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January 4, 2020

In India chemical fertilizers sell a lot… those that we call Urea, DAP, Superphosphate… and chemical pesticides… those that we call Endosalfan, Malathion, Parathion, Benzenehexachloride. These are the products where the profit of the farmers are lost the most. Every year (recorded in year 2008) the Indian farmers together spend 4,80,000 Crores on these chemicals and this is completely avoidable expense. So what we have to do? We have to go to these farmers and tell them don’t put this fertilizers and pesticides because they are chemicals. Then Farmer will ask what to put? Tell him to use cow dung. (cow dung means Indian cow dung – cross bred cows do not have the high quality, features & health that Indian cows have to create good quality milk & dung). If the farmer argues that chemical fertilizers have more yield then patiently explain to him that there is only benefits from organic fertilizers created with cow dung. The net profit is much more than with chemical farming because it is very expensive. Earlier one sack of chemical fertilizer Urea cost Rs 70 today (in the year 2008) it is Rs 300 in black market it even cost Rs 500…. And every year the price keeps increasing. Why increasing? Because these chemical fertilizers are created from petroleum product and petroleum product called Naptha… naptha is imported (Naptha is a general term to refer to flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures) and so all this money goes out of India. the 2nd problem with these chemical fertilizers is that if the 1st time you put 1 sack the 2nd time you have to put 2 sack. The third time you have to put 3 sack and the 4th time you have to put 4. The quantity required always keeps increasing. 3rd problem is the heat. This chemical fertilizer is hot… ans makes the soil dry and then the field needs a lot of watering. When cow dung fertilizer is used wheat requires just 3 times watering. Using Urea & DAP will require double 6 times watering. That is 4th problem increases cost of water & diesel needed for working the water pumps. Now the cost of diesel also keeps increasing every year. 5th Problem is reducing water table. Due to increased use of water the water table will fall. Earlier there used to be water at 25 feet but today in India most places do not have water at least till 900 feet. So explain this to the farmers of what all loss they will undergo due to chemicals on their field. price of everything in chemical farming goes up. Earlier the price of diesel was around Rs 35 and slowly it will become Rs 100. Then the poor farmer will fall on hard times he will die just bearing the cost of diesel for the water pumps. 6th problem with Chemical farming is once you put this on the field it will get dissolved in the soil and be taken by the root of the plants, will reach the stem, then it will reach the fruit of the plant… And from the plant it will reach our body when we eat the plant. If this poison enters our bodies then the breast milk will also contain this poison. This will be like Putana demon from Mahabharata who came to kill Krishna by giving him her poisoned breast milk. Many lactating women in India are in fact in a situation similar to Putana… and are (unknowingly) breast feeding their own children poisoned milk. Many institutes have reported finding these chemicals in breast milk. The lactating women were having all the chemicals in their milk that was there in Urea & Pesticides! This poison is entering our body from the food we eat. It is these very chemicals that are causing Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, There are 148 types of diseases that are caused by these chemical fertilizers. So please explain this to the farmers this: Don’t use the chemical fertilizers because: 1. It is imported, 2. It is unhealthy for consumer & farmer, 3. It creates monetary loss for farmer. So farmer will ask what to use. Tell him to use Cow Dung. Usually farmer will tell you that with cow dung the yield is low. So tell him that with cow dung the yield is very good. What is not achievable by Urea & DAP can be achieved by cow dung and that too for free. I have been working from the last 12 years with the farmers on this subject. We have proved that the yield from farms using fertilizers prepared by cow dung gives more yield… double yield… than earlier when they used chemical fertilizers. You can come to some of the farms where I have been working with farmers where thousands of farmers have reverted back to fertilizing their lands with fertilizer prepared with cow dung. The results too have been very good – those farmers who were getting 20-25 metric ton of sugarcane in 1 acre with chemical fertilizers is now getting 90-100 metric ton sugarcane yield after they started using The yield never dropped in any single case. Those farmers who were getting yield of 10-12 quintal of wheat are today after shifting to cow dung fertilizer are getting yield of 20-22 quintal of wheat! Those getting 2.5 quintal cotton in 1 acre are today getting 7 quintal yield after they started using fertilizers using cow dung. There are thousands of farmers like that in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, etc. There are many farmers like this, I have worked for over 12 years with the farmers in this area teaching them all this. The yield with organic fertilizer prepared with cow dung will always give more yield than chemical fertilizers. Why this happens? This is very important to understand why the yield will always be more in cow dung fertilizer. This is an important thing that has to be explained to the farmers. The thing why the yield increases is because the cow dung is the food of .. billions of insects, worms and micro organisms that live under the ground. Chemical fertilizers & pesticides is not food for these insects, worms & micro organisms but it is in fact poison for these living organisms. One example is earthworm that lives in your soil. Take an earthworm and put it on your palm and on top of it put some urea. The moment you put 3 to 4 grain of urea it will start to struggle and wriggle in pain and within a minute will die When we put tons of urea in our field we have killed billions of earthworms. What is the work of Earthworm? The earthworm tills your land and makes it soft, airy & nutritious. The earthworm moves through the soil up and down. In one day it does this 3 times… up and down… up and down… up and down. When the earthworms travels underground it creates billions of micro tunnels under the soil which help in absorbing rain water and taking it underground. Billions of liters of rain water is absorbed underground within a small patch of ground in a few months of rain. If there is one thing that does the work of water recharging then it is the earthworm that does it the best. But due to Urea this poor thing dies and cannot do its work. Therefore putting urea in the farm is equivalent of committing suicide. If you put urea the earthworm dies. If it dies it cannot till the soil which will make the soil . hard and non porus like a rock. About soil and chappati and chappati there is one truth. If you stop turning your chappati up side down while cooking it then it will become hard & burn. Similarly if you stop turning your soil up and down then that too will become hard and burn. I had calculated how much work an earthworm does. If and earthworm lives for one year then it moves about 36 metric ton of soil up and down. But if the same work was done by a tractor then it will require 100 ltrs of diesel and this will cost you Rs 3,600 (1ltr @ Rs 36 year 2009). Each earthworm is worth Rs 3,600 or 100 ltrs of diesel (in 2017 the value of 1 earthworm is Rs 6,300) there are about 100,000 earthworms in 1 acre. By killing millions of these by using chemical fertilizers & pesticides then we have lost millions of dollars worth of natural resource and destroyed the land. If you calculate the value of each insect and organism then it is complete disaster. Then you will understand why our farmers commit suicide). So if you put cow dung fertilizers which is the food of these insects & organisms they grow healthy and multiply. They multiply so fast that it is unimaginable! They have no policy of family planning. Each earthworm in their lifetime create about 50,000 offspring. A certain variety of Earthworm even creates about 100,000 offspring in their lifetime. Now imagine this 50,000 creating another 50,000 before they die and they creating another 50,000 each before they die. The scale is unimaginable. And these earthworms can turn an enormous quantity of soil! Once these guys makes the tunnels then whenever it rains the water will go underground and will not cause flooding nor will it flow into the river or sea and be wasted. Therefore Flooding is another side-effect of chemical farming. This you explain to the farmers. (There are hundreds of other insects and organisms… dung beetle is another example. Also the If the farmers are still hesitant then tell them that the Bharat Swabhiman Trust … How the yield will not become less? How you put the cow dung is very important. But on the other hand when you put cow dung on the farm (not any cow dung… but the dung of Indian cow) it is the food of these billions of insects, worms and micro organisms. The quality, quantity of the dung and the method of how you make the organic fertilizer with the dung is very important. Way to put cowdung. today how does the farmer usually put the cowdung? He collects the cow dung near the garbage area of his farm and he will keep it there for 6 months, 8 months and even for a full year lying there the cowdung becomes dry and loses out all its nutrients. then we put the dry cowdung in the field… all its nutrients. then we put the dry cowdung in the field and because of that there is less productivity. cowdung should always with used fresh and wet. if you mix the fresh cowdung in wate the effect is 3 times more. So explain to the farmers not to put dry cow dung in the farms but to mix with water and put it in the farm. How he has to mix it in the water there is a formula for it. formula is for 1 acre so depending how many acres you have to increase it or decrease it. 1 acre means 2.5 bigha or 43,500 square feet or 4000 square meter. so for one time for one acre he will need 1)10 kilo cowdung. I repeat 10 kilo cowdung. 2)10 ltr of the same animal of which dung is used. Now how to collect the urine? Make a channel and at the end dig a hole and keep a holding tank or drum in the cow shed and when the cow urinates it will flow the channel and into this tank or plastic drum. this way you can collect it. Also there is no expiry date for animal urine! 1yr… 2yrs…. 3yrs… 5yrs…. 10yrs… 20yrs… doesn’t get spoilt… So dont worry about it getting spoilt. 3)1kg jaggery. there are three kinds of jaggery one is which people eat 2nd is which animals eat and 3rd is of very poor quality and black in colour and not used for anything. This kind of jaggery is very important and useful for the farms. this kind of jaggery is usually considered a waste and nobody use it but it is very good for the farms. 4) 1 kg daal Ka Aata. there are many kinds of dollar so you can use any kind of Dal which is available. 5) one hand full or half kg soil from your farm. This is to collect all the bacteria that is living in the farm. The best places to collect the soil are from below the Peepal tree on the Bargat tree. Why we we have to collect from this we specifically there is a reason for that it does because these trees give the maximum Oxygen & microorganisms under this tree will be more due of the higher content of oxygen. … these micro organisms are needed to be multiplied for the soil. Now put all this 5 things in a plastic drum and mix it with a big bamboo stick. mix nice me and then cover it with a cloth and keep it under shade for 15 days. If you have trouble try mixing water but don’t mix too much water. Very little water has to be used. After 15 days are organic cowdung fertilizer is ready. What has happened with this solution is that the micro organisms from the soil put in have multiplied greatly because of the ingredients. don’t forget to cover it with the cloth and keep it away from sunlight. Now this fertilizer has to be put in the field and before we put it in the field you have to mix it with water. You can add 10x amount of cowdung. You added 10kg dung then you have to put 100 ltrs of water. maximum you can put 200ltrs of water. Now you have to put it in the field, either by hand or by spray. When millions of these microorganisms will reach the soil and start to work on the soil and increase in the nutrient contents of the soil. (please note that this is not the nutrients but the multiplication of the bacteria required to create the nutrients needed for the plants). What is this bacteria insects, worms and other organisms start living in the soil they was start creating their magic. All the nutrients required by the plants like nitrogen calcium iron is all supplied by these bacteria. Once these plants get their nutrients they grow healthy… and if the plants are healthy they will give healthy fruits and vegetables. Healthy plants will give out good and healthy yield. Also note how many times have to put this organic cowdung Fertilizer in your field. the best time to spray this is next day after ploughing your fields. Then after four-five days sow your seeds. So in one acre you will spray around 100 ltrsof this organic cow dung fertilizer. 21 days after you spray again. why 21 days because from the time you sow the seed for 21 days the seed germinates with the help of the soil. After 21 days it starts growing with the help of the Sun by way of photosynthesis. when it grows with the help of the sun it grows the fastest. Generally you know that you have to put it around every 20 to 21 days. So if you have a crop for 4 months then you have to put it 5 times. Generally you know that you have to put it around every 20 to 21 days. So if you have a crop for 4 months then you have to put it 5 times. Give the crops for 6 months then you have to put this fertilizer for 7 to 8 times. If the props for a month duration then you have to spray this Fertilizer and Times. Each time you have to spray 100 ltrs for each acre. The main thing about this organic cow dung fertilizer is that it is having almost zero cost and it gives very good results. it is full of iron, calcium, phosphorus. cowdung is has a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, Cobalt magnesium, manganese, it has around 18 micronutrients. Jaggery too has calcium, phosphorus and urine yoo has all these micro nutrients. This fertilizer is full of nutrients while urea doesn’t have all this. DAP doesn’t have all these. Urea and dap don’t have calcium and calcium is the most required micronutrient of soil. Because if the calcium is there in the soil it will go into the roots and from there to the stem and from there it will reach the fruit and from the fruit it will go into our food plate and from the food plate it will come into our body. and when it comes into the body and bones will be strong and in the bones are strong the whole body will be strong and healthy. So all this you have to explain patiently to the farmer. so when he uses this he will have excellent crop yield. The first time he uses this farmer maybe a little assistant. So you can and tell him that you don’t worry can put because there will not be 1 kilo of loss in yield. Even in the worst affected field we have to seen that the yield was around 90% of last year but the money saved from buying fertilizer is very great so the net profit was more than last year. So in any case the bottom line is there will be more profit than last year. and every year if you use this for 2 or 3 years you will see that the yield will start to increase every year. There are farms that have doubled their productions. There is no need to even filter the solution whatever organic matter is there in the solution let it go on to the field it will be more beneficial to the soil. One thing to note about putting this on the farm is that it should not fall on the plants/crops because if it falls on the plant it will be a waste and can get dried out One thing to note about putting this on the farm is that it should not fall on the plants/crops because if it falls on the plant it will be a waste and can get dried out One thing to note about putting this on the farm is that it should not fall on the plants/crops because if it falls on the plant it will be a waste and can get dried out But if it falls on the soil then organisms will multiply and increase. So if the crop is tall then you can pour the solution in the channel where the water is going into the fields so that this will also reach the roots of the plants automatically that is the best method. Another method is to mix this solution with the dried out cowdung stored together or you can also mix it with the soil from the farm and then make small balls and throw it into the farm. Another method is to mix this solution with the dried out cowdung stored together or you can also mix it with the soil from the farm and then make small balls and throw it into the farm. Another way to put the solution in the farm is to collect the ashes of the cow dung cakes usrd in the cooking oven and mix it with the solution. This will make it even more potent because this ash has extra nutrients thats not there in cowdung or cowurine. Dung and Urine of any pure bred animals can be used (but not cross bred) cow, oxen, buffalo, goat, sheep, donkey, horse, camel, elephant. You can mix all these together also. A mixture of these animal dungs can be used also, but by at the end you will have to add Indian cow else it will not be good… Dung and Urine of any pure bred animals can be used (but not cross bred) cow, oxen, buffalo, goat, sheep, donkey, horse, camel, elephant. You can mix all these together also you have only cross bred cows then mix fresh dung from Indian cow… this will turn even 100kg cross bred dung into as If you listen to me slowly sell off your cross bred cattle and replace them with pure bred local cow. If you listen to me slowly sell off your cross bred cattle and replace them with pure bred local cow. Because the milk of these cross bred cow like Jersey aand Hf have a milk called A1 which has been proven by scientists to be unhealthy. (Lactose intollerance is the main problem of these non-Indian cows.) For Organic Pesticide the farmer will also require organic pesticide. W e can make zero cost organic pesticide. This is the formula for organic pesticide for 1 acre. He can make zero cost organic pesticide. This is the formula for organic pesticide for 1 acre. 1) 20 ltr (pure bred) cow urine, any animal (pure bred) buffalo, goat, etc. 2) 3kg Neem leaves paste. 3kg Akova leaves paste called aakonda in Bengali, erukku in Malayalam and ark in sanskrit. When the leaves are broken milk like poison oozes out. (the plant also has anti mosquito properties). 4)3kg Beshram it is a poisonous plant grows shamelessly without water or with water stagnation. Ipomoea Carnea. 5)3kg Sitafal (custard apple) tree leaves 6) 3kg Congress grass, carrot grass, 7)300gm hot red or green chilli peppers paste, 8)500gm garlic paste, and generally you can also include paste of all leaves that cows dont eat (mostly poisonous). Give it to the cow and see if it eats then dont take it if the cow doesnt eat it then use that leaves-paste. Mix all this in a metallic drum and boil it. Once it cools down add 200 ltr water. Now organic pesticide is ready. You can spray this on any crop. In 3 days it will kill all kinds of pests. Not 5 paise you have to spend on this and you can use it on any crop eg whear, rice, channa, Dal, mutter, sugarcane, etc Now Urea, DAP, Endosulfan and similar dangerous chemical fertilizer we have to remove from our villages and we also have to save their Rs 4,80,000 crore and this will also save Rs 2,32000 crores spent on Healthcare by city dwellers who are currently eating chemically farmed fruits and vegetables. Together it can save more than 7,00, 000 crores which will be equivalent of the collections of 1000 super hit Bollywood movie like Dangal’s collection every single year. This will lower the GDP (due to lack of fertiliser sales) but increase quality of life, health, well being, income, agricultural employment and happiness. This will not be very easy and for this we have to struggle as much as Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi. Bipin Chandra Pal and other freedom fighters.


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