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Hemp Farming – Growing Hemp for a Sustainable Environment | Organic Farming for Maximum Efficiency

January 1, 2020

I’m a microbiologist (hemp farming) and I always had an
interest in the environment when I got to a certain stage I was able to build a
house and get a bit of land in meant that I was able to experiment with
benefiting the environment a bit more looked into getting a hemp license and
we decided to put a small patch of anything it was just under the acre just
to trial it and it grew quite well so then I got to know more people in the
industry I was able to find markets for the EM so we just expanded and it grew
from the acre to 8 acres to 42 acres this er it’s quite an easy crop to grow
it’ll grow in quite a variety of areas there’s been trials done and different
sandy soil seems to work once you have your maps and everything you have to
mark out where you’re gonna be growing a hot box and once you have all that
sorted and you have contracts in place with people you shouldn’t have a problem
getting licensed there’s a few restrictions you’re not allowed to grow
near school they’re public well it’s plush and once you’re able to cover
everything with hbr I asked her should be fine there’s quite a lot of products that can
be made from him we’ve got the seeds of gosh the hemp fiber and fiber can be
used for insulation petting the animals you’ve people that juice ish this here
is the flower head and you can see in here we have all the seed pods so those
seed pods there will develop the seeds inside and then come the middle of
September that will they will expand out and we’ll be able to harvest a proceed
the feelings of all out of those pods then we have all the leaf material then
you can actually juice the leaf material and make hemp juice empties quite
popular at the moment as well and then on this plant here you can see this is a
male plant so all these little sections here that’s all the seed pods and that
are all the pollen sacks so that’s where all the pollen will be produced in order
to fertilize the female plants and generate the seed and then we have here
as well if we’ve got the stock so the stock then can be used for animal
bedding and the roof some people juice the roof as well and it’s quite a lot of
nutrients that are underground they flower before it goes to seed ideally
would have a higher percentage of CBD so that’s CBD then that can be extracted
from the flower the problem we have here is we’re not allowed to extract
in the conventional ways because it doesn’t fall under the null food there’s
so many possibilities of where you can sell this and if even if you don’t have
a sale for the even harvest and retain the seed for feeding your own animals
the protein content in this feed is a lot higher than other grains you
actually end up using less Elvis to feed your animals so plant an acre of hemp is
about half the price of planting compared to corn if you’re going to sell
it at the end you’re actually gonna make a read about 250 euro more greater than
you would from corn as well it’s a good rotational crop so if you put this in it
helps break the soil helps extract toxins then you can come in and put in
your wheat barley most most people are putting in like a winter crop into the
fields and it’s actually getting more of the yield from being planted after hemp
than if there was no hemp in the field from the first place if for a lot more
farmers use them then there would be increasing the amount of have grown
better for the environment and better for the animals I don’t think enough people know that it
takes in so much co2 and that benefits the earth it takes out a lot of
chemicals out of the ground and ish purifies the soil that it’s growing and
it’s taken in by ten to fifteen tons of co2 per per growing season per acre
that’s on average per acre about one person’s co2 contribution every year
we’re taking in force to people’s work to co2 this year and that’s why I got
into the first place wasn’t from a monetary point of view is because I
wanted to try them offset my carbon footprint input for hemp compared to
other crops though it’s a lot lower you don’t have to use chemical fertilizers
that drastically reduces your and your cost one’s own or the crops they use
pesticides and herbicides on so you don’t have to use them with hemp either
is approximately hundred sixty five rows lined up to grow it for next year
currently this year we’re just wondering 2,000 acres of hemp growing in Ireland
and that’s with 70 farmers so we should be able to get to math thirty thousand
acres there’s a stigma behind hemp as being a
drug they don’t realize that compared to canvas it’s it looks the same but it
doesn’t have the same it survived effect but then we also have governmental
issues as well where there’s certain laws in place – restricts the use of
them once we get around – and the laws isn’t changed it means – it’s going to
open up more markets for farmers to be at the south you you


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