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October 3, 2019

[Music] Welcome to the Garden Planner tutorial
series, which we’ve designed to help you get the
most from the software. In this video, we’ll be exploring the Garden Plans Gallery, and looking at the many ways it can help you gather ideas for your own
garden projects and plans. To get to the Garden Plans Gallery, just follow the link from the page where you normally start the Garden Planner, or look for the link in the sidebar of any email you’ve received from the Garden Planner. As you can see the Gallery is based on
Google Maps, so it’s easy to navigate around. There are many ways to browse the plans,
starting with this view, which shows the most recent plans from around the world. Don’t worry if nothing is shown for where
you live – only the latest 25 plans are shown by default, so it’s possible that no one from your
area has published a plan in the last few hours. We find ourselves constantly amazed by
the wonderful creative ideas that people have for their gardens, and the way they’ve used the Garden
Planner to highlight particular features. Every day there are new and interesting
plans to view. As you browse down the list, you’ll see many people have added background information or explanations about why they planned their garden this way, which can be very helpful. For example, if you have limited space or are looking for ways to maximize your harvest, take a look at some of the interesting
bed shapes and plant arrangements that others with similar gardens have
created. Click on the title or the plan thumbnail to see the full published page. This is where you can explore the whole
plan/ Click to view it full size, view the
quantities of each plant, see the planting times for that
particular location, and read notes that the gardener has added. Often, browsing other similar gardens can
prompt you to a creative solution for your own garden that you’d never find in a textbook. As an aside, it’s worth mentioning that plans are only listed here if the author has allow public access and has explicitly published their plan. When you publish a plan, you can choose not only whether you want to share your plan with others, but also which parts you wish to share such
as your location, your Plant List or Notes. This is also where you can share the
plan with others. Use the social media buttons at the top
to post it on to your Facebook wall, tweet about it, or add it to a Pinterest
board that you’re creating – great if you want to collect a scrapbook
of possible layout ideas before planning your own garden. What if you want to discover which
plants grow best in your area? Well, you can use the Garden Plans Gallery to see what successful gardeners in your area are growing. Just enter your location into
the search box and click Find. Plans near to you will be
displayed, and you can further expand or refine the list
by changing the map. Drag to a new area, zoom in or out, and the list of plans automatically
refreshes, showing just those within your chosen
area. Often, varieties which grow well in your
climate will be listed by the people who have produced the plans, sometimes with notes
about how they performed. With this information at your fingertips,
you’ll be able to quickly find out the best crops and varieties that gardeners near you
have had success with. Sometimes it’s more important to
discover what gardeners with similar conditions to you are planning, and that’s where the drop-down filters
below the map come in useful. Here you can select to view just plans
of a particular type, such as community gardens, or just a certain style of garden, such as intensive Square Foot layouts, or find gardens planted in shady or sunny positions, or ones with similar soil to yours. If you want, you can combine filters, such as searching for backyard gardens
in partial shade. You can also combine these with a
location search, such as your country or state. Obviously though, the more you narrow it down, the less gardens there will be to view, so try to pick the factors which are
most important to you. As you can see, there are many different ways to use the Garden Plans Gallery, and each one shows you different kinds of plans to browse through. It’s simply the best place to discover, learn from, and be inspired by great ideas from other gardeners. [Music]

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