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Industrial Revolution | World History | UPSC

September 12, 2019

Industrial Revolution refers to the
increased output of the machine medicals that started in England and soon spread
to the other countries in the last video we discussed how well trade increased
the demand of goods and it went beyond human capacity in this video we will
discuss the causes of Industrial Revolution its features why it started
in England its evaluation and the impact on quality economy society and religion let us start with the causes for
Industrial Revolution geographical discoveries and world trade increased
volume of trade and commerce to such a level that it went beyond human
production and this acted as a ground for industrial revolution as we saw
there was a demand and there was a capitalist class who was willing to take
risk and fulfill that demand capitalism generally means rotation of
the wealth pre-modern production was based on domestic setup but modern
industries required technical machines and efficient infrastructure capitalist
class provided necessary infrastructure they invested in machinery and invention they also established Royal Society of
London to promote research and development and all of this acted as a
fuel for industrial revolution on the ground there was fuel all it needed was
a spark and spark was ignited by innovations and scientific development
necessity is mother of invention as demand of the product increased in the
world so it gave promotion to research and development in production sector new
scientific development came in this period
Hargreaves invented spinning wheel with good speed Arkwright invented spinning
wheel which ran by water Crompton alight both features but it
still had limitations of human production and biggest contribution was
of new common who invented steam engine and it was refined by James wag also
Samuel Morse invented Telegraph in 1837 which improved communication using Morse
code all the above invention accelerated the process of industrialization
transport and communication became faster output increased enormously in a
nutshell scientific discoveries and inventions provided spark for industrial
revolution now the fire was burning and all it needed was a constant supply of
oxygen and it was provided by colonies riding on colonialism European countries
subjugated the other country’s for benefit of their mother
countries that was colonialism industry Hey Indiashatsra Indiashastra please explain in hindi a bit here one powerful country use other weak country for its economic benefits ok thank you for teaching capitalism subjugation of the country for the
benefit of the mother country colonies were like oxygen to the fire of
Industrial Revolution colonies provided raw materials and the market at the same
point example England bought cotton from India in cheap bread and sold finished
clothes at higher rate this act of their also disrupted traditional clothing
industry in India because they were unable to sustain competition with new
emerging industries which were using modern machines the fire soon spread to
the other parts of the world yes these were the causes of Industrial Revolution
oh my ears amputated But why it started in England and not other country? now let us discuss why Industrial
Revolution started in England first of all england had agriculture
revolution because of that England was able to feed a growing population. also Parliament of England passed series of enclosure sack it fenced common land and
forced peasants to move out and look for new jobs these people became labor
population they migrated to cities flooding population of cities which
provided cheap labor for industries there was also one important reason why
it all started in England because England was reaching natural resources
it had iron for building machines and coal for running those machines rivers
provided cheap navigation for transportation and most importantly
colonies provided free markets last reason that we are going to discuss that
why it all started in England is that capitalist class which acted as a fuel
for industrial revolution for many reasons the capitalist class in England
established Royal Society of London to promote research and development so
combination of all these factors led to booming of industries in England now let
us discuss the impact of industrial revolution on economy political system
societies and religion the most important economic aspect of Industrial
Revolution was promotion to industrial capitalism that is big business houses
controlling the large part of production of nation industrial revolution also
gave rise to the philosophy of mercantilism mercantilism is the economic policy which country focuses on the regulation
of the wealth. the country emphasizes on increasing the exports and
limiting the imports industrial revolution in directly promoted rise of
the nation-state Industrial Revolution increased the influence of merchants
class and educated middle class these class abolished monarchies and replace
them with bigger monarchies that is nation state to fight dominance of
Britain many countries came together and yet give rise to nationalism eventually
it led to unification of Italy and Germany later conflict of this nation
with France and Britain became the cause of world wars capitalism led to
miserable conditions of worker which was not understood by initial labor leaders
then came the Luddite a labor leader in Britain started destroying modern
industries and this was called Luddite movement which became based for
political philosophies like communism and socialism one positive impact of
industrial revolution was liberation of suppressed classes capitalism believes
in principle of talent and profit and this became the important cause for the
liberation of suffrage plus for example Britain in 1773
became the first country to abolish slavery Industrial Revolution also
impacted the religion the old Catholic religion or state and its principles
became hurdle for new development and this became the important cause for the
Protestant movement in Europe which basically supported liberal and new
areas so in overall Industrial Revolution acted as a base for modern
world giving new dimension to quality economy society and region and if you
remember in the last video we discussed about
Industrial Revolution along with Renaissance producing some a so in the
next video we are talking about the first take that is American Revolution
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