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Infotoxins: Cultivation in Media

September 30, 2019

Our world has been taken over by infotoxins. They are polluting our brains with false realities. Here are a few of these that we often see
in media, giving us unrealistic perceptions of the world. FRIENDS is full of these, such as staying
comfortable friends with an ex or having children with random people, but a huge one is that
Rachel worked as a coffee shop waitress in NYC and lived in a huge, amazing apartment. That could never happen. The news makes the abnormal seem normal. It shows the violent highlights, allowing
people who only live in their TVs to believe this violence and turmoil is a social reality. Movies and TV make people seem more attractive
than anyone is. In this clip from Miss Congenialty, we see
Detective Hart transformed into a beauty pageant contestant. They took her dirty, gross character and made
her a sex symbol. It’s a false reality that hollywood level
attraction can come out of a hair cut and a new dress. Cool guys walk away from explosions, right? A common movie trope that makes explosions
look small and easy to execute with little repercussions. This is repeatedly exposed and cultivated
as a norm. Finally, in a world with no TSA or speedy
pre check lines, the movie lovers in an airport. People can believe that love is only show
and expressed by a partner leaping through hoops and bounds to confess their love. It gives people a fanatsy of what a relationship
is, and the media exposure of this infotoxin culitvates them to hold love on such an unrealistic

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