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November 17, 2019

So I think it’s like to say that we’ve been having a lot of fun in the latest snapshot With these moveable water sources first off We made the water sprinkling machine, which was supposedly meant to put out forest fires, but it been really work And then of course we built this thing which is the ocean building machine? which is totally and utterly ridiculous really overpowered and Probably the worst nightmare of any server owner out there because I mean how on earth are you gonna deal with this? Like, people are gonna be building these all over the place and just destroy world’s so I do apologize for Constructing it today today what we’re going to be doing is creating something that hopefully can’t be used for evil in fact It should be pretty useful so one problem that you often run into when working on cobble farms Is that occasionally the lava will spread and it will take out the water source block that you have, but now I’m assuming I’m assuming If we have a setup that looks a little bit like this in theory it shouldn’t be able to take out Well really anything What (laughter) that’s not what I expected that to happen What Guys this isn’t good news at all well, that’s obviously gonna fly out that way Oh, what on earth do I do now then seriously Okay, that that may not have been the dream start, but I’m not going to give up hope just yet, so I’ve come up with an idea for something that could potentially work, so let’s just see well we do have cobblestone there, so that’s definitely a solid start And if we just take out these blocks and throw an item on the inside here Okay Are we finding a rhythm here is this It doesn’t seem to be a rhythm we’re definitely generating something, but it’s not fast There’s a chance that I was over complicating things just a tiny bit, but I’ve just created this tiny little structure here and Although It’s reliable this lava will never turn this water into cobblestone. It’s slow as anything. I mean look at this thing it is It’s pants it’s absolutely pants. I was expecting a high speed here, okay I’ve gone back to the drawing board once again, and I’ve come up with a slightly new design concept Which moves this water source back and forth over the top of the lava And then we also have this little piston underneath, which pushes the lava round I also created this super simple design Which really is I mean this thing is tiny because look the water source has been moved and that also pushes the cobblestone But that was just a slow so that’s why we’ve headed over here to build this thing and let’s see Okay this needs to be on a redstone torch Cause it should pop back Yeah, okay, two seconds things are definitely getting faster But I don’t know how useful this machine actually is so as you can see So we’ve got this piston here that generates the cobblestone and it generates it pretty consistently every single time And it’s designed so that this water will never flow over to that lava and cause it to turn into an obsidian that is essentially what we’re trying to fight against here And as you can see it does work it works That’s also not particularly ground breakin’ I really want to know how to make this like super fast I’d love to make it ridiculously quick, but we seem to be limited here, maybe we’re going the wrong way here Maybe instead of pushing things out to the side We should be pushing our cobblestone upwards so we have a bunch of regular pistons underneath here We’ll then have all of the lava going across like this, and then we’ll have pistons that are facing across in this direction Probably back here and that will mean that the water that drops down will never have the opportunity to actually reach this lava, so that it should never break We should never have any issues Yes, that’s what I want That that would be the the best end goal if we can get a hundred percent reliability in this cobblestone farm Which won’t be happening with this design here because of the way that the water will be here And then it will have the ability to flow down while it’s in this position as well as being in this position so that isn’t perfect okay If we were to place the sticky pistons facing downwards here and then we had the iron bars on their faces there if we Extended the iron bars down then that would give the lava the opportunity to move without the water being there And then we could retract this water upwards so pull it up like that and then the lava would be next to it. It would generate cobblestone and these pistons we extend pushing this up. I think that makes sense. I I think I think that could work maybe potentially probably not not. I feel like it’s worth mentioning at this point in this snapshot video that of course these snapshot videos are very much experimental I’m just experimenting with different new game mechanics and Seeing exactly what we can do with them if they’re useful if they’re not useful if we can use them in register designs or not That’s essentially what we’re trying to work out here And I think this could be something that we can use we just have to be smart about it And I need to make use of my one brain cell and he’s working extremely hard right now but I may need to give him a pay rise because I think It’s sort of functioned That looks pretty good to me. So the water pops up at exactly the same time as the lava popping up And there we go we’ve got 12 high wall. We can break all of this down and all of that cobblestone is being regenerated. I mean, that’s That’s worked out quite nicely, and there is no way that it can break because look The water doesn’t get even the slightest opportunity of flowing anywhere. It just pops up and back down That’s it so that’s all well and good, but I thought it will be worth making it a tiny bit more efficient So I’ve got an added a second half So there we have the Pistons now if we just line up for all of the lava here Now I wonder why some of these are going at different times not that he causes an issue with the design But is it based on when they’re placed That’s very very strange either way this thing is working so we now have a two wide cobblestone generator That isn’t really that big at least. I don’t think and we’re definitely not getting any breakages here Okay, I kind of take back the fact that it’s not very big because now I’ve added in this top section which pushes the cobblestone across it is starting to look like a slightly larger redstone contraption, but as you can see it’s still working well So we’ve got we’ve got no breakage is everything’s working the lively there and also I am struggling To break through this in creative mode at full speed which is always a good sign in terms of efficiency if you’re going to be mining this out with a pickaxe There’s no way you’re going to be able to compete with this speed Especially with cobblestone as cobblestone takes a little bit longer to break so there we go that is the cobblestone generator making use of the new mechanics in the game. I’ll be interested to see What you guys make of this is this a useful game mechanic when it comes to cobblestone generation and stone generation is this something that you can make use of to make these farms more efficient or perhaps more reliable or is it just something that although it does work in this scenario isn’t really that useful in the grand scheme of things. I’m interested know. I’m gonna continue playing around with it I’m going to see what I can come up with here But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen for the time being that is all
I got time for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have please be sure to that like button, and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe but for thanks for watching guys This is the mumbo and I’m out I’ll see you later Oh, and as usual check out the latest form on the filming channel new one released ust today link will be on the end screen


  • Reply Mumbo Jumbo March 15, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Sorry for hotbar being chopped off! Just got some 4K screens, so clearly the aspect ratio has changed a little bit!

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    – sorry 4 my poor english knowledge.

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