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September 11, 2019

We’re the big dog and we sit wherever
we want because America is the best and everyone recognizes that. And maybe sometimes they’re jealous, but maybe they should be. Guys, I cooked all this food, come eat. Right now. What’s it like to be a male chauvinist in two thousand and
seventeen? That’s like the filet mignon of the deer. Probably a little bit less lonely thanks to these guys. There is a mainstream societal
attack on hetero cis white men. I think the Proud Boys, and I think Donald
Trump for the most part, drives people that have been disenfranchised by most of
the public because they don’t fit in. We are constantly under attack, that doesn’t mean we’re victims, we’ll win. But it may not be what you’re thinking either. This is the right of two thousand and seventeen. Hate for elites and liberals is what
helped Trump claim the presidency, but things heated up even more since
our new president took office. I went to Texas to meet the Proud Boys. Like Trump, Proud Boys are also crass and far from conservative. If you fart, and you don’t say ‘safety’ and we call ‘slut,’ we all get to kick the … out of you. That’s Gavin McInnes. We only have one criteria and that is that you accept that the West
is the Best. You have to be biologically male but you accept the West is the best. He may be a hip New Yorker, but he’s also the founder of this men-centric
group that’s caught on across America. Why are you here before us buddy? To join the Proud Boys. They’re members of a nationwide fraternal group that’s pro masculinity,
celebrates the working class and calls themselves Western chauvinists. For creating the modern world.
For creating the modern world. Righty boy. You hear terms like toxic masculinity,
everyone around the campfire heard of toxic masculinity? They want men to apologize for being men. For being how God created us. Like Trump, the Proud Boys tap into male angst. I think Proud Boys as a consensus, aren’t anti-women in the workplace, we’re just for housewives. My phrase is, why would women want to come off the pedestal that we created for them? I don’t understand. While we were with Andrew, a debate was
raging on the Texas Proud Boys secret Facebook group. So yeah, there’s like a… Like a handful of people who
aren’t particularly happy about… This going on right now. People in the group were angry with him for speaking to us. They don’t trust mainstream media, they
call it mentally ill news. They see a red MAGA hat and they’re like, ‘oh, that person is an,
is a legitimate racist’ and it’s like I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist, I
think, sure, he says some things that may come off uncouth. That’s kind of, I think,
ridiculous to lump everybody into one giant kind of vat of something. And yet, Gavin has just told us… I’m not a fan of Islam. I think it’s fair
to call me Islamophobic. They want to make beautiful women wear these things
that look like garbage bags. I can’t think of a single Christian nation
that throws gay people off of buildings. So, fair enough, the lines between racism and
xenophobia and chauvinism may exist. But they can be hard to understand. A recent poll found that
fifty-five percent of whites believe that whites are discriminated against and
an American national election study taken in two thousand and sixteen found that
an increasing number of men, about two-thirds believe that men now
face some discrimination. Do you really think that people are being anti-male? Yes, absolutely. It’s sort of like when your
four-year-old tries to beat you up and he’s punching your knees and you’re going ‘please stop. Please stop saying “smash the patriarchy.” Please stop saying
“smash capitalism,” it’s not good for you. I want you to be happy, I
want you to be married and have kids. I want you to enjoy yourself, but this feminism, this punching my knees,
it’s not good for you. I can take it, but it’s not good for you. Please stop being
liberal, you’re hurting yourself.’ So that’s all to say that the Proud Boys are
not alt-right, they’re not neo-nazis but some of their opinions no
longer represent the minority.

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