How To: Farmers Walk

November 5, 2019

What’s going on nation? Today I’m going to go over the farmers walk now This is an exercise that you see a lot in strongman Competitions and what this exercise is used to do is help improve your balance coordination stability speed and power Now this exercise pretty much uses all the muscles in your body but what you’re going to notice first is your glutes quads Hamstrings calves shoulders and traps starting to fatigue quite quickly You’re also going to notice some fatigue in your forearms because this exercise is going to work your grip strength as well Begin the exercise by grabbing both handles and standing upright using your hips to lift as if you were doing a deadlift Make sure you keep your chest high as you lift the handles As you begin to walk forward keep a tall spine and retract your shoulder blades Now that you’re in motion you want to make sure you keep a tight grip on the handles you want to make sure your torso stays over your hips at all times while you’re walking and If your path has a turn in it make sure you approach to turn slowly Be sure to avoid leaning and rounding your shoulders forward You also want to keep an eye on your feet you want to make sure that they’re not internally rotating to prematurely fatigue your glutes if You don’t have access to the kind of bars we’re using in this video. You can substitute them for Dumbbells sandbags or two barbells Using the Farmers walking bars are ideal and nothing quite works like them so if you have to use an alternative option just make sure you’re practicing strict form there you guys have it that’s how you do a farmer’s walk for more great tips Exercises and routines be sure to check out and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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