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How to Load Netwrap l Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

August 10, 2019

(country music) – First thing you wanna
do when you load netwrap is to press the load soft key. (beep) Open up your netwrap access door. Push forward your tension roller. Next you wanna loosen up your T handle and track in your rubber bushing, then remove your linchpin and swing open your left side spindle support, then grab a roll of netwrap. Put it on the right side, and swing your left side
spindle support shut. Secure with your linchpin. Then gather up your
leading edge of netwrap. You wanna go under the spiral
roller with your netwrap, and up and over your feed pan. You wanna leave about four inches of net sticking over your feed pan. Then spread your net out. You wanna look at your center slots, and center up your roll. When you tighten up your T handle, this rolls gonna slide to
the right just a little bit. Tighten up your T handle, that’s expanding your rubber bushing. Close your netWrap access door and secure it with your rubber latch. When you get back in the cab, you wanna press and hold the home button. (beep) Netwrap is loaded.

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  • Reply Georgia Swampman May 17, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    We just bought a 504N, hopefully soon we can put it to work. Look forward to using net wrap, never had a net wrap baler before. Thanks for the video.

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