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October 11, 2019

Hello Friends! I Am sure most of us are familiar
with Cow dung and horse dung in gardening and farming. But How about using Goat Dung
or the Sheep Dung. Yes, in this episode we will look into the 10 benefits of using goat
droppings for enriching your soil, and whether we can use fresh goat pellets directly on
your plants without decomposing. Thats Coming up.
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bell clicked. Many studies and research articles on goat
dung as a fertilizer have been published on international journals. All of them say, Goat
manure is one of the best animal manures for healthy soil and plants, specially for backyard
organic vegetable gardening. And if you have couple of goats with you for their milk or
whatever purpose, you should never throw away their droppings. You will learn a lot of important
stuff about goat dung by the end of this video. Please watch it till the end and learn how
to use it and how much to use in your home gardening or container gardening.
This is even available online at amazon. You can find a link in description of this video.
So lets begin: 1. Goat or sheep pellets are very much Dry
compared with cow dung or horse dung. Hence these are very easy to collect or store.
2. It is Virtually odourless and hence easy to work with and easy to spread on your soil
Directly. You cannot directly apply cowdung or horsedung without decomposing, because
this can burn your plants. 3. Its relatively Free of insects and maggots
unlike cow-dung. But drying in sulight for 2 to 3 days before using or before storing
is always better. 4. It�s a Cheap and Best Organic Fertilizer
for your plants: As I said earlier, the pellets can be used for direct applications to flower
and vegetable gardens without the fear of getting your plants burnt.
5. Goat pellets contains lots of nutrients, the Major NPK elements � Nitrogen, Phosphorous
and Potassium, and many trace elements like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and many
others. The Nitrogen value may be higher than cowdung or horse dung especially when these
goat pellets are mixed with goats urine, whether by default or by using some goat beds specially
created to increase its nitrogen value. In this case, composting this prior to application
is recommended. 6. This manure Increases Flowering and Fruiting
and Promotes overall Plant growth. Goat droppings can be used in nearly any type of garden,
including that of flowering and fruiting plants or vegetables.
7. Use Goat dropping in your compost bin. It not only enriches your final compost value,
but also it decomposes very faster. This is because pelletized droppings allow more airflow
into compost piles, which speeds up composting time as well.
8. It�s a Low-cost Pure Organic Fertilizer for your vegetable gardening. You can get
it for almost free specially when you visit any rural area or you can also get it for
free in cities. You know how I collected these pellets? These were collected during the Bakrid
festival where you see lot of sheep brought into the city and homes. You get lots of this
to collect and save for the whole year. For me this is the most important benefit. Because
I never use any chemicals for my vegetable gardening, not even a chemical pesticide.
Well.. 9. Goat dung is also an Excellent soil conditioner:
you can mix it while making your potting mix, similar to how to add decomposed cowdung into
your mix. You can watch a related video on this, from a link here at top right corner
of this video. 10. Mulching: for beginners, A mulch is a
layer of material applied to the top surface of soil to prevent moisture evaporation, reduce
weed growth like grass clipping, twigs, wood chips, bark chips, dry leaves, hay and so
on.. One Caution regarding Fresh Sheep dropping
or any animal manure for that matter – Just because goat manure is a natural product doesn’t
mean it’s completely safe. They can release disease causing microorganisms into the food
chain that can make you sick. So better always sun dry completely for 2 -3 days before application
or compost it and then use. Now How to use and how much to use? This is
an organic fertilizer. So you can use it similar to how you use cowdung or horse dung. A handful
of this on a container once every 15 days for flowering plants or Once in 30 days for
your other general plants. Make sure you Apply this after raking or tilling the top layer
of your soil. So, there we have it folks, that was a short
episode on goat or sheep dung as fertilizer in gardening. If you liked the video, please
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