Hungry bin. A continuous flow worm farm.

December 23, 2019

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m the designer and inventor of hungry bin, a continuous flow Worm Compost System Hungry Bin is a very fast and simple way
to produce extremely high quality fertilizer from food and garden waste. The liquid and the castings produced by
hungry bin is quite simply the best The best fertiliser there is. A hungry bin will process up to two
kilograms of food waste per day, but it doesn’t matter if you have less than that, because the worms in the system adapt to match the food supply. Hungry bin
is very simple and easy to use, and I think it looks great too. The reason hungry bin is so efficient is because it creates the ideal environment for compost worms which are the key to fast efficient composting. Unlike other worm farms, hungry bin is a
continuous flow system. You put your food waste in the top, and you harvest high quality nutrients from the bottom. There are no layers or trays to move
around The tapered shape is really important. The taper compresses the castings,
which forces the worms to the surface, because they are surface feeders, not burrowers like earthworms. Just like the soil, the deeper you go, the more compressed it is. The design of hungry bin allows you to
harvest the castings from the bottom as you need it, without disturbing the lifecycle of the worms on the top. That’s the key. By the time the casting makes
it to the bottom of the system, it’s completed and ready to use for your garden. The food waste breaks down at the top of
the bin. It takes about three to four months to make it from the top on the
bin to the bottom. You’ll get about a litre of juice drain out though the hungry bin a week. This liquid is the best fertilizer there is, it contains all the water-soluble
nutrients that your plants need. You’ll get a brick of casting every 2 – 4 months
and because the hungry bin is a continuous flow system there is no heavy lifting to get it out. When you release the floor, only the castings in the bottom of the bin falls out, the rest of it is held up by the taper. Even though this casting is highly
concentrated, it’s PH neutral, so it won’t burn the roots of your plants. In fact, you’ll often find plants germinating in it. You can’t buy fertiliser this good, you’ve got to make it. So why pay for fertilizer when you can make it right by your back door? Hungry Bin. The fastest and easiest way to make the best compost there is.

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