Make Steel At Mining & Construction Economy Map Farming Simulator 19 Mods

December 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to my new Series
M&C Economy Map
Lets Start!!! I own some low loaders basic to move the machine on the map Then I need semi trucks and a loader And A tipper I will move the machines at the mine 2
Check the map You must own the field to start digging At the Mine 2 you will find only Soil If you like the mods I use ask to the comments and I find and put the link to download Now I move the soil at the quarry I dump the soil here to produce
Gravel And
Tailing Tailing


Gravel I load the iron to make some steel You cannot dump at this trigger you need to use a loader To make Steel you need iron
coal and lime stone
check to my nnext M&C Economy video to see where you can find those materials to make steel See you at the next episode bye!!! Like The Video
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