FanBox Review – Ready for a Revolution?

October 11, 2019

FanBox review – ready for a revolution? Hey there Sorry to disturb you But we have a situation on our hands People are in the streets Why are they so angry? Let’s take a look A long time ago, We were all farmers & factory workers The poor were getting angry. and began to burn down the farms. But something saved us New technology that made workers more productive. The farms and factories didn’t burn down Did you catch that? New technology helped workers to earn more money, with less effort. That was the agricultural & Industrial Revolutions. We’re now in the knowledge age And things are not going well The rich are getting richer, But everyone else is getting poorer. Hope is fading fast And now we have a situation on our hands. So what’s the solution? New technology. That’s helps us earn more money with less effort. Look, you have knowledge. You’ve had experiences. Your knowledge can inform… educate… and entertain. You need technology that takes your knowledge, from wherever you are And returns compensation to you. That’s right – technology that takes whats in your head, Then deposits money in your bank account. Technology saved us before, Technology can save us again. FanBox review – ready for a revolution?

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