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December 2, 2019

A new combine for a new era of farming. Designed to be automated in operation, the IDEAL combine already setting industry standards for efficiency and output. The harvest strategy itself is set by an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet, allowing the operator to select preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in the bin. In addition, the IDEALharvest system can even compensate for sudden shifts in various factors, such as crop density and field slope, anticipating and correcting problems before they occur. Offering different options for different-sized operations, the class 8 and 9 models use two rotors—in a dual helix configuration— providing an industry-leading 43.7 square feet of threshing area. The class 7 IDEAL features one of these new revolutionary rotors, also offering best-in-class threshing and separation capabilities to ensure that the IDEAL has a platform available for all operation sizes. On all classes, unloading speed and grain tank capacity are coupled with an innovative auger that is gentle on grain, ensuring less damage, and it requires less power than older systems. While the rotor is exceptionally efficient, its threshing and separating performance is best-in-class. At nearly 16 feet long, it’s almost two feet longer than the nearest competitor —allowing the material to generate huge centrifugal force at a much lower speed and remain in the rotor longer. As a result, grains are separated gently and reliably, while straw is protected at the same time. Go where no other combine has ever gone. Styled with rubber tracks up to 36″, IDEAL allows for quicker, easier, and more comfortable transportation. The hydraulic suspended rubber tracks have the largest footprint on every belt size, making this combine maneuverable on any terrain while mitigating compaction and protecting your future crops. IDEAL balance has a unique built-in hillside feature that evenly distributes the crop over the pan in a simplified manner providing better capacity and easier cleaning. Your harvest vision will come to fruition with industry leading data management in a comfortable setting. Setting a new standard for automated machine adjustment, the IDEALharvest system offers unprecedented, real-time visualization of crop flow within the combine via a special grain-quality camera you can monitor using wireless control. More than 100 years of experience, loyal customers and top performance: the Legacy and the Future of the only DEUTZ-FAHR C9000 Series. Four models: C9305 TS, C9305 TSB, C9306 TS and C9306 TSB. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications), an elegant design, incredible comfort and functionality, for unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of crops. With powerful engines, superlative fuel consumption and unbeatably low running costs and simple maintenance, the C9000 Series is truly remarkable. The high-performance cutter bars (in standard widths from 5.40 m to 9.00 m, and with variable width from 5.5 to 9 m) are a single piece for superior weight distribution and stability, maximizing durability and performance irrespective of cutting width. The large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers ensure continuous feed and product transfer. The Schumacher Easy Cut II high-performance TANDEM cutting system consists of a blade with individually bolted sections. The cutter blades are arranged in an alternating configuration for clean, quiet operation and minimized wear. If necessary, blade guide rollers are also available, which keep the blade pressed in the optimum cutting position and considerably reduce vibration and blade wear. The dual blade carrier tines (with screw-mounted upper and lower sections) are extremely sturdy and closely spaced to prevent the risk of foreign objects passing through and damaging the blades. The planetary gear transmission is an extraordinarily effective solution allowing very high cutting rates (1,220 cuts/minute) and maintains a perfectly straight blade alignment for superior mechanical efficiency, optimized power transmission and low maintenance costs. An electronic cutter bar control system, which keeps the cutter bar uniformly aligned in all-terrain and crop conditions. The Autocontrol system uses sensors on large metal fingers to automatically follow the terrain and maintain the settings made by the operator. The operator settings for automatic lateral cutter bar adjustment, cutting height and ground pressure are managed and maintained by the electronic control unit of the combine harvester, maximizing comfort and performance and cutting job times The system also automatically damps cutter bar oscillation during transport to protect the mechanical components of the combine harvester. The proportional pick-up reel is equipped with six bars, each carrying a set of extremely resilient and flexible plastic teeth, which are easily replaceable and settable at an adjustable angle. The pick-up reel is mounted on arms sliding on Teflon guide (for quick, precise hydraulic adjustment of tooth inclination), and is adjustable in position horizontally or vertically relative to the cab, to cater ideally for different harvesting conditions. The pick-up reel may be synchronized with ground speed. Once the driver initially sets both the ground and pick-up reel speeds, when the ground speed of the combine harvester is subsequently increased or decreased, the pick-up reel speed is automatically adjusted to maintain the same proportion between the two parameters. Günter Schmihing GmbH is a family-owned company based in Melle. Since 2006, we have been inventing simple and practical solutions for agricultural businesses in a wide variety of fields. Our devices are designed for different operating sizes and have outstanding performance per hour. In order to meet the requirements of our customers for innovative customers for innovative le service, we work closely with qualified and efficient sales partners. The food mixing shovel Mini Mix is the solution for small group feeding or for small to medium-sized stables. The feed mixing bucket can even remove grass, mix straw and distribute it exactly. Optionally, a stainless steel version is available. Furthermore, a sampling cutter or a cutting blade can be mounted. The machine is available in 6 sizes as 1 and 2 screw mixers. The mixing screws are hydraulically driven. Requirement 1 DW control unit and a pressureless return. The right or left discharge can be selected via the control box with a 12V connection. When it comes to the harvesting of high-quality forage, you need machines that you can depend on. Fendt round balers give you everything that you need: Optimal and gentle handing off the crop and the uncompromising level of reliability result in perfect bales. Each operation brings a new challenge for man and machine. That’s why Fendt’s four 160 V, 160 V Xtra, 180 V and 180 V Xtra variable balers offer you extensive equipment options and intuitive control. This ensures that you can give forage harvesting your full and undivided attention. Bale straw, hay or silage quickly, easily and without complication. Achieve top performance with the Fendt round baler coupled with the Fendt Vario. Whether its all about convenient setting and control of the round baler via ISOBUS and the Varioterminal at the touch of a button, or the infinite ride comfort of the Vario gearbox: Fendt tractors and Fendt balers make an unstoppable team.

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