How to Read-Only Farm! Borderlands/Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel

October 9, 2019

hey what’s going on guys killer six and today I want to teach you guys how to read only farm so I’ve been getting asked this a lot during live streams whenever I go to farm something that drops specifically from a boss or say you have a quest reward and you want to make sure you get the best possible version of that quest reward so I want to teach you guys how to do that so in order to do that let’s go to Concordia alright so let’s say you’ve just completed your mission you’re ready to turn it in and you know yet you’re not sure which of the rewards you’re gonna want since we’re running the community patch here we get a reward every time we do this mission but let’s say that I wanted to just you know sit here and farm this machine until I got exactly the legendary that I wanted so what we’re gonna do is we’re going forced to save at the point right before we would turn this in to do that I just talk on my badass rank off and then back on again easy peasy lemon squeezy all right now once you’ve done that what you’re going to need to do is you’re gonna need to load up your saves folder now most the time this is located conveniently and this little spot right here alright I’ll zoom in on the edited version in this video but just know that it’s mine is under My Documents folder and then my games so you go to documents my games and then this is the pre-sequel and then it’s gonna be under willow game save data and i’ve got two sets of folders but mine’s obviously the one that’s more recent open that and then this is the most the most recently modified if you sort these by modified that I’ll show you which save you literally just saved so right click on that hit properties and you’re gonna click read-only and you’re gonna hit apply that’s all there is to that now you can leave this open and and like this that way you don’t mess anything up and what you can do now is since you’ve already forced a save at the point before you turn this in go and turn it in and you see which one you want we’ll take the long way out here for example now bonus to this is you can actually go over here in the pre-sequel now you can do this in Borland’s too as well with claptrap seeker sash and here in the pre-sequel you go over here go up the stairs and go to the secret stash and anything that you put in this locker will be saved on its own separate file so you don’t have to worry about losing it so I can put that long nail in one of these slots if I wanted to but I’m keeping all these things for somebody else but just know that you could put it in here and it’ll save that long nail no matter what you do with this thing all right so let’s say we didn’t have either option that we wanted though we’re gonna go ahead and make make pretend here or even if we did and we put it in the secret stash what we’re gonna do now is we’re going to reload our game by selecting our character clicking on her again and going back into whatever mode you’re in in this case we just did this on normal mode because I needed a fast and easy quest to go to alright so now we’re gonna go fly back over here as you can see it’s still set to turn in I don’t have to toggle anything else with read-only it just remembers it until you turn it off and this time well you get the option of the a CAC or the flying rating so obviously we could take the a CAC in this situation and that would be a good thing to take and then we could go put that in the locker if we wanted to if we had slots available we we don’t in my case because I’m saving those things from a next playthrough but yeah that’s all there is to this now you do need to remember once you are done with this read-only farm you need to go back into your safe thing and go back to your your particular save and you need to turn off read-only and hit apply and hit OK once you’ve done that and if you’re done doing this go ahead and force yourself another save and as you can see up there in the top right hand corner the little Save icon now when we save and quit and we reload our character back into normal mode the quest should be already turned in and that’ll put you back into your regular playthrough see how it doesn’t say turn in over the top and top right hand corner anymore that’s how you know it’s done now had we taken those two items and put them over into the secret stash they would still be in that secret stash right now and we could go pick them up and we will have you know gotten two different Legendary’s from that one quest we could have done for Legendary’s if you know we put four different things into the locker over there now it does not work with the bank the bank saves on your characters file but the secret stash saves on its own file so that is how you read only farm now this is for PC only I don’t even know if this works on Mac I would presume that it would if you are a Mac user and you play this on Mac it does not work on any of the consoles none of them whatsoever I’m sorry it’s not my fault I didn’t make the rules I’m sorry now having said that on a console you could do the same kind of thing you could force your save right before you turn in the mission go ahead and collect your reward go to the secret stash put your items in there and then do what we call a dashboard farm so if you’re on a console all you do is you do everything that I just did except instead of saving and quitting or trying to find read-only files you just need to hit your your dashboard button whatever it is it takes you out of the game without saving you don’t save and quit if you save and quit you messed up what you want to do is you want to close out the game without saving so hope this video was helpful for you guys if it was please be sure to leave a like hit subscribe it’s absolutely free I post lots of tips and tricks top five top 10s funny moments and playthroughs all kinds of hilarious stuff and all kinds of helpful stuff here on the channel and it’s absolutely free there’s no cost there’s no obligation I just like to make content for you guys and yeah so hopefully you enjoyed this and I will see you guys in the next video take care [Music]

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