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Farming the Future: Harvesting Data on Blockchain

November 17, 2019

here we are in Salinas, California known as the salad bowl of the world about 60% of the nation’s lettuce comes from Salinas – when you’re driving around the Salinas Valley you’re seeing iceberg, romaine, to broccoli to cauliflower to celery it’s looking about millions to trillions of heads it’s a great landscape and to be able to see what we grow here is really phenomenal according to the CDC there is 48 million people affected with foordborne illnesses that’s one in six Americans I have a family I want to make sure that everything is safe before it comes to the plate and that’s my responsibility and that’s what I drive to do every single day we’ll go ahead and cut it from the bottom evaluate some of the top leaves and then go ahead and knife it down the middle just to see if there’s any imperfections inside the product it’s clean, it looks very good my name is Zach Barnes, I’m the Farm Manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables my job entails growing the product from the seed all the way to the harvest of March of 2018 there was an E.Coli outbreak that happened in Yuma, Arizona and that affected the entire industry the way things were tracked historically it was hard to trace back to the product to where it actually came from everything was tracked by pen and paper it would take maybe potentially hours or potentially days and with this new blockchain initiative that Walmart has put in place we’re able to track within seconds now we’re digitizing information about our products and we’re putting this data in in a way that cannot be changed it’s traceable and it’s searchable so we can have instant access to know where our product came from and that’s what makes this technology so great as a consumer myself it’s soothing to know that this product can be traced back within seconds it’s a huge relief and if it’s safe enough for me it’s safe enough for everybody and for my family as well

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