International 9370 🦅 Restoration – Part 3 – Welker Farms Inc

September 30, 2019

hey guys welcome to Welker farms this is
part three of the International restoration we’ve got a lot to do want
to do what are some of the things but we gotta finish out the brakes and wheel
seals and put the driveline on it’s kind of go along as we go and turbo turbo
torque arm yeah there’s a bunch of stuff to do so hopefully if we can do all this
we’ll have the truck running at the end because we have only firing it up once
so far that was real quick outside this will be the second attempt to start it
and hopefully from here on out it’ll be good to go so anyways guys let’s get to
it we’ll get going hang tight our leg arms got the wheel steel in place he’s
just now putting the action after almost one down three to go all right back axle is pretty much done
except for airbags and shock absorbers but the new wheel seals are in and oils
in the axle and new brake shoes after next axle we’re gonna leave only one
dual on each side out like this just so we can get around everything especially
when we go take it to go get worked on and painted we’ll put the rest of jewels
on when it’s finished up all right all the wheels seals and brake shoes are in
now put the wheels on this axle and we’re done for that so we get a few more
parts yeah yeah then we can finish it while leg irons and I have them work on
that truck see if my dad’s been doing that’s looking pretty good isn’t it nice
now the fun begins I got a tape nice little gasket kit here and put six of
these guys in the exhaust manifold which is right over here but this thing all
right let’s go get some tools for us I got off the front half of the manifold
I’ve been able to break these bolts pretty easily except for this one and
it’s right behind the turbo I tried taking the taro off but I sheared one of
the bolts on the turbo so I probably should have heated it took it off for me
I’m gonna leave this yup my goal is to hopefully get this off one piece I could
deal this on the bench this one’s being a pain but I think I’ll
get it well guys have to pull in the turbo off not really with our plan but I
think we replace it you look closely right here you can see the veins on this
turbo there’s a big chip taking off right there and there’s a bunch of
gouges that’s not good that means that impeller is off balance which could
cause it to explode usually what happens as dirt gets through the intake somehow
and it hits this simpler turning that upwards of a hundred thousand rpm and
when it hits that it can chew it up but I don’t think up this wrong here what’s
wrong is this housing was loose I didn’t loosen it that’s the way it was found
that I’m after so this housing was able to just shift a little bit which caused
it to catch on the edges aluminum here and that caused it to break off
unfortunately we need new turbo so we’re gonna get one ordered prize to stock
turbo get some looking looks like a high performance turbo really went do much
good for us once we tune the engine up and we’re not gonna tune the engine up
because it’s a lot of coin and then another thing we had to do with all
these rubber bushings here as you can see are toast I got new ones just put
the first one in got to bolt it up Lance where it was before letting out the
other axle do but look nice all right all shock absorbers are on so
I gotta hook cylinder on the fifth of a plate and put a come-along on it try to
slide that thing back so I get access to put this in it’s always something but
now you can see let’s take a look what leg arms is up to look at that shit
brutes in the floor Oh in that nice job leg arms pull that turbo off I broke one stud off
like I’m broke either stud off but two of them did stands so now I got to get a
welder and he’s gonna weld nuts to these and we’re gonna see if we’re gonna heat
it enough to get it to break loose the threads and back those out and save this
because I’m sure that’s expensive come on buddy
don’t break this time clean him up real good before we even
come to oh nice this one here all the but check that out okay manifold on if they’ll finish
tighten them up worth it thanks off now well I may clean in those tanks little
easier no this is different he just kept snowing a lot more than
you’re supposed to so that’s good we need the moisture kind of a bummer to
see that nice weather go but oh well we’re in the shop right so we got heat
we’ll stay in there longer how does that work that’s that old transmission that
was in here was well I know I had a 13 well as you guys just saw this dry line
did not fit in there yeah put it up there into our surprise it’s too long
which can only mean two things one that had a 9 speed transmission in that truck
and this was a longer drive lines my purpose or two this is the wrong drive
line the truck says 13 speed up on the corner above the door it clearly had a
third speed 13 speed in it that means that this drive line is not the regional
drive line that came with that truck so the previous owners that truck that
robbed the 13 speed out of it also used the 13 speed drive line that was
connected and put their old longer drive line that was attached the 9 speed in
the truck not a big deal it just means like arms is gonna cut this thing down
so he’s gonna go ahead and shop it cut it to length reweld it and we’ll put it
back in there but it just also means a few more hours of work for him so poor
guy keeps working but we don’t want him sitting around either so it’s good I
guess we found out that we got to cut the drive line I don’t have a centering
tool to clamp down on it and to keep that centered like this well this isn’t
big enough for that drive line I’m the poor man method get it blocked up
you cut it out until you get it off the right height and then you can spin the
drive line nowhere I’ve been successful doing a couple of these like this take
grinder all right what do you have to say to
yourself oh not the great as well but it’ll hold when you do Drive lines you
gotta make sure that there’s a straight line between the center point of the
universal joining to the center point so what I did is I made a mark on the drive
line and I made a mark here and I actually ground a little bit there and
around there so then when I put it back together I have it perfectly lined up if
that is off just by a little bit what will happen is it’ll create a vibration
in the drive line and you’ll just tear up your universal joints and won’t be
very good there we go drive line is officially on its builder
time that looks pretty I’d say we got one let’s put it on okay guys turbos in the makeshift bucket
fuel tank the leg arms rigged up here is good to go
batteries in on the other side we’re gonna try firing up the first time
there’s no mufflers on it so it’s basically dual exhausting out the sides
right here that’s gonna be kind of to see how that sounds far as we know oil
coolant everything is in it should be good to go so let’s try firing up see
what happens well there we go we fired it up thanks
for watching guys it’s been a pleasure well have a lot more to do this in part
four so hang tight for that one hopefully next week sometime that could
be in the paint with we’ll find out for sure but anyways make sure you like
subscribe to channel like the video watch the other ones part 1 and part 2
if you guys are interested what’s going on here to this international god bless
take care and have a good week you

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