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Garden Tour & Introduction | West Coast Gardener

November 15, 2019

Hey guys, welcome to West Coast gardener today, I figured it was time to do an introduction video and my first garden tour So, my name is Robyn and I call myself the West Coast gardener. I live on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island its zone seven where I live and We have pretty mild winters mostly just rain and our summers aren’t super hot, but they’re not super cold either They’re usually in the high 20s and the 30s during heat waves, but that doesn’t mean that this channel is all about Gardening on the west coast it’s just where I am and that’s why I called my channel that name but really I like to talk About gardening everywhere. I would love to talk about gardening in Antarctica I’m sure it would be indoor gardening but still I love talking about all kinds of gardening and I am a mother of three wonderful boys ages fourteen eleven and nine and I have a wonderful Husband named David who’s very camera Shy so you probably won’t see much of him. So I am a registered nurse by trade I’m trained in emergency and when I’m working I can have a very stressful day we can deal with cardiac patients pediatric patients dealing with really tough things mental health all sorts of situations and I love to be able to help people but it also is a really hard and Draining job and my husband has a heart and draining job as well. So that is why I started gardening years ago When I had a different job that was really hard and stressful so I’ve been gardening for about twelve years and what I love about gardening is I just come out here and I just feel Relaxed and just feel all the stress melting away I come home from a hard day at work and I come and wander around the garden and pick a couple berries and I just feel really good and really relaxed and I started my youtube channel because I wanted to share the love of gardening that I have I wanted to help inspire people to garden if they don’t and I love to mingle with other gardeners so I love when people comment and tell me what they’re growing or how I could do things better or If they like something that I’m doing I mean I have been gardening for 12 years But I definitely start new things all the time. This is my first year growing corn and it’s going ok, so Anyway, let’s get to the garden tour and you can see how my garden is doing this year So first of all, I just want to apologize that it is a bit sunny It’s not great to film on sunny days But we’re having really weird weather, which I’m going to get to because it’s been really overcast and grey which is great filming weather However, it started raining a lot lately. So I really wanted to get this video in because I need to harvest my garlic So anyway, it’s going to be a little bit shadowy here there, but that’s ok So one of my favorite crops that’s doing so well. This year is my Raspberries and last night. I was getting ready for my video and out here and just gobbling them up They’re so good. And I love with raspberries how you plant like one or two sticks basically and they end up coming back Year after year to the point where they’re actually kind of invasive and I found them way over To beds over coming up out of the ground. So you definitely have to keep your eye on them, but they’re a great crop and This is my corn. This is the first year that I have grown corn and I don’t Know how well it’s doing. I did try to Thin it just by cutting it but funny enough. It’s actually coming up and I planted it a couple of weeks ago sort of the latest recommended time for our area and It grew really quickly in the beginning and it slowed down quite a bit now I think that probably is because the weather has pulled off a lot It actually got down into the teens a lot in the last week. There hasn’t been a ton of sunshine So I’m hoping to see a lot of growth And this border here is blueberries and they’re doing pretty good They don’t get a ton of acid unfortunately, so I think I’m going to move them but They’re doing good We got a few and the ones in pots are doing a little bit better because you can control the acid better So these are the potatoes. This is my second year growing potatoes and They are doing pretty good However, I think we might have some blight that has started which is really bad I think it’s early blight which apparently can go away with heat However, I have been cutting off some more affected leaves and I have done a sulfur spray Which is an organic option Because the fungus can be really hard to Deal with from my understanding. The late blight is the really bad one, but the early blight isn’t great either Plus I do have some Tomatoes not far away, and I don’t want them very badly affected But I have harvested some of the delicious new potatoes. My husband and I are just loving them right now So my garlic is I think getting pretty ready to be harvested The bottom few leaves are yellow now and they’re getting a bit of a mildew on them And I think that’s from the rain and I don’t believe it is affecting the actual bulb I pulled one up yesterday and it looked like there was a tiny bit of the outer skin was Rotting off maybe a bit, but I don’t believe that it is the actual bulb that’s affected but this is why I want to get them out of here because unfortunately Now the soil is pretty wet and it’s going to rain again at like 7 o’clock today So I need to get these out of the ground and the soft net garlic here is completely bent over and that it can be Doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily ready to harvest here I have some leeks that I planted just a week ago after I took out the rest of my cabbage and my radishes they were Had lots of great pollinators around them because they had gone to a flower a long time ago But I planted these out and they’re doing really well and here I have my Brussels sprouts Which I also planted out at that same time and they’re doing really good I keep them under cover because they have so many pests that like to get after them. And this is the music garlic which is Not quite as far along as the Bogatyr, which was the first hard neck I showed you but I probably will be taking it as well Just because of my concern with the rot and I do have other brassicas I that I am hardening off that I want to get out in the ground here. So One thing I may not have mentioned is that I have garden slippers that I wear outside Unless it’s like pouring rain so that may seem weird, but they’re just for outside So anyway at the end of the bed where the leeks are I have these very sad-looking Pumpkin plants and I started these guys inside and I started hardening them off and one day I took my son out of town for a few hours and completely forgot these guys out and they got stunted because they got sunburned so that is why it is so important to harden off your Vegetables and crops properly because they can be damaged by the sun’s harsh rays So on this side, I have a pumpkin plant that I started from seed that is doing amazing So compare this sad little pathetic one to this Beautiful one. It’s just amazing to see the difference And that is one of the great things about gardening is you get to see these Experiments and how they turn out so next to the pumpkin I have some beautiful purple onions and we use those ones all the time. They’re so good just behind that I have some green onions which are Delicious. I can’t wait to cook with those and Right beside it. We have zucchini. They are usually a very productive plant great in the garden And I also have some pollinator plants in here I’ve got some Russian sage and some Cosmos and there are also some marigolds just for their benefits they bring as well And I ended up because of the hardening off Fiasco I got this cucumber at the nursery and it came with some powdery mildew And actually I can see more on this leaf right here I’m not sure if you can see that But I’ve been able to kind of keep it at bay by just spraying it with some Baking soda and water and taking off the affected leaves and none of my other ones have it. So this is a Butternut squash started from seed out here. And this one is as well. I’m trying to train it towards this trellis I planted a little far away. This is a cucumber that I started from Inside so it actually had the hardening off fiasco, but it’s doing okay This cucumber is started from seed out here and it is doing great Over here, I have some of my Purple asparagus that’s coming up. So this is its first year So it’s very light and wispy not like the one next door, which you’ll see in a minute and I have some more cosmos I also down here planted some basil That I had just propagated indoor from some that I have and they’re doing ok They’re not really getting as much light and heat as they normally like so they’re not really doing amazing And my gorgeous nasturtiums are blooming which is so nice So I’ve been doing some research on insects lately and this nasturium which, no surprise has some aphids which is okay because I actually partially planted these guys as a crop to sort a sacrifice But I am really looking forward to the beneficial bugs coming in to eating them This bed is where I have my beans and my carrots and my parsnips and I have some celery root as well and I have them covered to keep the carrot rust fly out We also have a an annoying cat who comes and lays on the carrots even though I had all this structure here and Kind of tore the fabric and killed some of the carrots which didn’t make me very happy So I had to add more here and actually have this thing on last night Just to keep her out as well But I’m going to take this off and show you what it’s like inside and if you’re looking at my trellis here we did a video on how to do this really simple and I can’t wait to see the squash climbing all the way up it they’re already starting to it’s gonna be great so under the cover, I have my carrots which I love and We’ve got parsnips what you’re doing really well, and they’re growing really tall So I may need to extend my cover now carrots can be tricky to start So if you’re interested My last video was on that very subject and I actually am going to be starting some carrots in one of the garlic beds Today and the celery root, which I actually planted out a couple of weeks ago is doing really well as well So these are my Peas and I just actually built these trellises a couple of weeks ago and I have a trellis video I’ll link in the card above and These guys are growing up nice and strong I have Kentucky Brown and I have purple peacock and I have Black turtle so we love black beans so, I’m really Looking forward to those ones and what I like about the purple ones is they’re easier to see so they’re easier to harvest And the green ones well, they’re just delicious, but they are harder to see So here is an artichoke plant and it also has aphids on it So like I said really cool how the other bugs will come in and start eating them So I’m just waiting to watch to see what happens Otherwise, I’ll start squirting it with water But I kind of want to give the beneficials some time and there are some ants around here that have been Hurting the aphids. So we’ll see how things go Lots more borage. It’s starting to flop over big time. But I love it. It’s just so good It brings all the bees and just like the lovely lavender does which is so nice My sweet peas are kind of behind that brings me to the situation in my garden for sunlight So these are my Peas Three varieties and they’re all clustered inside because they’re leaning towards where the Sun is So we are going to be making a big change in the fall and stay tuned for a video on that Look at this borage. It’s flopped over if I lift that up. It looks gorgeous but because all the flowers are on the ground I Transplanted some of the lettuce out here. So it’s a little mad about that. I think I’ll harvest some of those leaves Because look at this strawberry situation And look there’s one lettuce there that I left because it’s doing great on the side But last year my strawberries weren’t nearest thick and I guess I just wasn’t thinking about how thick they would get this here this big mess is Asparagus and the asparagus is grows really tall we can’t harvest it this year, but We need to let it grow and take in some energy So we just tied it together and put a stake there to hold it up The strawberries have been very productive, which is wonderful I’m just loving them and the family is loving them they’re so delicious and I’ll see if I can find a cluster of some unfortunately, like I said with the rain we’ve had some molds coming so I may have to Do a bit of a treatment. I’ve been taking some of the moldy ones out There are some under there but there are some moldy ones and I just keep pulling them out So they just keep coming all of those So I think because it is going to rain I might have to do a fungal treatment in here So that is who I am and that is my garden and I hope I see you here next time Feel free to hit that subscribe button Get out there and garden for happiness and health


  • Reply joey odonnell July 13, 2019 at 3:11 am

    awesome .. would love to see and hear your plans for fall !

  • Reply Healthy Fresh Homegrown July 13, 2019 at 5:03 am

    Thanks for the tour and the intro! Growing food is such a rewarding activity that I'm surprised more families don't do it.

    Yeah, the weather the last few weeks has been not that great for our heat-loving crops (I'm in Victoria). Hopefully now it's warming up again and with the rain we had everything should explode with growth. My kabocha squash really needs the heat as it is not doing much right now.

    Looking forward to more updates from your garden as the season progresses. Good luck with everything!

  • Reply Small Garden Quest July 13, 2019 at 6:27 am

    Beautiful garden. Cant wait to see more of it!!

  • Reply CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY July 14, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Hi Robin – loved the garden tour – you're doing a great job with your videos. Great personality and beautiful garden too! And your boys are so handsome! I have admiration for you as an ER nurse. I bet gardening helps you relax after a stressful day. Thanks for all the support on our channel!

  • Reply CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY July 14, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Hi Robin – loved the garden tour – you're doing a great job with your videos. Great personality and beautiful garden too! And your boys are so handsome! I have admiration for you as an ER nurse. I bet gardening helps you relax after a stressful day. Thanks for all the support on our channel!

  • Reply Heather Evans Coaching July 18, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    So excited for this channel being here on the Island as well!

  • Reply Kisha Wynter July 18, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    Your boys are beautiful, great family, so many skills nursing and gardening!! I agree that gardening is a great stress reliever. I hope to take up gardening to manage stress and reground myself.

  • Reply Amber Moore July 19, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Love this video! Your garden is beautiful 😄 I would love to try growing some things with my kids. I live in California. I love raspberries maybe I should try that I was thinking or maybe strawberries too. It gets really hot where I live in the summer.

  • Reply Elite Fitness Now July 19, 2019 at 1:45 am

    This is so great. Now I want to start a garden.

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    Love this video.Thank you very much.

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    Such lush and beautiful garden ! Watching !

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