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November 18, 2019

today what I want to talk about is aging and there’s actually two peaks of happiness and that’s the topic today is happiness and it’s the aging process hi this is dr. Philip young we’re aesthetic facial body plastic surgery and the beauty docs on youtube if you enjoyed watching this click the like button below hey there this is dr. young I’ve been doing snapchat stories and I wanted to do a little bit more of more of a production in terms of making these videos a little bit better than snapchat but you can go to my join me on snapchat it’s afbplastic surg and you can find it on my website if you want to get more up-to-date stories that are related to patients in our lives that we get through plastic surgery and I think you can learn a lot from it because I learn a ton for my patients so today what I’m going to talk about is aging and you know in my field we, aging is a huge part of what I do. You know we reverse aging we try to make people look younger so the topic of aging comes up all the time when I talk with patients and I love doing it cuz I learned so much from the people i talked with but today what I want to talk about is aging and there’s actually two peaks of happiness and that’s the topic today is happiness and it’s the aging process and I think in the general population people tend to think that younger people are happier in fact even a study that asks older people even though older people thought that people that are generally younger are happier but other studies many other studies now are showing that there’s two peaks in happiness which I thought was fascinating because I’m among the population that thinks that younger people are generally happier but apparently the two peaks are 23 and 69 you’re the happiest during those ages now obviously everyone’s different but that’s a general kind of look into happiness in terms of age so they they talk about well when you’re 23 you start identifying more your self you know who you are and your life starts to get set into a pattern you just finished college and a job and everything’s fresh you’re having fun and you’re on your on own it’s like you’re your experience your new adult life and then it starts dipping down people start getting more stressed out in terms of having family being able to support kids and those Middle Ages tend to be more stressful and they found the dip to be 46 which is actually my age which is which is a you know sort of a reality checker you know and they looked at different factors they looked at money they looked at having children your employment and whether those factors are related to the dip and and whether it turns around based on that and they found that those factors didn’t actually matter and this is based on an economist article there’s a lot of fascinating articles in economist I learned that from my brother but what they found was that what were the internal factors that they thought were related to the upswing from 46 to 69 and they found that it was a way that people thought apparently during that age 46 you start accepting who you are and your circumstance and you get stressed less about where you’re going with life you start accepting it and also there is a less there’s a decrease in in ambition which is not necessarily the best but it does allow you to become more happy and apparently people that are happier like in 69 are able to enjoy the happiness out of simple things in life whereas when you’re young it’s about getting married you know find that someone special getting a great job getting really starting to be more successful in your business and maybe some more external things that occur when you’re younger but as you get older they start appreciating just sunlight you know the trees having a nice meal having a nice cup of coffee being able to take a walk and smelling the nice breeze and the air some of the simple things in life some more and they’re able to develop more intrinsic happiness instead of extrinsic happiness and that’s so part of the upswing when you get to 69 they also found that in terms of happiness and that and how it changes through your age is that neurotics tend to have a harder time with happiness they’re more fraught with guilt anxiety and anger and they tend to more hole up in their office and at their home and so try to realize that whether you’re being neurotic about your guilt anger or anxiety and see if you can reach out to people don’t live on an island they say that people that are extroverts tend to do better they tend to work better with people they have more emotional intelligence and having support around them and so they find extroverts do better than neurotic introverts which is another part of the happiness and aging portion I want to bring up so the reason why I brought up aging is I want people to know that you know things get better you know I want people to understand that you know if you know about these two different peaks you can first know that aging isn’t the worst thing in the world you know it does go by fast but living in the now is really important and I think about that one interview with Deepak Chopra where he was being interviewed by Oprah or some person and he talked about his watch he pulled it up to the camera and said and had had the camera shine into that watch and what it showed was that his watch on his on his wrist was filled with sand there was no clocks no numbers no hands of the clock and what that what he said it reminded him that the time is now and that reminds me that old saying yesterday’s the past tomorrow’s the future and today is a gift that’s why they call it the present anyways I wanted you to know that there’s two peaks in life and I want you to know that a lot of happiness is not necessarily related to external factors and that you actually can cultivate happiness and I brought it in another snap chat story about cultivating happiness in that book happiness by matthieu ricard it’s a book that’s fascinating it brought tears to my eyes again and and and and I and my goal is try to read that every year to remind me some of the important points of happiness and it’s definitely not external factors like money it reminds me of that one documentary by that famous director who directed liar liar who said after directing all these famous movies and making all sorts of money there’s a point where he’s at the top of his stairs looking down at his you know his new hallway and entry to his immense house and he said he realized at that point that he wasn’t any happier it wasn’t these external factors like houses cars that made him happy so we went on this whole documentary to figure out what happiness was and it’s definitely not extrinsic factors is something that comes from a within you know and I think it goes back to that other video that I talked about in terms of extrinsic and intrinsic things and and also self-help books that I think part of that is really identifying your emotions you know I think that’s the key to happiness as well so anyways I really appreciate you watching this let me know what you think in the comment sections and I’d love to hear from you Thanks we would love to have you subscribe to our YouTube channel where the beauty docs we’re going to be coming up with insightful videos showing you a glimpse into our lives in plastic surgery specifically we’re going to show you the human side of what we do through that we hope to enrich your life as these experiences have enriched ours click the following annotations to subscribe and be the first to see these unique videos on our youtube channel to learn about our theory on beauty that helps us get you the best results to see a new video showing you the relationship between holidays and heart attacks or to see a story about plastic surgery and hope in our patient with an autoimmune disease who then develops cancer during our treatment again thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time


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    Dr philip I am from spain and speak fluent english but I don't know many technical terms regarding to cosmetic surgery. I would like widen my lower part of the face, my jaw. could we have an affair about that?

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    This talk has made you even more attractive! Thanks for taking time and making effort to educate our YouTube community.

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