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Indoor Kitchen Gardening – A Growing Trend

October 18, 2019

We cook indoors, why not grow there as well? That’s the idea behind a new growing trend. Indoor kitchen gardening. It’s all about having the freshest vegetables and herbs right at our fingertips . Of course, there is no single definition of a kitchen garden. It can be anything, from a
few simple pots on a windowsill, to a more to ceiling vertical wall
growing a bountiful harvest. A simple hanging basket can grow kale.
A sliding shelf can grow bean sprouts. You can even buy countertop hydroponic
systems ready to sprout an entire salsa garden. Imagine a recipe
calling for fresh spinach leaves, or a sprig of mint, and it’s right
within arm’s reach. Delicious. So next time you start
thinking about redecorating, think about the color
green, and start a garden right next to your collection recipe

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