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Feeding a Growing World Population – Fresno State Plant Science Club (10/31/16)

September 6, 2019

Hello, my name is Mark Castanon
and I’m a plant science major at California State University Fresno. Today, I’ll be showing a short film
summarizing how agronomy feeds the world and some of the challenges
future agronomists may face in meeting global concerns around the world. In a world where pests are constantly building
resistance to pesticides and soil degradation and water depletion continues to increase,
how is our generation going to feed a growing world population with limited resources. Through research scientists are able to
make new discoveries leading to more efficient irrigation, pest management
and soil conservation systems. The application of these can help sustain
agriculture, protect the environment, and feed a growing population. As an agronomist, it is our duty
to educate the world about conservation and sustainability. When agronomists are transparent,
proactive, and interactive, they are able to help bridge the
gap between the farmer and the general public. It is important to educate the public
to help them make better political and social decisions which will
help shape the future of modern agriculture. Our generation needs to be proactive
in meeting the present and future challenges. It is our responsibility to ensure the future
of food and fibers are grown in environmentally sustainable production systems. Modern agriculture will require innovative
application of the fundamental principles of agronomy to achieve these global
goals. It is through education that we are able to
sustain the next generation of agronomists. Thank you for listening about how
agronomy feeds the world.

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  • Reply Robert Mikkelsen January 27, 2017 at 3:27 am

    Nice job with the video. Congratulations on winning the 2016 American Society of Agronomy video contest!

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