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Hauer Snow pack fs 19 Mod Review farming simulator 19 #fs19modreview

December 25, 2019

hello and welcome on Ukgamer808 and
today we are doing a mod review FS 19 for farming simulator 19 on the Hauer
snow pack For Seasons 19 mod now this was released a couple of days ago I went to
do a mod review a few days ago and we did have quite a few issues with it
where it had an update yesterday and it sort of sort of things I but now it
doesn’t work as well as it did it will at first when I first use it didn’t have
any issue when I brought it on to Sussex farms it crashed my game and it crashed
my games in the point I saved the game with it in it and it
corrupted my game so I lost like 12 hours worth of seasons play yesterday
get it anyway it’s our update and it’s it well it’s here basically before we
could I could buy it as soon as it came out in the shop it would hang around for
about 10 seconds and then the game would just we get the blue screen and it’s
crashed so today we can actually use it well said that I came on to do this this
morning and the spreader had disappeared it wasn’t in the shop wasn’t there now
it’s already add another update today and it’s appeared back again so let’s
get on with it right so the pack consists of the plow
the SRS three now this cost you 16,000 pounds to buy 816 pains for your initial
leasing cost it’s only minus 3 on the slot so it’s not many slots and it does
three metres wide now it does plow at 15 mile an hour and previously it was
plowing at 50 mile an hour it wasn’t an issue now we’re having a few issues so
Dave I think they were actually say and I’ll tell you what it annoys me because
how long and we’ve been waiting for seasons and yesterday I spent it crashed
on me 8 times so it was like 8 times I just wasted time so you know why are
they releasing this stuff and then they did a fix on it and it’s a quick fix
it’s not really fixed it doesn’t work as well as it did
let me know in the comments if you’ve any problems with it or you haven’t had
any problems with it because I’ve had made you have bloody issues with it
anyway so there it is it goes on the front of your tractor and
there is a little bit of articulation for it so I’ve got the big JCB 8 and
we’ve had a nice covering of snow bins I put on the snowy lands at Geo
so we’re hook that up let’s put the lights on it is a little bit dark on
this map and basically if you hold down the L 1 and the R 1 and we can both tilt
it to the different side so if you want it to clear it to the left it will go to
the left if it goes to the right it goes to the right
but from this it seems that when I’m using it it doesn’t work very well going
to the left and which is a bit of a shame because when you’re going down the
roads that’s where you want it to work now let’s put the help window on seam
see though there we go oh right on the stick up and
down and that twists it to the left or to the right so let’s keep it on that
way that’s the only controls on it now there if you use the cin track there are
a few more controls where you can listen lift it up a little bit more because it
was rubbing on the ground a little bit and it was slowing everything down but
as you can see that works pretty well we had problems with some of the animation
on it where now there is no animation on it which is a bit should be hitting it
really because before there was really good animation it was flying out all
over the place but now nothing we just see this mind appear but what I find is
that a lot of times the mains see it’s in front of you where you want it to be
on the left hand side of you right I’ll tell you what let’s just pick that back
up get out of here where there isn’t a pile of anything and so we’re on the
edge of the road here drop it down and yet it does move it to that edge but
you can see it’s slightly put in the mind in front of our blades so you ain’t
gonna get 15 mile an hour out of it it seems like they’ve just done a quick fix
in its light it’s pathetic it really is it’s like it ain’t working
properly get it out of the game you know like I cannot stop play with this play
you can see at the moment look how much it’s doing 10 mile an hour no it’s got
hardly anything it’s pulling is pushing are the only snow so the 50 mile an hour
thing has gone right out the window which is a bit of a shame really
but yet again another mod what’s been waiting and waiting for testing and then
it comes out and it’s not right do they put it on a bloody console I don’t think
they do I think they just test it all for PC because I did get annoyed
yesterday first thing it did it just kept crashing on me I used a Pacific
Northwest and didn’t have any issues with it on there but as soon as I got on
to Sussex farm that was your main problem so disappear we just put it on
the edge as a road and you can see it does work a treat but you will get up so
far and it will build just a big pile in front of you you see the speed there
we’re doing all right we’re going up here as well but it’s not pushing it
right out the way it should be pushing it a lot better right the way then it
was previously so they fixed it but they haven’t they just budged it that’s all
they’ve done so it does work but it doesn’t work as
well as it should work now you can’t move it on to the other side as well
which ideally you don’t want to be doing because if you do it on on that side and
we’re on the left-hand side of the road then it’s just gonna put it over to that
side and you see and we get in 50 mile an hour no see it’s just on this bed
it’s just accumulated a big pile so a bit annoying a bit annoyed with that
really you wait so long for this it comes I they fix it and it’s crap simple
as that anyway so that is the play wait for a
fix and hopefully it work back to how it how it used to because it did work a
tree even the animation on it was really good I was quite quite impressed with it
did a good job but now it’s pants so that is the play now the OL idea where
the play is for moving the excess material out of you away and then as
soon as you’ve got the excess out of the way I better not get stuck alright
anyway as I was saying when the access is out of the way and you’ve got a
little bit of snow on the ground then we can use the salt spreader which is the
tea s15 by Hauer and this one will cost you 12 grams to buy 612 paints for your
initial leasing costs only -2 on the slot came now the other thing I didn’t
get with this is it does 4 metres wide now what’s the point in that you want it
to do the width of the road so if you’re out driving on one side of the road it
should be out of frou frou so on to the other side of the road that’s what we do
in the UK we don’t put it on one side and then put it on the other side we
just go down and a decent spread so that spread should be at least six or six or
seven metres in my book but they’ll ask me
so to fill it up you need some road salt now if you go under pallets in the shop
and a big bag sorry not pallets and scroll all the way over you’ll see them
they’re road salt big bag nineteen hundred and twenty pound per thousand
litres and this does hold fifteen hundred liters so it doesn’t go down not
quick Eva so you don’t need loads of it let’s just hook that on and then we got
the refill which we have got a cover we can close or open the cover you don’t
need to even with a cover on it will still load I think no it will that’s it
turn on refill salt spreader so we just click on the the joystick and it’s filled up so that’s the left
down a log just click down on that and it filled that up and put the 1500 there
it is in there right so if we use this on snow now what’s gonna happen
nothing not a lot because the snow is too thick you need to put it down on an
area what you’ve already played or there is only a little bit of snow like
there’s actually a little bit of snow there that might dissolve that then
again it’s probably down to the fact that we don’t own the land as well so
let’s get this out on the road out of the way these piles everywhere right so there we go we got the plow
into action and then the old idea is you turn on the assault behind it and then
the snow should not appear back where you’ve salted I’m not sure how long it
lasts for or if it lasts indefinite whatever I’m not too sure on that but
basically it was saying that as soon as you’ve cleared an area if you put salt
down after then you will not be having any more snow appear on that which is
pretty cool there’s nothing worse than clear it all coming back the next
morning and find it’s cleared again so you spend your time clearing your farm
yard you get the snow out of the way you’ve got to put your salt Dave and
then it won’t come back but I don’t have access to this land so that’s obviously
a little problem as well because obviously you don’t want to have to go
and buy every bit of Road surely it should just work on a road anyway so about is the power snowpack for
farming simulator 19 pretty nice bit of kit it’s just a shame that animation is
God name because that animation was pretty pretty good hopefully they get
that resolved but I bet it won’t be this sorry they’re Christmas and you see
there we’re flat eight and it’s doing for more on IRS so I did think well
let’s just change it and put it flat and when you put it flat course it just
pushes everything in front of you and gets to a a decent size and then it
won’t push it anymore so really is pretty useless
at the moment which is a bit of a shame there you go right well I’m gonna get
this back up the farm because I want to do a little bit of clearing eight to see
how it works to see if I can clear at the farm eight and it all works well I
hope you’ve enjoyed this mod review for the Hauer snow pack for farming simulator 19 and if you did always appreciate you smash that like button for me
no this isn’t moving those at oh that’s rubbing on the rain that’s that’s the
only reason why and if you are new to the channel or why not go and check out
my hundreds of farming simulator and videos I’ve got loads to choose from
you’d be surprised what’s there thanks for watching till the next time goodbye

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    Gaints and there testing ways and how they go about . They say first come first serve , is totally bull @#@# . They pick an choose an tell the masses a total pack of lies . I.e. look at big you tubers are paid by means an never say bad about mods or modders . I cant watch some people cause they seem fake positive . Your good man sir . Keep telling the truth

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