easy That was easier than I thought was Gonna be um I Can walk over directly attack him and then just walk back why not walk back? So here we go Alright, wonderful, and I’m okay with this peaches turn though this guy I can walk over and get him and then Walk walk back right I can be on the other side well see the problem is is that Let’s move back That’s only one hit she’s gonna retreating kind of far though Anyone I mean you know what I bet. If I were a few steps over I could have shot him All right, it’s okay Yeah, I don’t think I’d shoot anybody All right, so let’s just go ahead and give the enemies their turn And we will fast forward it I’m glad that you know I’m really glad they were thoughtful enough to add the fast-forward because this is a good feature missed Manhunter percent all right heroes turned yeah, not super sure what to do this guy’s kind of out in the open though if I move here I Need to probably attack these guys Cuz they’re right on right on peach here and Yeah, this is not super good. I could be right here. This is still out in the open for me, but This means I can attack him. He’s gone, but I am out in the open. It’s a little concerning This guy will be gone if I can just I can actually be here have some cover But I can have attack him 100 hundred percent. It’s not gonna be an issue at all Points Link got him So he that got him pretty good now peaches this guy’s the only guy still alive right Gonna get peach ouch All right heroes turn. Why would I even okay? I’m gonna. I’m gonna press forward. I don’t know that it matters I don’t know if he’s gonna be anywhere near range. Oh Okay, it’s a 50% chance Got him And then uh you know, I don’t really need to do anything else so mario is right here Mario can go over here and then Again, he’s in 50% range oh Nice. Oh that actually got him okay great. So we’re done battle cleared, and we did it just the right amount of turn So we got it perfect I’ve been lucky to get them all perfect again I can’t promise that every battle will be perfect, but I got lucky to get all those done perfectly, so Let’s get a move on that was pretty cool So that was 1-4 correct. Oh another battle now. We’re still in 1-4 defeat All I still don’t quite figure out what those boxes are for I was told to steer clear, so I kind of have Strange so it looks like there are only two of those rapid marked covers My senses detect four of them watch out. They may be disguise as normal covers, okay? So let’s take it. Take a look So what oh there’s something there’s a path to the side there that we’ll have to figure out Look at that piranha plant lamp okay, so yeah, I’m not a hundred percent sure but wow look at all this stuff, huh? Okay, let’s be cool Let’s just fight here. We go. Yeah, let’s start the battle I Can move right here I? Can get this guy I? Can then move over here? And I can shoot him. Maybe get him who knows missed All right heroes site. I’m gonna go and have that in for when they come and get me I’m gonna do the same thing here and then put myself on the other side My goal is to focus all my effort on this one guy this has 50 percent, so let’s go and hit him if I can’t nice and then Sure, why not just use a shield why not I? Don’t know what there is to lose this guy gonna do the same thing. I’m basically Gonna Take him out right there, then I’m gonna go right behind here Got him, so one of them’s gone. Which is wonderful and Then yeah just try to blast them nice, okay great. Oh, he’s gone – okay great. We took out – Sure, let’s immune to super effects why not I don’t know how this is Gonna pan out But all right this guy’s I got two of them already and I get to use hero sight Got him, so he’s like gosh, man. They’re so ruthless All right, he missed me perfect there – back here. We’re gonna go through these tunnels though, okay? Okay Missed again, but I hit my bar my barriers down So let’s see what we got now. He’s gonna attack again, right? Oh yeah, I was a hundred percent out in the open unfortunately, so If we focus all of our efforts on this guy Where would I go after this, I’d go, right? I don’t even know man You go right behind here. Why not? I don’t even know got him Alright wonderful and both of these are zero percent, but this guy back here is 50 Gawd, I’m nice. I’m doing pretty good this round And then if I’m right next to him, you know I can definitely take him out, but again I kinda want to play it cool All right, and then he’s 2% health left I can aim for this guy in the back though all right, I can run into this guy then kind of retreat back to It could go over here end up right behind him and shoot him in the back that’ll be really funny here we go Gonna be good He’s like what and I might be able to just take him out. I don’t know That’d be great. Yeah. He’s gone okay. I’ve been doing this rounds really good. There’s like one guy left and He’s up, but she’s got the open. Oh that was a pretty big hit looking. There’s only one guy left. Where’s he Gonna go? Huh? All right heroes let’s get past her. I’m gonna run into him, and I’m gonna be right here All right So here we go excellent I Get Mario’s gonna run into him and then that’s about it. I don’t have to do anything except for running to him And I think we’ve won and I you know I think I did that one so well and so quickly that I’ve probably got it Perfect. Yeah, we have five turns. I did it in three Can’t complain there that was pretty great There we go That was someone – for welcome to the jungle Can I truthfully do not know how many how many stages there are I? Was thinking like I would just do them all world one in one episode I loved world 2 then in the next episode, but I think what I’m gonna have to do is probably Be a little bit You know split split him up a little more because we’re already well over an hour then that’s okay for the first episode But I know that people are gonna have the patience to watch every single episode you know to be super long Especially I’m uploading one or two a day, so I’m gonna. Maybe have to divide them up I don’t know, but let me know in the comments below what you guys would want to see and I’ll take that into consideration when uploading these So what do we got? What’s over here? There’s another bridge, I? Still know how to move things yeah They haven’t taught me how so there’s so much still on this first world that I haven’t even been able to do Beautiful look at that ducky rubber ducky. I have so many questions here perhaps. They’re better left unanswered Indeed like why is the ducky of a spike color peas in the sky? Alright, so what is this? This is another path to take more coins? It’s almost looks like a maze alot Get shut out This is this is weird indeed. Oh, hey. What is this we open up, and this is like a secret path over here If I can just figure out a way over to it All the walls are always the same I guess And all the way around too, huh, man They won’t let me get to these they’re holding me back. They’re not letting me be me, okay Come on. Now wow Fortunately I don’t think there’s a time limit, but I can’t be positive Okay progress say for some reason yeah, how Others a little what they’re all gonna disappear. Come on. Don’t do this to me, okay? I don’t know if like if that what if that, red thing will appear back It looks like the answer is yes There’s one two three Come on guys All right here. We go four five six nice Seven and then a break yes. There’s a treasure over here for that now Excellent. Okay, still got another atman. This is this is definitely convoluted for sure I’ll take it though take this particular treasure, and we’ll see what’s in store for us Another weapon again, I haven’t upgraded into my weapons I will have to do that next episode probably I’ll Focus on that a little bit more you don’t I mean like I’ll I’ll try to give that a real attempt Oh my gosh, you might just cut off from the world here. Where am I did I? Man, where am I for repeal? oh This is number five so I think five I mean it’s red So it looks like I’ve been it’s a boss fight, so this probably be the finale I Definitely see there’s an arrow pointing that way. I don’t know what that arrow means Trying to shut me down They did not want me to make progress here Okay, I’ll get over there somehow. Oh there. We go. I’m over here wonderful So this is a another treasure probably another 3D model Garden Hopper 3D model and look at his lights Alright, so yeah, I’m cut off from the world over here So let’s try to go back hopefully this isn’t too tedious for you guys to watch I’m having a good time Okay, I can go up here right, but I have not gone across this bridge though, so let’s do it really quickly Let’s see where this takes us what just happened. I heard someone get hurt just A dead-end bridge oh more coins, holy cow Well, they’re fighting down there. They’re fighting you to stop that someone’s going to get hurt All right great Let’s go Okay, come on now. Let me out of here. Just let me out. Just let me out please There we go they’re trying to shut me down I Don’t even know why I’m trying to get all the little little coins here All right Excellent now. We can oh my gosh okay? We can probably move okay come on Okay, sorry. I’m really trying here. Yeah. There’s a sign are these changing at all or am I just going crazy? Sorry about this part guys this part is tedious. I could tell you that already I was there before I’ll get there again Thank you, okay, so gosh I keep thinking I have it There we go there. We go so last last but not least well. It looks like level 5 here and this could indeed be You know the the next world? Let’s go. Let’s go. Is that my brother Colin for me? World one a brother where art thou is the world 1-5. I don’t even know if this is the last one I really don’t I would love to rescue Luigi though Defeat all okay, so yeah, there’s a whole group of them here Boyle boy this time we are in higher ground compared to our enemies Did you know that you gained a damage bonus when you attack from above? Fire upon an enemy from this vantage point and see for yourself Great let me go and prepare for battle really quick just by taking a quick look and seeing what’s around So yeah this guy’s like out in the open this this could be really good. There’s a path over this way, so Yeah, I’ll try to take full advantage of that This will give me full coverage if I just go over here, so great fight let’s fight. Yes So if I go over here man, that’s we’re gonna totally you know I could can I attack right now This is Movement first. I’m gonna move over here. I guess yeah and then attack Got him wow he’s out in the open isn’t he let me use hiro’s site for next opportunity I get Can I open up with an attack? These guys are 50 this guy’s 50 How’s he 50 though? Oh, you know what I want to do though I? Want to move instead so let’s go ahead and try that Let’s go over here, and I’ll attack that guy right there. He’s gonna be gone got him All right, and then no need for the effect. I don’t think Now could she attack anybody right now This is about 50 – we’ll just do it Miss, but if I if I can blow up their thing that’d be great, let’s just let the enemies have a turn now instead Let’s see what they do can they reach me. I mean, I’m kind of hitting that they might be able to hit oh Mario wow he’s like gosh. I moved – Mario got me 0% I’m hidden behind these blocks for now this guy’s over here. You might make it over to me. That would be kind of scary oh Man, I’m 100% That’s fine I’ll get him next probably oh he can jump up here. No. I’m a hundred percent I’m out in the open guys It’s okay This guy – right you can probably do what every once She’s hidden. She’s blocked heroes. Let’s do Let’s try an attack on him, but unless you develop. I’ll get it missed. I’m gonna stay right here, though So let me go to the next character I Don’t know where I’m supposed to be able to go from here. I can go right on to him Man, but do I want to I’m gonna go down, but if I go down and the guys up here We’ll have a have an advantage What if I go through here? then I can go and attack him and Then kind of come back. He’ll be really funny if I can oh I can’t darn uh Well, I guess I could be right here, and I know that. I’m you know gonna be within range, but I can attack him 100% So let’s do it 50 or 100. How about 100? Gotcha And then let’s take a look at the next guy it’s Mario Same situation, and then I can probably just kind of I can I’m out in the open if I do this But I can attack him, whatever whatever. Let’s do it we’re gaining up on this guy, but 100% but there’s a hundred percent for this guy too, so let’s make sure that we take him out first Got him So yeah, I’m kind of out in the open I kind of want to move I’ve already attacked So let’s move just a little bit I was still a little bit out in the open here So let me go ahead and put out my shield that would make some sense right now Yeah, this guy, whatever. I’ll put up his shield – who cares right? He’s out in the open for those guys down there Especially this guy this guy’s like a hundred percent attack Mario point-blank. Oh my gosh, Mario Yeah, I feel bad for him I do All right, his shield only helps a little bit. You know Heroes turned so you can know they’re out of range I can actually go over here and Attack this guy, and then kind of put myself right here, and then attack him again. It could be really cool He’s 100% so why not get rid of the guy? He’s dead there. We go. You won’t you won’t be hurting us anymore? Mario though, I’m Gonna move him up over here, and I don’t know if I’m within range of anything But I don’t need to be having Mario be super active Got him and You know she’s gonna be able to do like totally 100% attack on him from that spot excellent And then I’m just Gonna hide Actually gonna go through here, and then hide like right here. This is a good spot for for a rabid peach to be in Okay, now what now this guy? Yeah, they could try to get Mario’s low on health. I’ll admit it This is Gonna be interesting and I can actually move back I Don’t know if any of these guys Know I’ll talk about sights, so let me go ahead. Yeah, and well this guy Huh, okay, so I can uh fifty-fifty shot at this guy missed let’s just Let me let me move let me let me attack rather 50/50 shot at This guy missed I was gonna stay she’s gonna move. I’m gonna move her back Cuz I want to be here and I want to be able to shoot him. I think he’ll be done I hope you know I’m a this might be the first one. I don’t do perfectly Then kind of playing it a bit too defensively So let’s just give the enemies their turn All right, what happens? Oh? He’s 100% that’s fine. That’s fine. Don’t worry about it. So he rose Yeah, this guy’s the only guy, really oh This is gonna. Take him out. This is good. Got him okay excellent I’m happy enough about that I Don’t know if that was perfect though. Oh it was I had six turns. It was perfect excellent Goodness gracious, so that was interesting for sure What’s over here? This is just me going up here isn’t it? Right back down okay? Understand uh Let me go. I gonna have to backtrack a little bit because I think I saw something over here if the Little Roomba dude BmO Following him So wait no die mistake. I think I’m mistaken yeah. Sorry. I thought there was a I thought I saw a Pad. I didn’t but I can go down here. It won’t be a big deal the path is just down here It’s a normal path to the next part It’s a side path right here there we go now This is what I’m talking about so I do need help and thankfully there’s a mushroom. Just right there in front of me I bet that that means there could be something crazy happening soon. Let’s find out it’s Luigi What’s Gonna Happen Luigi? Oh? There’s this guy with the goggles fused to his head I found only have a power button on his butt the Piranha plant Thankfully Luigi’s still alive. I would have been really concerned that you know luigi turned into one of the rabbits or something geez Louise oh No, they’re gonna merge them oh Wow Per rabid plants not just fire weed Defeat. This is the the Midbus oh My gosh, this is the midboss you kiddin me. This is the midbus okay, prepare for battle what okay, so my gosh the midboss Okay, so my goodness. There’s a lot going on in this episode for sure so Okay, yeah, there’s a lot of stuff man. This is Man, this is this is big Alright, let’s just let’s just go. Let’s just go spike. Yes. We will fight I’m Gonna be right here. I Want the upper ground and I want to be able to attack him? Got him, and then I’m gonna go and put on my hero site in case he tries to mess with me make him blast him Stop I’m kind of sort of in his tracks. I don’t know Basically my goal is to take the high ground on all this stuff Hit him once get behind here and then attack my shipping should be within range again excellence And if he’s gonna message me, then yeah, I’m gonna go ahead put up my shields as well Now for this I’m gonna try to go through the tunnel Try to attack him directly and he’s just gonna be done for this is great, and then I can kind of go in Go through this tunnel man, this would be amazing and go really far Look at how much of mobility. This is this is awesome. I attack him. He’s gone We stalked gone. I thought yeah, he’s gone. He’s gone there. We go. I’m all the way over here now Wow, and then I don’t even need to do anything I can’t really see anybody so I always go ahead and give the enemy their turn and Then this I’m not gonna fast forward this this midboss here. Oh my gosh Mario sees him as boom. He’s like oh Hopefully, I’m hiding well enough. I don’t know oh It’s a 50% now they hit me for sure but oh my gosh is this guy okay? Okay, he’s coming all the way over here. This is scary. It’s hiding behind that the door 50% again who okay so Where’s this guy going? He’s out in the open He hit me though Man yeah, I know he’s out. Here’s one health left man. Where’s he going? Alright, so you know. I’m definitely gonna start with an attack probably So let me just go ahead and switch it over to an attack. He’s 100% And then I’m fighting for my movement. I’m Gonna move into him Get him probably leave And kind of just go over here for now Got him, and he’s a goner and Then go ahead and just go to the next enemy here Mario has a very clear shot at him so let’s go ahead and start with with us with a shot And then I’m Gonna go ahead and just move Right here like not a huge deal. I am worried about peach though I just don’t know what to do. I’m gonna basically just be right next to him and attack him I know there’s still a guy like one hell draft So hello, no let’s don’t mind me right There you go. He’s gone too, and I’m behind this white pipe And I’m gonna give the enemies their turn sure So this guy and like the guy the ground one health right am I right about that oh no 100% What? What I went out of bounds, what was that? How did it even work? Miss thankfully, what Mario what happens? Oh? My gosh, I truthfully don’t know like what I could have done differently Man, Mario, I’m sorry Mario needs to heal or get out of here or something you know that was pretty phenomenal but still tonight oh, that’s I’m just had to hide mine here. I don’t know what else to do Got him I’m gonna be over here peach is on a mission here. Peach is Gonna get a lot done. I can tell you that right now so after this only the mid bosses laugh It’s the mid boss. I can’t believe I thought Here we go sure Where’s he going? Oh my gosh he can see Mario leave mario out of this Critical burn damage Mario is going to die. Oh my gosh I’m scared honestly. This is not doing so good for Mario geez okay All right, we’ll just just use that As use your your shield for now Mario is burn damage. Which is terrible oh? My gosh, so you’re 100% I mean what else do I do either then attack you you know? All right Yes, you’re next You know I want to keep him out in the open Just so that like the plant attacks him next. I can’t I can’t even imagine what to do here. I’m gonna try to escape I just kind of Mario is like out in the open. This is not good guys. You can probably walk anywhere. Let’s do the taxi cam can he actually? Where’s Josh you can go everywhere you can literally go like everywhere Mario does not have a safe spot for Mario, I don’t even know what to do. I don’t think I have like any potions or anything like that. I might lose Mario So yeah here. I’m just going to go behind here. I guess hold on no cancel so mario. You’re gonna go right here no, Mario I’m gonna keep him out in the open just for I’m hoping and praying. He doesn’t go for me All right Enemy turn Marios, we’re gonna burn to death though Yes, critical burn, baby All right All right, so he’s going over here now peach does have a clear shot on him, so I’m Gonna go ahead and hit him I’m gonna try to just run into him as well And then just kind of moved back over here There we go, and then I would see movements I hope I can get from here. Maybe not Well unless you can’t jump off of Mario Okay, never mind. I Say, we’ll go this way And it’s trying to be lucky and hopefully doesn’t hit me Out of range okay, so stuff is scary man. This is not good I’m gonna. You know what let’s turn on my There we go there we go I’m gonna stay right here Enemy turn don’t hurt me now. He’s got a seed peach there as a good target, right? Gonna spread the damage around That’s a good hit All right great So let’s go ahead then and peach here is gonna do everything she can to make sure that this is well worth it Twenty and Then this is Gonna be a point-blank hit 26 he’s still alive He is oh man, so if I can do this I can move right here. This could be this could be it This would be the final shot. No zero dinging darn it. I’m an idiot okay. It’s okay Let’s go ahead and put on that super Fx shield I’m a little worried to be honest now Mario if you can do anything Let it be known Can you reach him from Here Mario? Let’s find out Nope, and in return okay. Sorry. I hope he doesn’t die seems. So crazy man 9 health What is this another critical, but I’m immune am I okay okay? I seem to be Okay, I’ll targets are out of sight, so this is where mario’s like or it doesn’t matter who gets him, right? So it doesn’t matter here we go So I’m just gonna go right here, then And blast away, right? This should work. How’s the tough fight? That was a really tough fight? So we did it and maybe do we rescue Luigi? selfie Bad news. I hope his away from me to fully heal before the next battle he’s taking her instead Wow Okay More selfies. Oh Got him nice All right Dekappa planted all right Selfie with him, too So we rescued Luigi very awesome aha, so you’re the other half of the fabled Duo Mario and and Luis Lyle Lulla Lulla, oh well all the same welcome Battle cleared so that was actually a perfect battle as well. I almost lost one of them. I had to do a lot of thinking Thankfully healed now. I don’t know what in the world is going on with how long this is but level 5 we completed perfect 1-5 brother where art thou I just simply don’t know skill tree congrats. You just unlock the skill tree now You can upgrade your heroes also by defeating the Parabola new earned Power orbs? Which are exactly what you need to purchase things from the skill tree coincidence? Hardly let’s go down to Battle HQ and you can spend your well-earned power orbs? And then amiibo R&D is where rabbids experiment with lovely figurines? Do you have any of them bring them to the new facility? It’s near Peach’s castle Buddy dome hey you quit hogging all the fun head to the buddy dome near peach’s castle to show off your skills with another player Luigi just point him to the battlefield the back of it. That is be sure to check Luigi skill. Tree to his a vacuum That’s super cool new weapons in stock Are we are we done no, we’re done It wants me to return back to the place. I really don’t know if we’re done the battle hq? I’ll probably need to go back there Just because it’s set not just because it said to because it feels like I actually need to finally purchase weapons now I’m feeling like a little bit on the lower end of the spectrum here So I’ll go I’m gonna walk over here though. I want to see what it says is next if anything B’s So that was I mean like that was a pretty good fight right like what would what in the world would be next? What is this? Yeah, this stuff is all kind of blocked off for me at the moment these guys over here You know you could help us save the mushroom kingdom instead of just lounging around hello This could just be a bonus aftermath part of this stage. I don’t know Or blocks that I can’t quite get to oh Here we go. We’re gonna Wanna see what this is all about we’re gonna unlock this This gives us a path to a bonus stage Let’s see it better. We’ll go to the battle Hq before we in today’s episode But I just wanted to see what this is all about All right, I’m ready. Go only a few seconds Let’s go, let’s go All right, wonderful. We did it another treasure for me Fantastic Spike strike all right see uh I Don’t know if that yellow switch had any impact on the outside world here Doesn’t really seem like it doesn’t that’s okay. So we got that thing going Was there anything else? I mean obviously there’s something else, but what I’m saying is uh The reds blocking everything over here Still don’t know how to use this part though Six oh my gosh yeah, so when we’re talking about all of the world I really don’t know I don’t think that we’re gonna get to do all the fall of the world the first episode But this was a pretty good. I mean, this is a pretty thorough and good introduction to everything so I’m happy enough with that Who knows we could be ten? I don’t even know that was the midboss So this is obviously well planned out. I’ve I’ll just let the first episode function is a very long extended first episode and and We’ll call it a day after I go to the battle HQ and check things out so blue went down Right or up or down. Yeah yellow now we can activate yellow over here wonderful and then with that said It’s kind of where the red vine read I Still know how to move things yet All right, we’re gonna keep looking around Okay, yeah. Yeah, you could be helping us. It’s fine that you’re not but you could be is all they’re saying oh Here we go. Where is this Gonna? Take me? Oh nice, okay perfect that makes sense now So now we can go over here It just takes us right here what the heck is this no? No? No wait wait wait. What was that? Can’t just go through there. Why was I over there hold on? Is there any reason that I was over there? This seriously feels like a dead end doesn’t it? Huh? okay, I’m not 100% sure about that one but We do know that red is also up over here. We can go explore that area. We’ll get some more red coins Here we go Where where are the red coins? Oh there’s one? Alright three Anymore red coins three okay hold on this is Gonna probably timeout on me For I see now I got to go over there Man, I don’t know where that where the eighth one is okay So if we want to get all the red coins, we’ll have to do that part again for sure What is this? Oh? I guess I gotta push those blocks on there, okay. Let’s let’s trigger. The the red ring of death again What is even is over here? How do I get over there the whole section? I just don’t know how to get over there I? almost wonder if there’s a a different way All right here. We go again. So one two Excuse me three four oh There it is so five six Seven and then the eighth one is right over here There we go So we did get a treasure, so that’s why you would go over there is for that treasure, and I think you know Maybe there’s some more stuff to look around. I don’t know But I think we should return to the battle HQ call it an episode It’s been a long when this will be the only one that’s this long. I just thought to myself Like hey, well, we’re doing world one right? I thought that I thought maybe we’ll be four episodes I aim for you know for whatever but It’s not it’s like like level level what five six by was the mid boss. Is that what it was yeah, gives up Nexus 6 so let’s return now to the battle HQ and we will check out what we’re gonna do in terms of The skill tree. That sounds really cool so Mario has some movement skills here. He can do a stomp jump and attack Okay, that’s nice. So what do I only have ten orbs though? Okay, I have the – oh I could learn the hammer close-range weapon that can hit multiple targets at once Let’s learn the basics. Let’s learn the the stomp jump there we go and so That’s the only one I’ve unlocked like uh oh I guess I also I have ten for each of it. Come on ten for each of them I do so this one’s is a – This one blaster. Let’s do a sentry. That’s all that’s cost 20 to activate darn Yeah, unfortunate so this one. Oh, they’re all 20 what the heck? Okay 22 activate my teammates Wow, oh wait wait. This one’s only ten allow Rabbit louise you to damage an enemy while on the move No what no I have that what’s this one? What was it was only ten activate weakens enemy weapons in the year Oh, that’s cool. Let’s activate that. I’m gonna go and do that misfit his 10 on that I don’t think I can spend any for a rabid peach but for regular Luigi here What do we have – twenty – activate that ten this is I never never stops chasing its Target It will detonate when he gets close can be destroyed though. I’m gonna go and get this. Yes there we go I’ve done a lot of upgrading guys and so well. I mean wow. Thanks for watching I guess night I get to bring all four in with me that’ll be so cool I don’t know if it’s gonna be three or four, but thanks for watching next episode we will continue on with World 1 I’m gonna be something to be like like what is what? It’s only one more level or something I don’t know but thanks for watching come back next time for more. Oh, maybe next episode I’ll start off by selecting some new weapons I don’t know. We’ll see how the team dynamics ago, but it’s been a blast see you next time goodbye I’m Zack Scott Subscribe if you have not if you like this video and want to help this channel grow all you gotta do is click the like Button below thanks so much for watching follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram This is otto Egon and I’ll see you next time for more


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    ”ladies and gentlemen, our work here is done”

  • Reply Champ 28 November 30, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    Who watch 2hours…

  • Reply FattyMcButterPants December 1, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    kinda like a shitty phone game

  • Reply Alfredo Munoz December 2, 2019 at 3:07 am

    ZackScott please Boxtrolls Slide n sneak

  • Reply Russell MacGregor December 2, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    So cool

  • Reply Ari Leon December 2, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    Would a 6 year old like this game?

  • Reply GoogieToons December 2, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    I would love to see a crossover with Mario and the crew, with Plants vs. Zombies.

  • Reply Riley James December 3, 2019 at 3:22 am

    my game comes neckst friday Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

  • Reply Joan Due December 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    The likes or hide the views or low. keep going!

  • Reply Unflurd Paz December 3, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    just noticed the song at the start of the falling scene sounds like a hat in time music

  • Reply Theo Dawson December 4, 2019 at 11:07 am

    I dubbed for photos mansion darkmoon

  • Reply Theo Dawson December 4, 2019 at 11:08 am


  • Reply Theo Dawson December 4, 2019 at 11:08 am


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  • Reply Claude Speed December 4, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    I was hoping you would play Super Mario Odyssey on Wii U. Thank you Zack Scott.

  • Reply alex kaye December 5, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    i love the hand cannons

  • Reply Jaysuke -kun December 5, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Super Mario naruto run

  • Reply Laura Aaron December 8, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    is zackscott game theory. thats my theroy

  • Reply mika womack December 8, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Oofed my 👀

  • Reply T-Bone Sleep December 8, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    I like this game even though I don't have it.

  • Reply Zyga December 9, 2019 at 4:32 am

    does this guy ever stop talking

  • Reply roach bandit December 9, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Woke up to this

  • Reply Itzyaboi Macz December 10, 2019 at 3:37 am


    Mario + rabbids kingdom battle:I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Reply John Chitwood December 11, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    They still sell this game for switch

  • Reply J Wds December 12, 2019 at 1:13 am

    what's this game's beef with luigi tho

  • Reply Perla Toscano December 12, 2019 at 2:34 am

    Play super Mario odyssey

  • Reply the assassins December 12, 2019 at 5:43 am

    Me to

  • Reply the assassins December 12, 2019 at 5:51 am

    I got my switch in 2019

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  • Reply safwan ahmed December 14, 2019 at 5:04 am

    i love your vids

  • Reply ?? December 14, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Game:Mario does not know how to push

    Me: Mario how did u do anything in life

  • Reply Locke DeChevalier December 14, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    I can't sub but I wish to🙁😯☹

  • Reply TRASHY GAMING December 15, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Man i wish i got a switch instead of a playstation

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