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In Focus: Project Cultivate

September 24, 2019

(soft music) – Most people, when they
think of sex trafficking think of something that’s so distant from our everyday lives. But that’s not true. When I think of sex trafficking, I also think of people taking advantage of women or men or
children who are searching for acceptance or love or a
way to fit in or affirmation. – There’s millions of
victims all around the world. Being in the Los Angeles area,
it’s right in our back yard. – One of the most striking
things that she told us is that when you’re in the industry, it strips you of all of your gifts. In a program like this,
she would really love for it to be something
oriented around the dreams and goals that they don’t get to pursue that are completely blacked out. Project Cultivate seeks
to help women coming out of sex trafficking by equipping them with professional skills
that they would need to reintegrate back into society and back into the work force
after leaving the safe house or this temporary housing. The need that most safe
houses say that they have is that they have a lot
adequate emotional care and psycho therapy, but
they’re lacking in areas of finding professional development. – We thought, “Wow, that’s perfect.” We are business students surrounded with amazing resources. We have professors, we
have local businesses who want to help. So, now, here we have this program where college students are practicing what we learn in the classroom each day and then that is being directly used to help these women with what they need. – We know how to be in interviews, how to get a job, how to keep a job, how to be professional. A lot of the times
women, when they get out, they don’t have that. – We put together curriculum
about professionalism and communication and resume building and mock interviews
and that kind of thing. We seek to equip them
with what they would need to follow their own goals
and follow their own passions and pursue those things. – Our mission is to cultivate
restorative communities which affirm identity in
survivors of the sex industry through professional development. Every word was so intentionally picked. We essentially want to
build up these women to be the best they can be
and create these communities that are ready to catch them. (crosstalk between students) So, we said, “Let’s put
together an art show.” Sometimes, it’s easier to
communicate through art than it is through words. The goal is to bring in
the community to experience this issue through art ’cause
it’s so hard to talk about. And we get that, but we also
know we have to talk about it. (audience applauds) – This one picture that was a painting of these hands that she had made and there were chains around the wrists and above it there was this
beautiful, vibrant butterfly. That picture has sort of become what my mind goes to now when
I think of sex trafficking because these women have so much to offer. God has gifted them so beautifully. Even though she has been in a position where her hands have been chained and where she’s been bound emotionally, physically, and spiritually,
she has something beautiful to offer the world. And she has something to give
the world that only she can.

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    If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to message us directly at! We are always looking for volunteers!

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