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KIDS Pretend Play with Garden Set – CLEANING & GARDENING | #FunLearning #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

November 6, 2019

who messed up this Garden?? don’t know Anaya.. But we’ve to clean it As this is our Garden so have make it clean no I’ll not clean it we gave Garden tool Set What is it ?? I know that you don’t know anything :-)) so we are cleaning this garden till you hit Likes and get this video to 70,000 Likes and what more to do Dora?? Subscribe to our channel ToyStars so lets go… This tool is so awesome make cleaning so easy as we use to come to play here so lets do planting too what we’ll do with this?? Until our natural plants grow we’ll at least decorate with artificial plant Wow this tool makes cutting so easy the colour of this watering tool is so awesome now you all put your tools back in the kit Di why this plan is not growing?? don’t know.. we planted it yesterday lets wait a little more hmm.. or what else we can do!!! what are you doing?? oh didi.. what kind of a plant you brought??? its not growing have you put water in it ? do you kept it in Sunlight? so how it can grow!! we’ve to watering plants to make them grow ok give it to me Dora & Anaya your plant will grow in few days so we’ve done with garden cleaning shown all Garden set tools now lets do Unboxing to show you what tools we’ve got in it we’ve made that paper bits away using this tool these are our artificial plant This is Digger through which we can dig the soil well and we’ve decorated our Garden with these and this cutter and this is watering pot Didi we can move this set anywhere now lets go to see that plant which I’ve planted Wow di.. its growing we’ve seen how awesome is this garden set Your too always keep your Garden or parks clean don’t let them dirty and clean them well regularly

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