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Mara Redding – College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

November 5, 2019

Just putting in a little bit of green
space and some plantings it just changes the atmosphere of the area and you know it can change someone’s mood. I’ve definitely gone to spaces and I feel at peace or relaxed and
its cool that you can do that… make that available for everyone actually one of the first days I worked here, my boss was kinda like you know how much
experience have you had with plant design and he kinda threw me into this is great. I’m not
exactly sure where I want to go with landscape architecture but I think I want to do something with public spaces vs designing private areas and I think it’s
great you can design a space for the public and you can really change a lot
about someone’s experience by just altering little things. My classes are
pretty small, at least all my landscape architecture classes are really tiny so
you get that one on one attention from the professor and everyone is willing to help each other out and get ideas from each other so that’s been great. For the final
project they’ll bring in a jury iof like three or four people and a lot of
times they bring in one or two alumni to critique everyone’s project and they give really insightful critiques… good and bad. I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk with them even after the final
and they’ve given me some really good advice. I’d like to say… obviously… thank you very much I’m very
appreciative of the support. Even my salary here is being supported by the
Daughters of Demeter and CALS annual fund and it’s just been such an awesome
opportunity to work here in furthering my career and my goals in life and… I’m really happy that I got this opportunity

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