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Late Gardening Season Hot Pepper Harvest

November 18, 2019

Hey everybody it’s Rob the backyard gardenerr and I appreciate you guys taking some time to watch my video with me here today we have had such a dramatic shift in the temperatures went from a hundred
to seventy to freezing to not freezing two hundred two tornadoes touching down here in Dallas so bottom line is my pepper plants need to be harvested not
all I’m gonna get most of the peppers today but I figured I’d walk you around
the garden we’ll grab some of the pepper plants now you know what I’ve grown
what’s on the plants and then we’ll give you a full bird’s-eye view of the
complete harvest once we get back inside all right let’s go harvest some peppers so it’s almost winter time and we’re
starting to get some cold weather I’ve got a lot of peppers coming in and I was
already starting to pick them off we’ve got a nice Bahamian goat pepper right
here really nice got several more on the plant you probably can see them through
the foliage I’m hoping that these guys ripen before the frost kicks in we’ve
got a three pack down there as well and a few more I think there’s like eight or
nine the tornadoes we had did a number on these knocked a lot of premature
peppers off I was kind of sad about that we do a Brazilian ghosts you’re ready to
harvest to pull that one off today we’ve got other ones but again many of these
were affected by the frost we had and you can see the leaves don’t look as
good on the pepper plants but my job today is to pick as many as I can off of
these and salvage the ripe ones now this Caribbean blend pepper is just
absolutely loaded with pods as you can see and they go from this green to this
yellow just like this one is right here and I’ll pull this guy off for you
hopefully there we go very similar the Bahamian goat and the resilient ghost
but he’s not the same and you can look down here we still have some pods that
had fallen off that we never got a chance to get ripe the freeze-out here
is really taking its toll on my pepper plants and like I said we have a big
freeze coming this weekend so I’m gonna go back to the front real quick I know I
saw some chocolate Scotch bonnets coming in over here yeah we got some nice
chocolate Scotch bonnets coming on the plant right here and
several more and there’s literally probably 40 or 50 chocolate Scotch
bonnets on this plant and I’m gonna pull off all of the ripening ones today
and salvaged them before it’s too late and then also we have some seven pot
bubblegum large peppers here coming in not a lot on this plant because they
keep falling off every single time we have a big windstorm matter of fact
we’ve got a recent casualty right here so I’ll go and rent them off and harvest
him and hope that he turns color to add them to the harvest
let me grab off all of the chocolate scotch bonnets and I’ll show you a good
look at them once I have them off and enabled so here’s the first pickings I
even grabbed some of the pods that are green that were just knocked down since
yesterday’s windstorm they’re probably not gonna have much heat to them but you
never know now that we’ve got those harvested I do have some more jalapenos
to harvest and I’m gonna be pulling off not just the red ones or the ones that
are starting to turn red and the ones that are more red but any of the ones
where the skin starts to have this wrinkling I’m gonna go ahead and pull
those off as well since technically they’ll have the heat they’ll eat fine
and we only got about a week left at most maybe a few days before the cold
hits in and these plants die let me go and harvest the jalapenos and I’ll bring
you back so believe it or not we got about 20 jalapenos off that plant and
I’m pretty happy about that or I guess off both those plants might be able to
get a few more that are ripening before the freeze but we’ll take that and like
I was trying to say earlier I really hope these seven pots ripen early
somewhat ripen or get closer to ripening before this weekend probably not
probably not but we’ll try and then of course lots of chocolate Scotch bonnets
still growing on this plant it’s gonna be a shame though because I don’t have
to pick many of these peppers off before they’re fully ripe and get whatever I
can from them as far as heat and flavor that being said I’d rather pull them off
while they still have a proper skin than have the frost hit them ruin their skin
and make them not desirable now we’ve grabbed all the peppers on
this side of the yard let me go to my other side of the yard that has
Serrano’s and some other peppers that I can show you it will grab a harvest off
them as well so on this side of the yard we do have some orange habaneros coming
in I’ve got quite a bit of them at this premature phase but we do have one
harvestable right here orange habanero again there are several more oak growing
in this plant I think we have another one that’s starting to turn down here
which I will grab right now for you guys and I believe I see another one in here so there’s three more and again I’ll
come back through the plant and grab the other ones we also have a hot cayenne
pepper plant which I can see one ripe one pick it up through here which I’ll
grab we have a ghost pepper that I’ve got a couple on but nothing else
produced crazy and then we have a serrano pepper plant that is definitely
in need of some harvesting lots and lots of Serrano’s all over this plant and
then finally we even have a golden cayenne pepper plant down there and it’s
just getting its cayenne peppers on it right now they haven’t turned yet though
so I’m going to leave them alone and see if they can make it before the frost
hits and see how many cayenne peppers we get out there anyway let me go ahead and
harvest the rest of these peppers that are harvestable and I’ll bring you back
indoors with the count so we had a ton of serrano peppers now for serrano
peppers I don’t mind them being green but I pulled off all the ones that were
red the ones that were starting to turn red even if it was just a little piece
towards the stem but I don’t mind serrano peppers green at all they’re
good either red or green and they still have heat both ways I did break one of
the orange habanero branches they’re pretty brutal out there because the cold
temperatures right now and I had to pull a couple of premature ones off but I’m
gonna leave some of these peppers that are green on the counter and see if they
get a little bit more ripening like this orange habanero right here see if they
get a little more ripening over the next couple of days I don’t want to leave on
the counter too much because if I do that then I can risk the shell or the
outside of the pod the skin becoming soft and I don’t like soft peppers let
me pull them out of this bowl line them up
well see what we got and I have probably five times more peppers than this still
on the plants and as soon as I get information about which day the frost is
hitting I will probably pick them or the rest of them grain or not that day
anyway I’ll bring it back in once we got the full harvest laid out so here’s the
day’s take we got four orange habaneros 1 we had to take
because he broke the branch look at the best version of them and again this does
have some more ripening to do so we’re leave it on the counter it should be
good to go in the next couple of days a nice handful of serrano peppers I left
about this many still on the plants but I figured out grab some green ones some
turning one some red ones just to get the plant a break maybe it’ll expedite
the ripening of the remaining pods only too little hot cayenne peppers 1 a
little worse for wear so playa theat that one or dry it out
tonight and make it into a powder one golden Cayenne they turn red first then
it turns golden but it was low to the ground and I don’t want any pests
getting to this one so I figured I’d pick it off plus it’ll continue ripening
in the house we had one Bahamian goat not too bad
we had one Brazilian ghost small but what do you do and actually I hope the
other ones ripen in time I love the bottom of these ones like a bonnet we
had one Caribbean blend pepper ready for harvest at least we only picked one 7
pot bubblegum large right here that’s going to finish ripening it’s absolutely
a beautiful pepper those were below the plant they’ve been knocked off they’re
all still pretty sturdy as far as the pods so I’ll probably go ahead and cut
these up and add them to a dish tonight they’ll have some heat obviously it’s
not going to be the high schoo go units like this will be when it’s right but
don’t have some nice handful of jalapenos all of these were either green
or turning red and again I don’t mind them being green like this because they
still have good heat this is what you see mostly in the restaurants when they
turn red it’s kind of hitting miss sometimes they get hotter and sometimes
they don’t get any hotter but I picked off the remaining jalapenos because
those plants look like they’re gonna die they’re not planted in a raised bed
they’re in a pot and the pot will probably end up freezing on the first
freeze and the plant will just die and then lots of chocolate scotch bonnets
the best ones probably this one right here many of these have been stunted
because of the different change in temperature from hot to cold to hot it’s
been kind of a whirlwind out here and then with the tornadoes we had we
knocked a lot of the pods down and I just went ahead and the broken branches
were already ripening so I figured I’d grab a lot of these starting to turn
smaller pods in the house let them finish ripening here I know kind of a
meager little hot pepper harvest but guess what
it’s November we’re still grabbing peppers out of our garden I’ll take that
and we’ll probably be grabbing more hot peppers in the next couple of days I
know it’s been a while since I had made a video appreciate you guys hanging with
me just want to give you a pepper harvest today we’ll be catching up the
other video series as soon as possible so thank you for watching and as always
happy gardening we have finished our honey mango habanero ghost pepper sauce
time to bottle it up get this hot sauce glass pool guess we’d better let it
simmer down it’s still hot that’s why it’s getting steamy in there I’ll let it
cool to room temperature before I put it in the fridge but I’m probably gonna
have a little bit of extra which means I will have something to dip in tonight let’s go


  • Reply Rob Backyard Gardenerr November 18, 2019 at 1:38 am

    It's mid-November and I decided to give everyone a final hot pepper harvest since we've had some frost the last week and I needed to pick some of the final peppers off of my hot pepper plants before I lose them all to the winter weather.

    We've had a few nights of frost and a tornado that touched down 15 miles from my house which brought some serious wind that blew off several of my ripening and growing hot pepper pods which limited my late season harvest.

    That being said, it is November and I am happy that I am still able to even get some hot peppers this time of the year.

    I hope you found the video fun to watch!

    Please feel free to subscribe and tap the bell icon so you can get notifications of future updates on the mango seeds, as well as all of my growing from seed series' and garden tips!

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  • Reply Anonymous bub November 18, 2019 at 1:40 am

    You are the embodiment of what I want to be in the future. A gardener and a coin collected!

  • Reply Young Coin Hunter November 18, 2019 at 1:43 am

    Sweet! Awesome Brother! Love The Gardening Videos!

  • Reply Weasel 6Three November 18, 2019 at 1:49 am

    Ahh.. hot peppers! Very cool Rob! Keep the videos coming!

  • Reply Silver.Sleuth Tiger.nTasha November 18, 2019 at 1:50 am

    Rob try putting some in a brown paper bag to ripen.

  • Reply kingmoo2 November 18, 2019 at 1:53 am

    About how tall are the goat pepper plants?

  • Reply Ryan McComb November 18, 2019 at 2:04 am

    You should start a pomegranate from seed video. They are in season and relatively fast-growing. I would love to see how you grow these beautiful plants.

  • Reply 92PreludeS November 18, 2019 at 2:52 am

    That sauce looks amazing! Just two quick questions for you, can we have the recipe for the sauce, and where did you get the seeds for the peppers?

  • Reply JW's Coins and Hobbies November 18, 2019 at 3:06 am

    Those are some crazy looking peppers 😳

  • Reply Jeff D November 18, 2019 at 3:07 am

    I thought I heard a branch break. It happens.

  • Reply William Fowler November 18, 2019 at 3:21 am

    Nice harvest ! we have 1 foot of snow and 1 foot of frost in the ground. I am going to build a four season greenhouse in the spring can't wait. 🙂

  • Reply Amy Sternheim November 18, 2019 at 3:41 am

    Have you tried a hoop house over your garden beds to extend the growing season a few weeks earlier and later?

  • Reply Just Wingin' It Homestead November 18, 2019 at 3:48 am

    My mouth is on fire just watching this! Awesome peppers my friend.

  • Reply Alfred R November 18, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Learned a lot about peppers! Great video Rob!

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