FARMING VEGETABLES: From Salesman to Rich Farmer, Real Life Story

February 25, 2020

So how did you end up in the farming business Since my childhood, farming was our source of livelihood But I was not a farmer right away. I used to work as a Sales Insurance agent and when I was assigned to work here in Abra I went back to our old farm and it brought back the passion i had in farming so i thought about becoming a farmer myself where and what my market would be so before i left my profession as an insurance agent i went back to Manila and looked for clients to supply my crops to once i found my clients thats when i told myself that we have a big unused land back here in Abra why not go back and make use of it again here we have my crops mostly eggplants theyre 31 days old if you can notice, this stick right here it is used as a support for the crop so when strong wind or storm comes the crops are sturdy and wont fall down easily if youre going to plant during rainy season you need to plan ahead the pegs and support are very important for protection “was this a practice even back then?” i think i am the only farmer to implement it here i have yet seen other farmers here install supports on their crops because they plant without much planning but for me, this whole thing is my livelihood so i really need to take care of it so to maximize my profit and avoid losses i installed protection “how long have you stayed in Manila” We lived in Manila since 2006 so almost 8 years “8 years” Were there adjustments when you decided to move back to your hometown and start a farming business Yes. Quite big because I sold our house in Manila and used them to buy machinery for the farm as capital to start my business here and at the same time the things you used to have in a city are not available in the province thats one of the main adjustments for me “can you describe the difference on” “how was your lifestyle back in the city” “compared to your lifestyle here now in the province” back then when i was still working as an agent there is a quota and you need to meet the quota so you have to do everything just to make a living rain or shine. i have to get to work. but when i started farming and once i had clients to supply. because that was my priority my market i started planting. eggplants siling labuyo and other crops our first harvest worked out really great for us we used our first income to build a new house “so this has been your life for the past” 5 years “5 years” was it hard for you to give up corporate world it was at first on the first to second month because all your money and savings goes straight to investments and capital but on the third month on harvest season i am very thankful that everything worked out fine the first time maybe that’s the reason it was not that hard to leave the corporate world behind how big is your farm today compared to when you just started cultivating it i started with a land ranging around 2.2 hectares Now its almost 5 is there a difference? yes, a big difference. starting from the capital budget so you really have to manage your budget carefully to have a better yield and the income is 3x the amount as long as you dont get hit by a bad storm in farming

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