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Farming is a Community Effort: Mensink Farms

January 4, 2020

My name is Dave Mensink and I’m a pig farmer. My wife and I started this farm in 1981 and
we couldn’t have done it without the love, support and friendships that make up our community. No one farms in isolation, it takes many hands. Your community is where you can find help
when you need it, a shoulder when you are grieving, laughter in the good times and support
for the future. Maintaining relationships is as important
as anything else we do on the farm. But when you drive down the road, it’s easy
to see a lot has changed since my dad started farming. Our farms look different and that means we
have to work even harder to keep our connection to our communities strong. Make no mistake, our community is viable. That’s why we are committed to building and
supporting our community. It’s part of our way of life. Whether it’s by offering directions to visitors
trying to find our Forestville State Park or by participating in and supporting the
many organizations and groups that make our community life enriching, engaging and most
importantly, a whole lot of fun. I’m honored that I have new neighbors building
a house across from us. That means I need to control truck traffic
on the roads we share and ensure that odors are responsibly controlled and minimized. I’m honored to be so close to natural resources
which is we’ve built buffer zones to protect vulnerable parts of the water supply. It’s also why we plant and maintain areas
that contribute to pollinator health and provide Monarch habitat. Any Minnesotan would rather “do” and not talk
about it, but it’s important to know that as a pig farmer, I’m committed to giving back. I’m Dave Mensink and that is why We Care.

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