How to TRAINING BULL for FARMING / Farmer Trained BULL for Agriculture Land /Seema Kaalai

October 9, 2019

From this young age we have grown for agriculture both are born in my house How to train in cultivation use How to use for plowing? It will growing from small age this is good bull and good health Seemai bull It will pulling weight and sugarcane load First we are training how to plowing the land watch the steps hhow hhow 10 days daily follow this way – neck wood Shyness will reduce cow Shyness will reduce in neck two week you have to fallow Next what we do i will explain hey! Hey! After finished two weeks we have to made own two barring wheel vehicle or you have to fit any small vehicle for first time See How to fit This is barring wheel this is giving more noise Bull will Fear for noise First time control your hand with rope After reduced fearing for bull and nothing happened you have to sit in small vehicle we have to fallow routine this way 30 to 40 days First time put no more heavy weight Small rock and Small Sand bundle or small boys small boy will keep strong on vehicle Small boy sit on Hey Heiyaa Hei heey heyaa This way we have to fallow 10 days after we have to increase weight we also sit I have 60 kg ….Bull know the weight.. then only bull will pulling heavy strength see how to sit hey Ooow Oow Hey haiyyaa Hey For Plowing……Land correction tractor cultivation completed after we use corrections so that we need bull so we have to give a training daily pull will pulling routine training will completed Feed the cow Daily we fallowing this way ……Become great bull blowing..

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