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How does Victoria’s On-Farm IoT Trial work?

August 25, 2019

Digital technology is reshaping how we work across industries, including agriculture. Agriculture Victoria is supporting Victorian farmers to seize the opportunities of digital technology through the $12 million On-farm Internet of Things Trial. On-farm Internet of Things or IoT, allows devices to collect and send data remotely to provide information to farmers in real time. IoT devices can measure information such as soil moisture, chemical application, tank or vat levels, and livestock health. As well as monitor fences, vehicles, and weather. Through the trial, Agriculture
Victoria is partnering with farmers to trial IoT solutions on their farms. This includes sharing the cost of installing IoT technology. The trial will be held in four regions and
across four farm types. Maffra: dairy; Tatura: horticulture; Serpentine: sheep; and Birchip: grains. As farmers know, a lack of reliable connectivity can be a barrier to making the most of digital technology. That’s why the government is delivering IoT network coverage at each of the four trial sites. This will ensure farmers have the connectivity they need to fully benefit from emerging digital technology. Once network coverage is established,
a dedicated Agriculture Victoria staff member in each region, will partner with participating
farmers to select IoT devices to test on-farm. Agriculture Victoria will provide funding
to help farmers invest in these technologies and will work with farmers to evaluate the
impact that these technologies have on farm performance. A catalogue of On-farm IoT apps
and devices is available for the trial. Farmers can use the catalogue to choose apps and devices
best suited to their farm business. Potential solutions include, measuring soil moisture
and nutrient levels, locating livestock, and monitoring water supply, quality, and delivery.
It’s about giving farmers the ability to control the situation on their farm, at their fingertips.
In partnership with Agriculture Victoria, the trial will allow farmers to take a low
risk approach to testing IoT technology on their farms. The aim is to help farmers use
IoT to make more informed decisions, to save time and money, and improve farm performance.
The trial will allow us to work together to see what works on farms and what doesn’t.
Positioning Victorian farmers at the cutting edge of digital agriculture. Are you ready
to investigate the next frontier of agriculture? Find out how you can get involved at

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