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August 8, 2019

my idea of going out for the country’s to see what type of say for example I had been to Israel today Israel not as how much technology we had to appreciate thinking there water saving method is wonderfully whole or the world where to polish and the Israelis a second tree the desert country where 200 millimeters I know also he not come what wonderful water management is there you one should fall right that is the main reason I had been there and I’ve seen their organic method and all you see for example one form and then none of the farmers who have got their won’t land there it only leads government at even the least 10 years 15 years 20 years I done I met one one of the pharmacy was doing P network lands very was going tomahto theory was going your car berry and you were a Pepsi Co she come like that for Verity and these turnover for 15 acre is 2.5 million dollars and they’re doing not chemical forms and the wonder you can think in Israeli there what is the type of fertilizer what they’re using is very limited you can con this is zero errors in our these things our agriculture people dicks harm you do you are not getting the focus put one bag of urea they says here it is not like that very scientifically there being and their water management is a wonderful and recycle of the water is unbelievable 60 percent of the water what they’re using for drinking or anything he’s only recycled for example in banknotes he every day about 700 million liters of water is going out he never thought of and so much they are pumping from 100 kilometers he thousand feet able unscientific you do not have any engineers you don’t have any planners is it required to pump the water from down to up and what is the amount of money you have a cell type and today what is the problem in Bangalore in they are fighting in the street for getting the water and yes think of saving your rainwater however I am at my fine water operation all my water goes there fourteen thousand liters of rain are arrested the water will be there anybody can do it in anywhere in the world you

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