Kitchen Gardening Empowers Unskilled Rural Afghan Women

October 12, 2019

Until recently, Bibi Zahra was an illiterate
homemaker with no skills and poor living conditions. In 2015, she received support to start a kitchen
garden from the National Horticulture and Livestock Project. The support changed her from an unskilled
person to an independent person with skills to earn a living and support her family. They gave us wheelbarrows, shovels, and sprinklers. They also taught us to use them properly. If we cultivate and harvest correctly, we
can harvest for three seasons. We use the vegetables for our own cooking
and, in addition, I earn income when I sell the rest. If we cultivate on small plots of lands, we
can earn 10,000 afghanis and in bigger plots of land, we can earn 20,000 Afghanis. The project has supported more than 3,600
women like Bibi Zahra in five districts in Nangarhar province. They are given training in cultivation, irrigation,
and harvesting of vegetables as well as various types of vegetables seeds. Micro-greenhouses have also been distributed
to 289 women in the province. These activities have generated income for
thousands of poor, illiterate women and empowered them to be strong providers for their families. It is great that they have given us vegetables
seeds. We have cultivated them and benefited greatly. In the past, people did not cultivate vegetables,
but now we do and we make use of it. We supply to the market and even give some
to the poor. We were given financial and training support
as well. The project operates under the Ministry of
Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and receives funding support from the Afghanistan
Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF).

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