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Gardening with Loop® biosolids — it’s like magic

January 3, 2020

When I put a seed in the ground
and I watch it sprout and grow into something
I can eat or that I can feed to my family. Every time it feels like a miracle. It just starts out as this little thing.
It doesn’t even look like it’s alive and then it grows into something
that helps to nourish my body. That’s amazing. When I use compost made with Loop,
it helps my garden to grow like poof! It’s magic! My neighbors come over and they’re like
“What are you doing over there?” because my garden – it’s just lush. What my body eliminates as waste
goes to the treatment plant and somebody else takes care of it for me
but at the end of the day that’s still my waste. And I don’t want it to go
into a landfill or to be burned and put into the atmosphere
when I know that it’s best suited as a soil amendment returning those carbon and nutrients back to the land.

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