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How This Couple Managed to Farm in Northern Minnesota

August 25, 2019

(gentle melodic music) – [David] When we first moved here, people thought we were crazy. – [Lise] There’s a reason why there’s not a lot of
farms here in Minnesota; it’s not much soil; the climate is harsh. – [David] We knew the land could produce; we figured we’d figure it out. (melodic orchestral music) – [Narrator] This Great Big Story was made possible by Horizon Organic. – I’m Lise Abazs. This is
my husband, David Abazs, and we are off grid organic
farmers in Finland, Minnesota. – [David] Finland is a small community along the North Shore of Lake Superior. We’ve been farming this land
for the last 30 plus years. People had said you can’t farm in Finland; the soil was both
infertile and challenging. You can’t get a shovel into the ground ’cause it’s full of rocks. – But it didn’t matter;
everything, it just felt right. The soil, industrial farming treats it as a medium to grow crops; you insert the nutrients,
and the crop growers, but organic farming focuses on making that soil its
own living organism. You have healthy soil, you
end up with healthy plants; and so we focused on making sure we were feeding the soil,
not just the plants. – [David] This is all good soil; it starts to get a little denser here. Through time, through compost,
through cover crops and care, we’re able to see results,
and now the fertility is so much greater than it’s ever been. (melodic orchestral music) – [Lise] Our growing season
can be as short as 33 days. In the spring we grow lots
of greens, we have lettuce, spinach, kale, we have radishes and beets. – We need water, we need
food, we need energy; we have tried to figure out
how do we do all of those. Everything we run is from
solar and wind power. Our water is pumped from the Earth; we use a compost toilet. – [Lise] And of course, you know, what homestead would be complete without a flock of free range chickens? Most of what we grow is
distributed to customers through a CSA, which is
Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a way for small farmers to get dependable sales of their products. We sell about 50 shares, which can feed a couple of 100 people. – [David] For many years
we’ve been involved in the social fabric in the community, so we installed solar at the fire station and then the community center, so that that was all part
of kind of mainstreaming renewable energy into our community. – [Lise] Sharing what we’ve
learned by living this way will hopefully make the world better. (light melodic music)


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    54 % of Minnesota is farmland.

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    And then, in your description:

    "The climate is harsh, and the soil is infertile and full of rocks."

    What in the name of god is this absolute nonsense? I grew up in Minnesota. On a farm. Surrounded by other farms. With farms for a hundred miles in every direction. Minnesota is a farming state. This covert advertisement is based on an utterly bizarre premise which is simply wrong lol. Unsubscribed.

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    lol a ton of people here are minnesotans. (including me)

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    I hate to be a cynic, but the jank with the title, content, and wider context are in my opinion related to Horizon Organic putting its name behind this off-the-grid farmer couple, via great big story. I, too, live in Minnesota, and I can confirm that much of the land in the state (which used to be prairie) is now farmland… we are a large corn-and-soybean agricultural state.

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    The entirety of the Korean peninsula is basically "infertile and full of rocks" and people farm on it just fine. Doesn't seem that unique of an accomplishment.

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    What many people are having trouble with in this video is that most of Minnesota is farmland but but Finland Minnesota used to be a coal mining town but the mine closed because it was too dangerous to mine anymore. Farmer Dave and his wife are all natural when it comes to farming and use farming techniques I’ve never seen before or since I worked with him.

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    Native Minnesotan here. Your making sound like there is no farming in minnesota, that couldnt be farther from the truth. The southern 2/3rds of Minneaota is almost entirely farmland. Ita some of most fertile land in the country as 10,000 years ago during the last ice age a continental glacier pushed a lot top soil from up north down into the southeren part of minnesota. And while farms are less common in the northern third they are still quite common. Otganic farms are very popular too. There are fewer farms neer Lake Superior, but they aarent rare.

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    We literally have a town in MM named Farmington MN. MN is huge into farming, saying there isn't alot of farmers in MN is like saying there isn't alot of tall people in the NBA! What's next for GBS how a 7'6 ball player defied all the odds and became a star NBA player? I mean come on…

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    This is why the whole…."we are losing all our top soil"….and we are gonna starve scare is BS. Look at these people they are farming where in theory you cant.I bet some places are depleted by stupid industrial farming practices. But you can come to and area with just rock even and farm it…if you bring in compost, woodchips, Leaf mold. Might take a few years to jump start…but bacteria returns, fungal hyphy returns, worms return.

    I've turned broken parking lots into a farm by just adding compost and heavy woodchips and basically making my own top soil in a few years what it takes mother nature a hundred years to do. Dont believe Al Gore….the polar bears didnt die….believe these people.

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    Yeah, nobody farms in Minnesota. 🤔 I sort of think these people got a little scammed by some millennial video editing to make them sound edgy and, what, disruptive? Is that the correct jargon?

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    Wonderful couple with a Great story. Important take away, feed the soil and your garden will be Bountiful. I learned this from my parents who grew up on farms before chemical fertilizers were the norm.

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    Okay, I’m gonna let my Minnesotan passive aggressiveness loose “The climate is harsh, and the soil is infertile. There’s a reason there’s not a lot of farmers in Minnesota” soil is great, and farming is a huge industry here. And as for the harsh climate, hi welcome to Minnesotan winter (news flash you’re not supposed to grow crops in winter) I’m honestly confused where they got this information

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    Although I am in Minnesota & we a tons of farms, our state supplies the largest amount of corn, soy, honey & sugar beats of any state.

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    Just watched the first 26 seconds and thought "wait, isn't Green Giant produce in Minnesota?"

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    I live in Minnesota. It's mostly farmland. There are dozens of CSAs available in my town. This title, your premise, and your editing are highly inaccurate. You should do some basic research and pull this video down for re-editing to remove your inaccuracies. These people were only talking about a very small patch of land, their land in their town of Finland. Rocky land is to be expected where they live as it was in the path of the glaciers' retreat. Most of MN farmland was cultivated (rocks removed) in previous centuries when the rest of the state began its long tradition of farming. Shoddy work Great Big Story.

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    This is a load of shit. I live in mn and it some of the most fertile soil there is.

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    There be farms everywhere in Minnesota, but they’re talking specifically about the Finland area, not Minnesota as a whole.

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    Minnesota is the fourth largest agricultural producer in America and it’s literally our largest export

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    It was hard to farm cause there were rocks, but we did it anyway…ok

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    There is way more organic fertilizer in this story than was ever needed to raise a bountiful crop in the most barren of soil. Most of Minnesota is farmland, including quite a bit of organic farming. 33-day growing season . . . pfttttt . . . average growing season for Finland, MN is 126 days according to the Farmer's Alamanac and 130 days according to the National Weather Service. My wife grows big garden full of tomatoes, peppers, squash, greens, onions, herbs, etc. all organically with very little, all-natural soil amendment. Been up in lakes country in the summer and fall, the roads are lined with stands selling everything from home grown greens and peas in early summer to organic beets, onions, corn and pumpkins in the fall. Farmer's markets are thriving throughout the state, one of them less than 200 yards from my front door. There are more than 600 registered organic farms in MN and thousands more that practice safer, more natural farming but are not organic certified. Add in still thousands more of the large scale gardeners and hobby farmers and you'll see that Minnesota is far from some barren wasteland where a few hardy souls struggle to eek a living out of rocky dead dirt. Yeah, we have big corporate farms too, but that's everywhere.

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    If you are not building soil, you can´t be called a farmer, just an imbecil that should not own a square centimeter.

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