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GARDEN TIPS & Hacks: TOP 25 Seeds & Seedlings Gardening Hacks DIY Ideas tricks Compilation – Part 2

March 7, 2020

Hello Friends ! Today I am glad to release
part 2 of the garden tip and hacks compilation and this edition of around 25 hacks will be
about gardening hacks related to seed sowing and seedlings. Please watch the video till
the end. I have tried my best to make the video useful and interesting. Stay tuned..
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1. Watering seeds and seedlings carefully is very important, and watering with the regular
garden can can displace the seeds and damage the seedlings resulting in bad outcome. Best
way to water them is using a tray under the pot. Whenever there is water requirement,
it uptakes it through the drainage holes. 2. To transplant your seedlings use a spoon,
dig out as much soil with it including the roots of the plant and hold the leaves of
the plant and not the STEM to pull out, because this can squeeze and damage the water and
food conducting tubes � xylem and phloem and plant may die.
3. Use sand paper to scrape the hard seed cover of certain seeds like apple, chickoo
and those with hard seed over for faster seed germination.
4. There are a few bottle recycling hacks coming up in random here. You can use your
plastic bottles to make simple plantars for sowing seeds or planting small plants. Its
upto you if you want decorate it or spray paint it.
5. Now will make a Simple self watering pot or automatic watering system using a cotton
wick and cutting the bottles as shown here. The lower end of the wick should be placed
in the water reservoir � thats the lower portion of the plastic bottle. Make a hole
in the bottle cap and insert the cotton wick through it. And the upper portion of the bottle
can be inverted with potting mix and plant in it. Whenever the soil gets dry it will
suck the water through the string. 6. Make your own Seedling watering can, Using
a bottle, you can make this in two ways, first by popping out a nozzle by heating the cap.
This really works great to water your succulents, because spilling water directly on succulents
like haworthias can be dangerous to the plants. Another way is to make a simple bottle shower
by making multiple tiny holes in the cap and offer shower effect to your small plants.
7. Mark your garden gloves with inches or centimeters to evenly plant your seeds or
seedlings and similarly if your garden is big, you can use a long stick and mark the
measurements for the same purpose like if you are planting in a raised bed garden or
large space gardening. 8. How to know if my seeds are healthy or
unhealthy � first thing you should before purchase is the packaging date and the best
before date. Then pour your seeds in your hand and closely examine them and the first
look itself will tell you which seeds are healthy looking and which need to be discarded.
9. You can Test your seeds or even start some seedlings using the Toilet paper method. Just
sprinkle the seeds on one layer of toilet paper and put another layer on top of this
and make it moist by spraying water. Place this either in a zip lock bag or any container
and keep in a warm place and check after 24 to 48 hours for sprouts.
10. Just cut out a plastic bottle and use it as a seedling or small plant protector
against any wind blowing away the plant or from animals and birds. Place this as shown
here to protect your seedling. 11. The same can be used as a funnel to transfer
your seeds or potting mix into bags or containers. 12. You can also use old forks from your kitchen
and bury them around seedlings to protect them from animals.
13. It�s a good habit to always label your plants and sown seeds. It can really create
confusion if you do not label them. 14. You can make your own labels with pop
sticks / candy sticks, plastic bottle strips, larger pebbles, windows blinds curtain strips,
etc. 15. You can Pick small seeds for sowing with
a stick or tooth pick dipped in water. 16. You can do perfect seeds spacing for Tiny
seeds like spreading them apart in a row on toilet paper � for better visibility and
even spacing and sowing. You can make a seed tapes either in a row or a square or round
seed board specially for carrot seeds for even spacing and better growth and ease of
harvesting. 17. Before sowing seeds, soak them in luke
warm water for 24 hours specially for certain seeds like beans, peas, okra and others.
18. Another Hack for seed soaking is using Epsom salt solution for soaking like 1 teaspoon
in 100 ml of water. This results in faster germination and healthy seedlings. You can
also spray on Epsom salt solution on your seeds and seedlings for healthy outcome.
19. Make your own trowel with a bottle by cutting a used plastic bottle like am showing
you here. Try to take a harder bottle for making this. You can use the same as a funnel
to transfer your potting mix, seeds and things like that.
20. Egg trays can be used as seed germination trays. Either the card board ones or if you
are using plastic egg storage container, you need to make few drainage holes.
21. You can also use egg shells to sow seeds and directly transplant into soil.
22. Similarly you can make your own biodegradable seeds starting cups using used tissue paper
roll card board. THese can be directly transferred into the soil along with the seedling.
23. You can also make seed pots by rolling newspaper and even this is bio degradable
and similarly you can directly transplant with the pot into the soil or into a larger
container. 24. You can use small containers like these
from your kitchen and make Mini Green houses and place your seeds inside them for faster
germination. 25. Tit bits or tic tac or any small containers
like this can be used to store your left over seeds.
26. If you want to professionally start vegetable gardening, You can use a Garden planner software
at or any other similar software. 27. Once baby seedlings come out of the seeds,
Gradually introduce your them to sunlight, once the leaves have come out. Like 1 hour
a day for 3 days, 2 hours for next few days and then gradually to full sunlight. This
process is called Hardening Off. 28. Using a Seedling heat mat or a heat source
from a high watt bulb will also help you create a spring like atmosphere for your seeds to
germinate faster. So there we have it folks, those were the
tips and hacks on seeds and seedlings. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up
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new to the channel. Happy Gardening!


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