How to cultivate a calm, anger-free mind? | Anandmurti Gurumaa (with English Subtitles)

September 30, 2019

How can we restraint this anger? What is the best way to control anger? Now let me say this, there’s no way to control anger because when the anger will come,
it’s like a fire, its going to burn you and when it comes, it just comes. It is just like, when you have to sneeze, can you stop it? See, when you cough, could you stop it? in the same way when you sneeze, can you stop it? No Similarly, when anger comes, it doesn’t stop. It’s a kind of Tsunami, it will take away everything. It’s a storm, it will take away everything. So, what must we do. If you don’t want anger to come, then one has to do all arrangements before it comes. How? How can we do that? What is the way to prepare for that? One way is that, you sit quietly in the morning and evening for at least twenty minutes to half an hour and inhale deep and exhale deep. Just this much is the exercise. I can’t say anything simpler. By watching the clock, you can sit for half an hour. Taking a deep breath in and
deep breath out. Taking a deep breath in and
deep breath out. This practise of watching the breathing… if you do this practice… very simple… it is not difficult. but you know what, it is the most
difficult thing to do. Your mind will run helter-skelter. Then you’ll say Oh! Merely taking breath in and out, what’s going to happen? Your mind will give you logics or your mind will be bored. Simplest thing and it will be so difficult to do. Just watch the breath. Just watch the breath. Breathe going in, breathe going out. Ahh! Simply this is the work. If you can deepen breath, then do, if cannot even then it is alright. But if you’ll be watchful of the breathing, then slowly and slowly the breath will become deeper on its own. If you start taking deep breath and keep observing, coming and going, coming and going, coming and going. by observing and observing, the mind will settle down from within. As I said before, anger is just like a burning coal which burns one’s own mind if you understand this. So are you insane that you will harm yourself? Who gets harmed by anger? Not others but only you. Medically if I speak when you are furious, your nerves and blood vessels come under a lot of tension. Tension in nerves and blood vessels means blood pressure will shoot up, your breath rate will increase. Now if a person is running, breathing is faster, it is good. But if the person is sitting in
the couch and hissing in anger. What happens with this? The amount of
cortisol increases in your body. When cortisol increases, it damages your
arteries and veins. This news you hear about… some individual had a brain stroke, someone had heart stroke, someone had pancreas stroke, some had
liver stroke. Why does it happens? It happens due to anger. When you keep getting angry, keep consuming, keep consuming… means if you want to eat or consume anything eat Dhokla, eat Gulabjamun, eat
Fafda, eat Parantha, eat Puri. Why consuming anger But you consume anger (get angry). If this work was not done according to my wish… get angry. Chapatti is not made properly… get angry missed the train… get angry, got scolding in the office…get angry father, husband, brother, wife, sister, said something… get angry. You need a moment to react on somebody saying something. The fact is that you are ready to burst in anger just like a stringed fire cracker . have you seen? In India there is a firecracker called as ‘sutli bomb’ if you lit the string or thread it flickers slowly and feels like it will burst any moment. You keep waiting but it does not burst. You think fire is extinguished but once you approach the bomb explodes. You are like that stringed bomb, which is already on fire. ready to bust any moment. The problem is that when a bomb explodes the people around get hurt. Similarly, when you become like a bomb and burst, your family members get hurt. I remember a lady in Rishikesh Shivir She said… those days people used to call me ‘Swami ji’ she said Swami ji, “I just want to stay with you always and don’t want to go back to home.” I said, “why? She said, “Everyone is bad. Hurt me so much. I am in so much pain.” She was complaining so much. I asked her, “Do you have someone with you?” There he is, sitting behind. I said what do you mean by “there” Obviously her husband… I turned around; saw such a helpless and meek person. His face was looking as if someone had beaten him up. He was afraid to speak and sitting with his head down and that lady kept on complaining about him. So, please take me with you, I don’t want
to go home. I understood the whole story that, no one is troubling her. She herself is the root cause of all the problems. I was listening to her and can’t say no to her. People usually get angry even with me on small matters because they are already angry. So I told her, I am going abroad. I am not in the Ashram for two months… It will be lonely and deserted in Ashram, how will you live? She said, yes you are right I can’t live alone. If he is not there I can’t even sleep. Then I said, “You live with your better half.” You have already made a hell of life there, so you better stay there. But she was the one who kept telling me that she was in trouble. I asked her, “Maa just think once… are other people really troubling you or your anger gives trouble to everyone?” She said, “I don’t show any anger. You
can ask him.” “Hey, come here and speak!” She yelled at her husband in her harsh voice. “Speak up.” The guy said, “No, she doesn’t say anything.” I said, “Yes, I understood the whole story. My all sympathies are with you.” You are bearing with such a woman, who could be a greater Sadhu than you are! When she left the place, I called his husband back. I said, “Listen, do one thing, I understand your problem and it can be solved in five rupees.” He was amazed. He said, “How can my problem be solved in five rupees.” I said, “certainly! you go to the chemist shop” and get cotton swabs Roll them into little balls… put some oil… put one in left ear and one in right ear. Put these in both the ears and then go to
your house, thereafter in your life you will experience peace and only peace. He said, “You are saying this to me?” I said, “Son, in your case this is the only solution… no other solution.” You will neither hear nor get troubled. The one who is angry creates more trouble for himself. What trouble can he give to others? Remember this, if you love yourself a little bit… you’ll not get angry because it’s not good for your health. So if you want to keep yourself healthy or your blood pressure normal, you do not need to take tablets prescribed by the doctor, just don’t get angry. You cannot stop anger forcefully. This simplest way is that you sit down morning and evening, half an hour, just observe your breath. Deep breath going in and deep breath coming out. Just sit with your breath and observe your breath. Keep on doing it. You may get bored for a while, but still do it. It’s the habit of the mind to wander get miserable, if it does not get miserable it gets bored. Hey, nothing has happened, something should happen. What should we do? So goes to meet the person with whom he has differences. Asks, “How do you do?” He says angrily, ‘How do I do?… Come I will tell you.” For last two months you said this… that… (unpleasant things). don’t know what do you get out of it. People love their sufferings so they don’t want to come out of it. That’s the reason we keep increasing our sufferings. We keep on troubling others and ourselves as well. Half an hour just sit alone. If you have a garden sit there or near a river or you can sit in your balcony. Just be alone, be with yourself just observe your breath. Secondly, if you find this difficult, you can sit and do the chant of OM. Chant ‘Om’ or ‘Ek Omkar’. Take a deep breath and prolong the chant of the mantra. sit as much as you can. while taking a deep breath… sitting with your eyes closed, observe the breath going in and out feel the breath going inside and outside keep your spine erect all the time, and keep your complete attention in breath. when breath goes into chest… and breath goes into abdomen Observe the expansion of chest and abdomen… Observe the contraction of chest and abdomen… while breathing deep… do this practice
morning and evening, slowly and steadily concentration of mind will increase mind will be more relaxed And the mind which used to get perturbed and frustrated over petty things Slowly it will just go away. Because… who wants to be disturbed? Nobody. Who wants to be calm? Everybody. Everyone loves to be peaceful. So our peace should come from within. We can’t depend on others for peace. I shall be happy… If certain things happen or if this happens then I will be at peace. No… I must do some arrangement on my own for my peace of mind. So giving this time to yourself and
sitting down and breathing deep and doing the OM chant and in time you will
see the changes will be coming in your system. Your body will change, your mind will change so much so that slowly and slowly the body will become healthier, mind will be concentrated. and with the grace of Lord, the day you take dip in inner bliss someday, you will realize that the most blissful happiness was within, and with His grace realisation occurs Once you experience this, the truth is… no one will have to ask you to do sumiran (chanting Lord’s name) … you will do it. No one will have to teach you to do sumiran because mind seeks happiness and once mind gets it from within then the mind will not want to go outside. There’s a study conducted in Harvard, when you chant “Om” the sound vibration which is created while chanting Om, it is found that it calms the brain. All the neurons of the brain get calmed. The EEG was taken, scanning of the brain was done, graphs were checked. and subject was taking deep breath and was chanting Om. It was seen in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes… It was seen that after doing it for more than 20 minutes… these vibrations the vibration calms all areas of brain… the emotional area, cognitive area, memory area, speech area, emotional
area was observed during PET scan to look for changes After 20 minutes everything was so beautifully calm. His pulse was seen… very good. His BP was checked. His BP was normal. Those people who have a problem falling asleep or insomnia or sleep gets disturbed if they practise OM chanting and deep breathing, without sleeping pills they can be cured. Lord has created this body so beautiful, if any disease appears in the body, it’s treatment is available right in the body. How? With the power of Pranayam (Breathing exercise ) and with the power of chanting, you can change the chemistry of your body. You can control your body and mind. You can save it from all kind of anxieties. and When you get angry for small things, it will help you to become better slowly and slowly. So, slowly when you have more and more stillness in your life, in the same way, whatever work you do, the nature of your work that will begin to improve. See when you are stressed, so in this stress, forgot where have you kept your car keys. Then you keep looking for it everywhere. It is right there in front but can’t see it. Why is it happening? Due to nervousness, the object
lying in front is not seen. The readings glasses are right there in front, but will create a ruckus and will keep on asking “Where are my glasses?, Where are my glasses?” Are there any ghosts living here, who has taken my spectacles? Then someone pointed, “What is on your head?” It’s an unusual trend to keep it overhead. It’s an unusual trend to keep it overhead. They themselves put it there and keep on asking, “Where are my spectacles?” I mean, how can we be so stupid! Your head, your glasses you kept it and you forget about it. Why? Because mind is always jumping around. Mind is always scattered, always running helter skelter. In that way, we forget what we have in the present, what is happening, we are unable to see it. So in your daily life, you are dealing with so many problems. So if you’ll have a calm and concentrated mind, then you’ll save yourself from these stupidities. There was a lady making tea in the kitchen while doing that she came out of the kitchen and asked her husband, ‘Did I put sugar in tea or not?’ He replied, “You are making tea, How should I know if you had put sugar in it or not.” It feels like ‘I have put sugar’ and it also feels like I haven’t. So what should I do? Should I put or not? You are preparing it, where are you senses? Nothing, I was not paying attention, but I don’t understand what I did. Why don’t you taste it? What’s the problem in that? Oh! Didn’t realize, that I can taste it also. So, isn’t it a stupid thing when we do and nobody wants to be called ‘stupid.’ But if your mind is not managed well, hundreds of people will call you ‘stupid.’
Do you want to be called ‘stupid’? Do you want people to call you ‘stupid?’ People from Bhatinda? Is there anyone from that place? From Bathinda area. One of our paternal aunt used to live there. When we used to go there, their language is a little bit different. So, they will never say that he is stupid. They would say, “Jama Hi Bewakoof” (He is utter fool).” He is “He is utter fool.” No minus, Jama
means plus. They used say he’s “Jama hi Bewakoof (He is utter fool). They have their own language. If they said this to others, listeners would have a hearty laugh. That he is utter fool. One day my paternal uncle said this to aunt that you are “Jamma hi bewakoof” She was so enraged in anger that she started beating herself saying, “How can you say this to me?” I was very surprised that aunt says this to everyone, that they are utterly foolish. then she never realised that others might feel hurt. Now when her husband said ‘utter fool’ for her, she’s feeling so bad about it. We are kids after all, they are elders, we can’t tell them that don’t speak in harsh way, it can be painful for others. But in their opinion and even in your opinion, you are intelligent . rest all are “Jamma hi bewakoof (utter fools)”. Mother feels kids are like this, wife feels husband is like this, husband feels wife is like this. Some say this others don’t, but they feel in the heart of their hearts “Jama hi bewakoof (utter fool)”. Now it’s the time to minus your stupidity. and how can we do that? By disciplining our mind and how will we do that? Sitting alone twenty minutes to half an hour, doing deep breathing and if possible doing the “OM” chant. You do it. If you just listen and forget so what will you be? Symbolically plus sign… (Jama) And if you practise it after listening, the fact is that there will be tranquillity in your life. Firstly, the number of mistakes you make will come down and if you see others making a mistake, you will not get angry. You will look for the right opportunity to say to that person, “Brother, don’t get angry.” The truth is that, you should say this. because after all they are our own. If our own people always keep on getting angry, end up developing high blood pressure and brain stroke. Will you feel good about it? They may not listen to what
you say, but you can give a friendly advice, that I also used to get angry then I practised these activities, my anger got pacified. If you do this, you will also feel better. And ‘I love you’ say this before, unless you get slapped Say this first, “I love you so much. I wish that you stay healthy. That is why I say that sit down for some spiritual practice like pranayama, deep breathing.” That is how you will bring the purification of the mind. And this is how you will make your mind being less prone to anger. Once anger takes over no one can stop it. It will do its work. Just as I said, “like the stringed fire cracker, it will burst.” The only thing unknown is, it does not have a timer, no one knows when will it burst. But it bursts. If we put our mind in Lord. and do some spiritual practice There will be happiness in mind there will be peace and with Lord’s grace, our human life will be lived in a good way. I feel that, a true human being is the one who is peaceful himself and also spreads peaceful vibrations all around.

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