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How Cognizant used Salesforce to Transform Agriculture | Cognizant

September 5, 2019

Our planet will be home to 8.5 billion people by the year 2030. With this population surge,the global
food demand will rise. Increased environmental and value change
challenges have skewed the demand supply curve causing shortage and wastage. Cognizant helped farmers realize better
agricultural outcomes using new-age digital technologies that aid in
increasing yield, making informed decisions, efficiently managing inventory
and increasing profitability. A leading American agrochemical major focused on
sustainable farming. With Salesforce customer experience platform and new-age technologies, we transformed the client’s business processes. We combined the power of technologies like smart sensors, drones and AI powered chat bots to
provide real-time climate and field data, crop reports and accurate forecasts to
farmers on a single mobile application, powered by the Salesforce platform. With
the help of Salesforce Communities we enhanced collaboration between
stakeholders across the value chain. We developed a new Lightning-enabled
account planning application to improve sales productivity and efficiency. Intelligent segmentation of farmers
resulted in fast delivery and reduced turnaround time. Sales and service
transformation applied on field data across nine locations was consolidated
to a single unified global Lightning service console. Expert coaching and
customer service powered by chatbots have increased farmer trust. Automation was a key driving force to
accomplish digital farming. This partnership between Cognizant and the US agro major helped achieve significant growth and savings. Cognizant is ushering farming into the digital future and in our small way we are helping humanity
take a step closer to putting food in every stomach and a smile on every face.

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