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How To Grow, Care, And Harvesting Passionfruit – Gardening Tips

January 2, 2020

If you live in a warm climate and do not experience harsh winters you can grow tropical passion fruit at home The plant can be a little finicky and needs room to spread out but with enough attention and care, it will provide you with a steady yield of delicious fruit Prepare a sand bed Fill a plastic flower pot with a mixture soil Mix the soil components well so that they are evenly dispersed throughout the container Take a cutting Choose a mature, healthy passion fruit plant to take a cutting from Snip off a portion of the vine that contains at least 3 buds or at least 6 inches long Transplant each seedling into a large hole Dig a separate hole for each seedling Mulch and fertilize around the plant Spread pellet chicken manure or another organic, slow-release fertilizer around the base of the plant Also spread an organic mulch, like straw or wood chips, around the base of the plant Water well Use a watering can or garden hose to gently water the seedlings after they have been planted Feed your plants regularly Passion fruit plants are heavy eaters, so you will need to provide plenty of water and fertilizer throughout the growing season Use organic, slow-release fertilizers that are low in nitrogen Chicken manure pellet are good options Chicken manure pellets are a good option As the vines spread out, you may need to train them to climb up along your fence, trellis, or other support structure Prune as needed The main reasons for pruning the plant are simply to keep the vines in check and to provide adequate sunlight to the lower portions of the plant Protect the passion fruit from pests When you do use pesticides, use organic options since chemical options can ruin the fruit produced and make it unsafe for consumption The biggest pest-related problems are aphids, vine girders, and coleopteran beetle larva Harvest the fruit It can take a year to a year and a half before your plant will produce any fruit, but once it does, you can harvest this fruit and eat it


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    very nice. i have a passionfruit garden too

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