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Hay Day: Introducing the New Farm Helpers

November 7, 2019

There are new neighbors in Hay Day! Living on top of the cliff next to your farm, Rose and Ernest have a lot of spare time And helping you around your farm is just What they need to keep busy! At level 33 and higher, These two new characters are unlocked To help you with some basic productions And collect certain items, Allowing you more time doing other things around your farm. Rose can be hired to make animal feed, Keep your animals fed and collect their produce. Ernest can be hired to collect any items produced In the Sugar Mill and Dairy. I’ll explain how to use these new helpers With Rose as an example! Tap on Rose to open her task window. Here are the items she can help with. She makes sure you always have constant supply Of produce collected from your farm animals. To begin with Rose will have a quota Of how many products she can collect for you, Called the “Helper Queue”. This number will increase the higher in levels you go! With a max queue of 30 items, Tap through the animal produce You’d like to always have available to you. I always need milk So I’ll add more for Rose to stock up for me! When you’re ready for her to start working, Tap on “Confirm”. You will see Rose walking around your farm Near you farm animals. And as products are being prepared and collected, They will fly up and enter Rose’s own storage. The items she collects will not affect The storage space you have. When you enter you barn storage, You will see the animal produce you have collected By yourself shown in white, And the extra one’s Rose has collected shown in green. One thing to note are the different icons That appear in the helper’s stock window. When produce has been successfully stocked, A green check mark will appear When produce is being created, A spinning cog icon will show with the blue button. A white exclamation mark will appear if you are running low on a certain crop Used to make that product. In this case, I’m running low on carrots and soy beans That Rose needs to make pig feed. Simply plant or buy more carrots and soy beans And keep them ready for use. A red button with a red exclamation mark Will appear if there is a crop Rose needs urgently. The second tab shown in this window, is Rose’s stock. Kind of like her storage space. You will see how much animal produce She has collected. The animal feed shown below here, Do not go into her storage As they are not the final product she is collecting. However, they will appear here To show how much animal feed she has made. Make sure to keep planting enough crops For her to keep making animal feed. This will help her efficiently keep the animal produce You requested from her always in stock! As for Ernest, he works the same as Rose But he will help with products made in Your Dairy and Sugar Mill. Tap through the products You’d like him to always have stocked for you… And don’t forget to tap confirm! Ernest will also walk around your
farm, Near your Dairy and Sugar Mill Rose and Ernest will only occupy the first slot In the production queues they need: The Feed Mills, Dairy and Sugar Mill! This leaves the remaining slots Free for you to make your own produce. When the helpers need items, They will walk around with the thought cloud Hovering over them showing what crop or product They will soon be running out of. If urgent, they will also stand outside your Main House, Like your other visitors to get your attention. And don’t forget to keep track of the helpers’ hired time. You will see some tools sitting next to the Farm Helpers’ house. These tools spawn occasionally As Rose collects animal produce. Rose & Ernest do cost diamonds to hire, But keep an eye out for discounted offers. Tap the question mark icon, If you’d like to know more about Hay Day’s new Helpers in town!


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