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Growing LOTS of Strawberries In Strawberry Grow Bags

November 4, 2019

hello friends in today’s episode we’ll
look at an easy solution to grow strawberries in strawberry grow bags so
this is how our strawberry grow bag looks like as you can see it’s made from
plastic it’s not extremely well built but it’s very light and it has all these
pockets around it that you see that we will be growing our strawberries in
and for the potting mix you can use any kind of potting mix I have some pre-made
potting mix here that I’m using this is basically a combination of peat moss or
coco coir with some perlite or vermiculite and some worm castings or
compost and this has been a standard potting mix that I have been using for
quite some time now and amongst the other potting mixes I use this one is
not only very cost effective but it also provides very good drainage and is quite
a good solution for any kind of container base plants now all you do is take the potting mix
and fill it all the way to the top and I’m not adding any fertilizer here just
because this potting mix might contain nutrients from an existing mix that I
was using but if you want to add a slow-release fertilizer organic
fertilizer this is a good time to add it you can mix it in your potting mix
and once that’s done your container is now ready for planting
now I’ve used a lot of different solutions for planting strawberries and
this solution seems to be the best one you will soon see the results and that
will tell you why and this is a better solution just because when you plant the
strawberry plants they do not touch the ground
once the strawberries are produced and this is why this is a better solution
now this is where up we were growing our strawberries earlier we were growing
these in five gallon containers and what we are doing now is just separating out
some plants and although you can use any variety of
strawberries the ones that are my favorites are the Chandler Quinault
Ozark Beauty and you can try out a lot of other varieties as well and here you can see we’re just laying
out the plants one after the other and you can plant one strawberry plant
in each of those pockets in the strawberry planter and here is the
method for planting the plants inside this strawberry planter all you do is
take the plants and then plant one strawberry plant in each pocket
making sure that the roots of the strawberry plant are inserted into the
soil that’s in the pocket and if you want to add extra soil on top of that
you can do that and make sure that the soil is nice and compact around the
roots and this is because when you actually start watering the plants you
do want to make sure that there is not a lot of runoff and the soil doesn’t
actually go down from the container and you can just turn the pot around
it’s quite a lightweight pot considering the fact that it is not like a clay pot
or a resin based pot but is more like a plastic enclosure which will allow you
to maintain the weight of your container while providing you a lot of space to
grow your strawberries and this is how our strawberry grow bag looks like after
everything is being planted and at this stage you need to water your plants it’s
a very important step in the planting process and I do not recommend adding
any fertilizer at this stage if you’ve already added some slow-release
fertilizer in the soil and that’s because the plants need some time to
settle down and at this stage you do not want to upset the root systems of the
plant by adding a lot of nutrients in liquid form however you can start adding
a liquid fertilizer once the plants have established which takes about a couple
of weeks and make sure you water each pocket and
also water from the top making sure that the water drains from the bottom and
this grooc bag has some drainage holes on the bottom of the plant so you can be
sure that the water will drain well so what did you use a good quality potting
mix and this grow back also takes up less
space so if you are concerned about saving space this is a good option and
fast forward a few months you can see that the strawberries have started
producing all the plants are doing quite well here and you can see that these
strawberries are actually hanging from the side of the container or the planter
and they are pretty resistant to insects and diseases once they do not touch the
ground you can see beautiful looking strawberry it has absolutely no damage
from slugs or snails or other insects and strawberries grow very well during
the spring and the fall season that’s the time they actually produce
strawberries so I would recommend planting your plant somewhere around
November so next month would be a good time to start planting your strawberries and you can see here beautiful looking
strawberries and out of all the solutions of growing strawberries I
think this is the best one that I have liked so far simply because it saves
space and it also lets you harvest strawberries that are really nice fresh
and delicious and lot of my friends have complained
that when they grow strawberries they are eaten either by snails or slugs or
by birds this method actually prevents most of the problems like the
strawberries being eaten by insects and slugs and snails and if you want to
protect your strawberries from birds use some kind of a bird netting I will
provide links to the strawberry grow bag as well as the bird netting and some of
the fertilizers to be used in the comment section below
and by buying those products from Amazon you will be really helping out
California gardening from everyone here at California
gardening we wish all our viewers are very happy Diwali this is the festival
of lights and hope this season brings a lot of joy to you and your family so
there we have it folks that was our episode on the strawberry grow back
planter if you already are using this planter do let us know in the comments
box below and if you like this method and would like to start using this
approach do let me know in the comments box as well we’ll see you again soon
happy gardening


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